Reviews for Twitch
scribblemyname chapter 1 . 7/20/2009
I like this. It's a very real and humorous exploration of Remy and covers a whole lot more than just the moment. It's illuminating. I like it. A lot.
Patchverse-SheCat chapter 1 . 5/2/2004
Well, I can entirely understand his perspective here. Though why the hell a mutant wouldn't avoid Texas like the Black Plague is beyond me (I live near there). Mostly, I adore the desperate feeing you've infused into his twitchiness, and the way your first-person view is so introspective and so lovely. Definitely a favorite.
Nikki chapter 1 . 3/24/2004
I Loved It!
This was the second part to An' Everythin' Nice
Is there going to be a third part?
(please let the answer be yes wink wink)
Hope so. I just love the way you capture the true Rogue and Gambit.
Truly a pleasure to read.
Keep up the good work!
T chapter 1 . 3/18/2004
This was great, loved it.
Juliett chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
So there realy was a reason for him beeing in Texas with Storm in Intifada (except beeing Ororo's towel-boy in her never ending showers of course). By the way it's great story.
I love how you captured Remy's character. Excellent job.
brattax23 chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
tee hee. loved it. very cute.
ishandahalf chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
heh heh, cool beans. ahh, twitchiness, i know thee well. it must be the crack... but yeah, good stuff!
Ludi chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
Dammit, I love your fics! T_T. Unfortunately you've got me in a slightly psychotic mood, and if I wasn't with a sense of decorum you'd have me simply giggling and drooling all over this review board...
Anyhow, allow me a moment to collect myself...
As usual, you play up the thing I really love about your work, that is, you have a central theme based on something normal, something that every one of us can relate to. This is something i've always been searching to depict in my stories, but somehow I go all complicated and off-keel and can never keep straight. But you, on the other hand, keep right to the point - you make it short, sweet, but punchy and down-to-earth at the same time, and you don't embellish too much. Okay, so we can all sympathise with the idea that there are somethings we just *hate*; sometimes we don't even have a reason, we just do. And I adore the way you capitalise on these little aspects of human nature that we take for granted and flesh them out to the point where it resembles not only a story, but a little genuine bit of the lives of the characters we love.
I guess that's your strength - that you use the little things we all understand - pet-hates; dream memory and deja vu; being parted from someone you love...
Another thing I like is the way you build on that one central theme, and it all seems to flow so perfectly, and so naturally... The rest of the story seems to be a natural progression from the main discussion of the pet-hate, and you keep it true to the atmosphere of the 'ordinary', everyday life of Remy, which really brings it closer to home. You bring in the comic references so subtly that it seems natural (references which, may I add, left me grinning inanely ;D), which makes the overall thing ten gazillion times sweeter. :)
Okay, so things I loved:-
1) Remy's thief psychology. You write it so incredibly convincingly, not to mention with that angled humour. I think it's important to keep the irony, considering on the one hand Remy's off-beat character and on the other the fact that he's -ahem- a Prince of Thieves. *sniggers*
2) The little nudges and mentions towards Rogue and their relationship? But then, this is an obvious point coming from a Romy (God, I hate that word) fan. You deserve extra huggles, cookies and big Creole smackers on the cheeks for that :D. Sexy but subtly so. Me likes. :)
3) The hilariously cute idea of Remy rewiring the house to get free cable. That idea deserves a second shower of goodies :D.
4) Texas. I don't know a helluva lot about the place, but enough to understand exactly what Rems is going on about. The political references were a hoot.
5) Uncertainty at the end. Always feels you with that little knot in the pit of the stomach and a 'hm' resounding in your brain.
One thing I beg to differ on is the idea that a Brit accent is the World's Worst Accent...But then, that's just me being patriotic (God knows why exactly), and it may very well be the World's Worst Accent, so shoot me. ;)
So, hm, I think that's about it (as if it wasn't enough). Apart from the fact that I LOVE IT, and it's another wonderful short fic in the bag. I can't begin to tell you how incredibly talented you are at this kinda thing, so keep it up :). And sorry if I've been a bit overly analytical, more or less just got out of a Analysis and Interpretation class for Chinese Literature. My brain has been overstimulated what can I say. Now I shall duly go a fave this and then spend the rest of the day smiling stupidly - feel glad that this is what you do to me...
Caliente chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
Wow. Fascinating. I really liked it. Muy interesante. Made me laugh too, just a fun fic. I'm curious if you're gonna continue it or not. More would be better, but leaving off here is good too. Anyway, props to you. Great stuff. Adios.
- Caliente
a.k.a. Lexi
Jean1 chapter 1 . 3/17/2004
Very nice. We don't see alot of siple character pieces and it's a shame. Excellent look into what makes Gambit tick. Love it.
MortonGirl chapter 1 . 3/16/2004
Why hello, little bunny! Looks like someone's been feeding you well.
That twitch feeling is one I know all too well, and I like how you've captured the physicality of it, the...petulance isn't the right word. Maybe defiance? Anyway, you've got it down, whatever you'd like to call it.
Don't know the storyline this is preceding, though I imagine this trip doesn't go smoothly. Not much fun when things roll merrily along, or at least I would think Remy finds that to be the case.
The line about considering his relationship with Rogue to be miraculous is rife with potential - what can I bribe the bunnies with to get your take on it?
The Lenten reference was a hoot. Am I remembering correctly? Did you give up chocolate? And caffeine in some form, but not all? You wouldn't by any chance be in withdrawl of some sort, would you?
Is it a one-shot? Or does it continue? You know I'm always up for multiple chapters. I am chock full of questions tonight.