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Arienna Natalitha chapter 11 . 1/8
Reading this make my depression come full throttle, but I am glad it ends on a somehwat happy note. It's beautiful. I always have a love-hate feelings on how the Eiri-Shuichi-Tohma thing played out in the anime and in the manga. But you brought a nice angle to it and nice resolution too. I am sad with the way their relationship has to go, but I ultimately cheered for Eiri and Shuichi. And Ryuichiiiiii ahhhhh I am so glad he finally get some love and happiness!
Torian chapter 11 . 6/4/2017
In a word ... Superb !
For all of us "Gravitation" addicted, please continue to write more !
Yaoiskittleshit chapter 11 . 8/14/2015
Did a god make this fanfiction?
Kaily chapter 11 . 2/19/2014
This is honestly probably one of the best stories I have ever read, It was full of humor and the angst parts were really well wrote! You're a great author!
Guest chapter 11 . 3/15/2013
Aww... Shuichi still doesn't end up with Yuki? _;
Kagome Kamiya chapter 11 . 2/8/2013
Oh my gosh I thought my heart would break in a zillion pieces but in the end everything was SO FREAKING BEAUTIFUL really I don't know how to thank you for giving me such a great time by writing this piece of art. I just love it and you'll go to my fav authors just for this lol. Thank you! 3
dickgraysonisasterous chapter 11 . 10/22/2012
When I started reading this I wanted to punch something. Then I got sad. Then I got happy. Then I got sad again. Then I got a mix of the 2. This has to be the best story I have ever read and to tell you the truth my heart actually hurts. This story is amazing. Thank you so much for writing it.
Amarissia chapter 11 . 9/27/2012
This is the best Gravitation fic I've ever read, hands down. You made me cry! :)
eirenical chapter 11 . 9/26/2012
OK, I read this over a week ago and this is the first chance I've had to review it. Sorry! -.-;;;

Anyway, I have to say that at first I was a little hesitant when I sensed this going in the Ryuichi x Shuuichi direction. Generally speaking, I'm not a fan of that pairing. But, the way you write them both and the way you developed the story and the relationship between them was so damned beautiful, you won me over in spite of my healthy dose of skepticism. :) I LOVE your Ryuichi. I love how he's trying so hard, I love your explanation for his bizarre personality quirks and the way he fights so hard to overcome them. I love the relationship he has with Touma and how Touma, in spite of Ryuichi's faults and problems, still worships him and it breaks him more than a little when Ryuichi pushes him away. I especially loved the ending of this with Ryuichi maintaining his resolved until Shuuichi - with a little prompting ;) - calls him out on it. I also loved the scene in the hospital and the library and entertainment rooms. AW. *beams*

This was just a beautifully intricate and well-written story and I also loved the personal mythology of the crow and the butterfly that you built up for this universe. Thank you SO much for this gorgeous story!
hollyivy7 chapter 11 . 7/29/2012
This is in-character, hilarious, beautiful, tragic, and asfhfklhq. I love you and every character in this story, but maybe not the creepy Red guy.
TripOverFlatSurfaces chapter 11 . 4/29/2011
Dang...I don't know what to say. I feel like that anything that comes out will end up sounding extra-extra cliched, but I'll try anyway. This was...a journey, like of self-discovery except not because I've never been in love before so you know... I suppose I can understand that part about love being a disease that eats away at you until there's nothing left, although my side of love is more familial. This is something my English teacher would say that's full of universal truths; everybody can relate on some level. And well, thank you for writing this. Pianissimo Butterfly really touched me, so I hope you'll continue to write stories that give the reader something to think about even if it has ended. Beautiful.
crysalis chapter 11 . 4/13/2011
i absolutely love this story, it's very touching and realistic.
zairoon chapter 11 . 9/29/2010
I don't really know if you're gonna read this review, because the last update is from a long time now but... well, actually i'm speechless, so I don't really know why i'm sending a review...

This story is just... so... depressing haha... I'm on my way to crying, and I just feel sick, because of the incredible amount of feelings you've put in this fiction...

Haha, i'm sorry i'm saying weird thing... I feel as numb as ryuichi right now lol... *stop the review here* you are just amazing, thank you for such a wonderful work!
SailorZelda chapter 11 . 7/19/2010
As with the last reviewer, I'm not sure if you'll even see this since the fic was written so long ago, but I can't NOT say anything.

This is beautiful writing. I see on your bio that you are published, and you deserve to be.

I'm an English major so I'm a sucker for this piece's lyrical writing and lovely imagery (even when its macabre lovely). Your characterization of Ryuichi is of course what ties it all together, and it's absolutely heartbreaking. And fascinating. Seeing this story through a fractured mind, through the point of view of someone who so desperately wants to be better but continues to break promises to himself... So human.

Good luck in whatever writing you are doing now, and I hope I get the joy of reading it!
quantumspeck chapter 11 . 7/15/2010
So, I don't know if you still see reviews for this story since it was written so long ago. But I have to say how absolutely amazing this was. I just started watching anime a few months ago (and I'm 25, lol), and Gravitation was the first one I saw... I was instantly hooked. I haven't read much Gravitation fanfic yet, but I've read in lots of other fandoms, so I have an idea of what good or bad fic looks like, lol. This was beautiful... and totally made me cry at the end, too, heh. It also made me laugh a lot, though... that was something that the anime did very well, combining dark and sad with silly and funny... and it was done very well here, too. This story captures the characters so well, every one of them, including (or especially) Ryuichi, who would be a very challenging one to get right, especially in first person POV. Ryuichi's mental instability and sad backstory came through so beautifully. And the way Yuki and Tohma dealt with the whole situation was SO very in-character... I can very easily see Yuki pushing Shuichi away to keep from hurting him even more. And I think Tohma, who is so protective of Yuki, and always behind the scenes taking care of everything, would have reacted exactly like that, even if it meant having Ryuichi and Shuichi hate him. The flashbacks/dreams were handled very well, I wasn't ever confused about where I was in the timeline. And I love the butterfly story... and Ryuichi reading to the sick kids. This might be the longest review I've ever posted on a fic... Anyway, if you read this, great job! _
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