Reviews for Harry Potter and the Runespoor Shield
Guest chapter 35 . 11/8
...J.K.? soo JK Rowling is secretly a potter?
MissNikita chapter 43 . 11/5
Hermione certainly did a 18 change, from pushing Harry to telling him no one likes to be pushed.
MissNikita chapter 39 . 11/5
That is all that is needed somtimes, the acknowledgement of the errors that were made, to feel you are understood, to get acknowledgement for the suffering, it goes a long way to heal your soul.

Great chapter
MissNikita chapter 21 . 11/4
No you dont Hermione, she is such a nagging bitch, friendship doesnt give you the right to know everything anout the other person
Guest chapter 46 . 10/14
I came across this story and i have to say the Harry P. you portrait is to stupid, dumb and boring, lost me there
Thunderwarrior2 chapter 34 . 10/8
No, no no. I take it back about Cleo.
It's Peter, isn't it?
The Runespoor said she smelt rat!
Thunderwarrior2 chapter 33 . 10/8
Cleo is the Secret Keeper to Voldermort, isn't she? (or he)
nanaeleanor chapter 55 . 9/17
The dates they are working with on the clock face in the muggle photo imply a trip in 1996, right. Harry turned 16 in the summer of 1996 and started sixth year in September 1996. It is now near the end of their sixth year and its 1997. He's almost 17. One of my pet peeves is how often writers screw up the dates simply because half way through the school year, the calendar year changes. And why does Snape have to go back to help Lily find the Runespoor when she is already been found and with Harry? That part of the timeline has already been completed.
kittyranma chapter 62 . 9/8
I really enjoyed this story I hope the author gets her muse back. Excellently done.
kittyranma chapter 32 . 9/7
Am I the only one to find a little plot hole here. Harry's a Phoenix he can flash to Snape and Remus. Saving them. Now I can see Harry not thinking about it but Dumbledore should.
nanaeleanor chapter 13 . 9/6
This Harry is stubborn in a childish way since Voldemort is a master Legillimens. Refusing to block contact could bring real danger to his loved ones. His conflict with DD is not as important as avoiding any possibility that Voldy is fooling him in order to get info from Harry. Stupid boy! Also I cringe every time I see the word "Mom." No British children use that word!
onlyinyourdreams77 chapter 62 . 8/29
I really liked this story. I do not normally like reptiles but the runespoor made it interesting since they were so smart. Hm! I liked how overtime they grew to care for one another (Harry and the reptile). Hm! I wonder how Lily and Snape would have gotten the reptile to come with her and of course, they remember Snape. I would have like to see how Snape and Lily interact and whether or not she would hex him the first time. I wonder how she managed to hide all of it from Remus, James, and Sirius. And the kitten part was so cute. It was why she remembered Harry because technically he was one of her masters...and still is...I mean Ginny is the mom but it would seem Harry is the daddy if we want to go with pet parents. LOL. I was also curious how evil or good the first master was for the runespoor.

So curious about Remus and Petunia...Petunia in general since she seemed to have gotten along with Remus, James, Sirius and Lily so it made me wonder at which point did it turn bad and she became the aunt Harry grew to know. I wonder if she would change too.

I laughed with how the Dursleys were threatened and had to do what was needed to be protected by Voldermort.

I wonder if Mrs. Granger would have taken the potion too. Honestly, I was annoyed with Ginny but I get her motives bc she was an only girl and the youngest so she had alot to prove but at the same time how she did it and the pain she caused both of them were immature, impulsive, and reckless.

I would have liked to see how Harry beat Voldemort in your story. It was sad the sequel was not written but I hope you will write it one day. This was really nice story.
kittyranma chapter 6 . 8/28
It's funny how many people write Harry taking Divination owls when at the end of fourth year he dropped the course.
Winter's Folly chapter 62 . 8/12
This was a wonderful story, you are quite the storyteller.
dianaanne chapter 46 . 7/30
That was just mean.
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