Reviews for Harry Potter and the Marcello School
Tejaswi chapter 40 . 5/20/2017
I love this story. But if Kat is really not coming back, then you are an ass!
hdres chapter 20 . 4/21/2017
I am really enjoying this story and the different direction you are taking. I meant to leave a review before this but I was so caught up in the narrative that I kept moving straight to the next chapter. Thank you for sharing.
lennellie chapter 54 . 4/10/2017
Wow... for once, no need for epilogue because I'm fully content.
lennellie chapter 53 . 4/10/2017
Hmmmm... you may even be a better writer than JKR when I was pulled in by how you dropped in Kat into the conversation and the sacrifice.
lennellie chapter 52 . 4/10/2017
It does not to dwell on dreams and forget to live, but it is equally foolish to ignore the past - never forget. Wow - this is gonna be my whatsapp tagline, over some verse about working whilst it is still day hehehe.
lennellie chapter 51 . 4/10/2017
Wow... so creative. What grace! Oh my! Didn't know Dumbledore had it in him,... well your Dumbledore does. Or did... :D

And i just had an aha/eureka moment here in your FF! I've just realised,...because I'm rather taciturn in real life,... so I had wanted the gift of tongues so as to pray in tongues for what I don't know to pray for,... then I realised,... being unchatty is good, because it shows I'm not foolish, and Fawkes song is kinda like speaking in tongues, but without words, and when Harry was struggling with coherent words, that is who I identify with.
lennellie chapter 50 . 4/10/2017
Did harry lose his arm?
lennellie chapter 49 . 4/10/2017
Hmm... this is interesting. Man couldn't even conquer nature,... but harry could. Praise God, this makes me want to examine what Jesus controlled.
lennellie chapter 47 . 4/10/2017
Awwwww,... so sweet. :D You really have a knack for dialogue. Why can't i have friends like that?! I'm thinking at the forthcoming deaths in the battle.
lennellie chapter 46 . 4/10/2017
Why didn't Draco come with his mom? What happened to her?
lennellie chapter 45 . 4/10/2017
Hehe,.. sweeeet writing! :D
lennellie chapter 44 . 4/10/2017
1. Ohh,.. I thought Harry was giving him the power of an elemental hehe :D
2. I know as an author, who can script Malfoy as repenting at this juncture, you didn't choose to as it's extra work, but i hope the extra work will come later? :D
3. Favouriting this story before I forget
lennellie chapter 43 . 4/10/2017
So inspirational! Wowwww! :D I'm a Christian,.. and this is quite worldly, but why not. :D
lennellie chapter 36 . 4/10/2017
Nice plot device! (About Ron)
lennellie chapter 31 . 4/10/2017
Aww,w... so swweeeeet! I didn't know guys can be so sweet.
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