Reviews for Harry Potter and the Marcello School
lennellie chapter 31 . 4/10/2017
Aww,w... so swweeeeet! I didn't know guys can be so sweet.
lennellie chapter 30 . 4/10/2017
Wow,... nice plot development! Talented.
lennellie chapter 29 . 4/10/2017
Great dialogue and cooperation. :D
lennellie chapter 28 . 4/10/2017
Aww,... I was hoping for a Ron and Jessica,.. but oh well, you're the author! :D
lennellie chapter 27 . 4/10/2017
Filler chapters are good. They make things smooth and meaningful.
lennellie chapter 26 . 4/10/2017
Nice! I like the new elements introduced in the this and last chapter. Yummy!
Makurayami Ookami chapter 1 . 4/2/2017
This was good.
Hippothestrowl chapter 40 . 1/31/2017
So... after all his training, Harry has Voldemort at his mercy. Does he run his sword through his heart? No. Does he chop off his head? No. He scratches Voldemort's back and then follows it up with... a conversation. Yeah, like I'm sure they teach that in martial arts. Meanwhile, Dumbledore makes himself a cup of tea. Why attack the near-helpless Voldemort when he can have a nice sit down and read a good book?

But as we know, Voldemort is a gentleman too. While Harry is chatting with and fighting Orson, he is at Voldemort's mercy, but the Dark Lord makes himself a cup of tea and sits down to chat with Dumbledore presumably.

Very realistic.

Almost all Potter fic authors do this: enemies chat and then take it in turns to fight so it's all nice and fair and... unbelievable.

- Hip
Ves heill chapter 54 . 1/14/2017
I enjoyed really enjoyed reading this - definitely some fantastical parts, but fairly realistic (for the Potterverse, at any rate), and a good concept for a story. Thanks for writing!
SortingHat chapter 7 . 12/10/2016
What the bloody hell happened? So how did Harry actually escape? It got really confusing there in this chapter.
SortingHat chapter 6 . 12/10/2016
I wish you had made some Dumbledore Bashing since that is what it takes for word of Harry's abuse to get out and something gets done.

No childshould ever go thru that for some old man's fantasies.
Lord Barinthus chapter 6 . 11/18/2016
These chapters are SO SHORT, for the love of God.
Lord Barinthus chapter 1 . 11/18/2016
One chap in and I'm already pissed at the lot of them, lol. One SINGLE PORTKEY and Harry would have been at Hogwarts before they even finished their conversation in the garden. It doesn't matter if someone traces the portkey, because it would just lead to Hogwarts anyway. AND they'd have to penetrate the wards at #4 to even find the start-point of the portkey.

In other words, they're all stupid idiots that are asking for trouble. Just one more ridiculous Rowling did in canon.
MrsH chapter 27 . 11/16/2016
Blaise Zabini was played by a male actor (Louis Cordice) of African descent in the movies. He is described in Half Blood Prince as a member of the Slug Club, and Ginny Weasley calls HIM a "poser' after the Slug Club meeting on the Hogwart's Express, while Harry follows HIM to the Slutherin compartment to eavesdrop on Draco.

I was unaware that there was any question of his gender in the books.
lechatabbicat chapter 29 . 11/9/2016
Your author notes are almost as long as the story lol!
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