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matchaball chapter 41 . 10/25/2008
Holy Christ. You really know how to spin one hell of a story. Just when I thought I had the whole assassin thing figured out, you go and throw something like that at me. I never though Kajuu would be so heartless, murdering Mamoru like he did after she killed Keikai, yet so weary and kind, comforting and telling Rin what he knew. I feel so sorry for Rin. She's stuck in the in-betweens of so many places and people, human and youkai.

*Snickers* Wolves reproduce as rapidly as rabbits it seems. I say Ayame should just leave the kids in Kouga's care for a couple weeks and sees how many more kids he'd want after that.

You've crafted Keikai into such a strong character. Rin really is her greatest strength and weakness. She cheats death to fight to be with Rin again. And Kohaku - you don't find many guys as devoted and determined as him. You can really start seeing his need for Rin here: his promise is so sincere and personal, I feel like an intruder just reading it.

Gimon! He was a slimy creature when you first introduced him, but never in a million years would I think he'd have that in him. He's ruthless and will obviously stop at nothing to achieve his goal. I wouldn't be surprised if he killed Kajuu and Sesshomaru in the end to gain and keep his objective. He would probably kill Rin too just because she's a despicable human who managed to get under Sesshomaru's skin. Funny the things people do to gain the upper hand. It all leads back to death.

I feel kind of sorry for Kajuu. It's obvious he has a certain amount of affection for Rin, and he's scared of his uncertain future. It makes me wonder why he thought Gimon would be the answer to his problems though. I'm sure Sesshomaru would've done a better job at handling the situation than Ginom; but I suppose the temptation and power guns hold would sway him a little as well.

As sweet as it is, seeing Rin want Kohaku to come rescue her, I hope she gets a little action herself. The main reason why I started hating the anime and, consequently, Kagome was because she never really rescued herself. She always waited for Inuyasha to come sweep her off her feet. Rin's a strong character, stronger than Kagome in my opinion. I hope she does some damage later on. You'd have to pick some things up, living under Sesshomaru's and Kagura's wing.

I feel a lot of pity at Dezaia now, now that another viewpoint has opened on the situation. He obviously loved Rin, which was dooming unto itself, but to be killed because of an incident which he couldn't prevent... It screams 'tool' all over.

The line "Gimon grinning at her like some sort of maddened beast and Kajuu a broken puppet whose strings had been cut" was so vivid I actually saw them in my mind the way you described them. I could see why it would be hard for Rin to keep a cool head in a scenario like that, especially since she thinks Keikai is dead.

Kouga, a wolf prince, Sesshomaru, a dog youkai lord, Kohaku, a taijiya, Shippo, a fox youkai, and Souten, a Thunder Queen, makes a very fearsome rescue party, even against Gimon, Kajuu, and who knows how many assassins.

I really hope Kohaku and Rin get their own kind of 'happily ever after'. After all they've been through, individually and together, they deserve some kind of peace and happiness with each other.

(Question: Why didn't Kohaku take Jinsoku instead of AhUn?)

Fantastic chapter. I really can't wait to see how you wrap this up, though I hope you'll start another fic (Kohaku/Rin!) soon. I love your stories and writing :)

Raniatlw chapter 41 . 10/24/2008
Wow! What an awesome chapter! Really action packed! And now I definitely can't wait for the next chapter. I really want to know what happens next. I can't wait for the reunion scene between Rin and Kohaku, cause you know thats going to be good! Anyways update as soon as you can. Hopefully, really soon.
nessie6 chapter 41 . 10/22/2008
Well, no fight scenes but a lot of things still happened! Wow, Kajuu just turned around and killed his lover/admirer/whatevershewas. That's freaking cold. But I'm glad he's actually sort of protecting Rin, that makes me feel better :) I'm glad that Keikai has a chance to live! I'd be very sad if she died, and I'm sure Rin would be heartbroken!

Now see, last chapter I thought Sess was shouting for Kagura so she could provide him with some transportation, lol. But I guess leaving her in charge of the castle WOULD make more sense...really, who ELSE would he trust? Especially since it turns out Kajuu is a traitor. And Kagura could hold her own...she's awesome like that. So yeah, had a slight inkling of fear she MIGHT be a traitor (despite evidence to the contrary) so now that that's all cleared up, I can breath easy. Whew!

Loved, loved, LOVED Kohaku's little reflection on Rin. Dammit, why can't he just admit to HIMSELF that he loves her? He thinks of everything else but the word 'love'. Bah, I guess "Because a future without Rin wasn't a future at all" will suffice for now.

Anyways, practically squealed when I saw the alert. Glad my roommate was at class, or I'd have explaining to do...I suppose it'd be way too much to ask for the rest of the chapters to be just as epic-ly long? :) ...Yeah I guess it would. And hey, two months is better than two YEARS...I still remember the pain...I must've reread this like 3 times during that time.

Update asap!

Darksouled Saiyanphoenix chapter 41 . 10/21/2008
wow that was a really long chapter but it was awesome and covered practically everything that i wanted to know and wow them being after rin that was a bit unexpected but i am just loving this story so much i will be sad when it is over but i know it will be good so thank you
moviefan-92 chapter 41 . 10/20/2008
Clap, clap, clap! Wish I could give you a standing ovation. I am so hooked on this story, it's not even funny. It's too bad about Kajuu though, I really liked him. Looking forward to more.
Amara Johnson chapter 41 . 10/20/2008
brilliant! amazing as ever! please write more soon! (when i got the story alert in my e-mail i screamed i was so happy!)
senbo-sama chapter 41 . 10/20/2008
Okay, so I don't want to say thank you for making it Kajuu who stole Rin, but, uh, thank you for making it Kajuu who stole Rin. Now I'm somewhat reassured that she's not going to get like, totally prisoner-of-wared. _ Btw, try as you might, regardless of what you write, Kohaku will definitely be Rin's Knight, maybe not in shining armor, but he's still it, and you know it. D Update soon, love. (lol)
none chapter 40 . 9/4/2008

Please update! I love this story.

..and you ended it just when things are starting to come together...

(well i suppose thats the whole point of cliffhangers lol. but yah dont mind me, im just being bitter. But i do hope u'll update sooner though?)
matchaball chapter 40 . 8/27/2008
Whoo boy! Your chapters always take me on such a roller coaster ride (a good kind). That sucks that you lost your job and life decided to toss you into the frying pan, but hey, in every cloud there's a silver lining (the new job!) :) What I find amazing is that you stuck with this chapter despite having college. Most authors give up, or go on hiatus for a very long time. So close to the ending though! While I'm excited to see what happens, I'm sad to see this story end. It's definitely one of my all time favourites out of all the stories I've read here on . It's even in the Inuyasha fandom, which I gave up two to three years ago.

I really, really, really love the interaction between Rin and Souten. It's hard for a girl's social life if she doesn't have girlfriends. Rin's coped with it well enough, but since she's growing, it's great she found some kind of kinship with Souten. And Souten - well, that girl probably has friendship and friends on the bottom of her list, but being friends with Rin would probably help her a lot. And of course, what better way to start off a friendship like their's with girl talk? Teasing each other about their boyfriends (Rin can deny it all she wants... but it's inevitable xD) and tricking each other into admitting things (like the scent incident; haha, good for Souten for taking it in stride!).

LOL the scene with the guys is probably one of the most entertaining scenes in the story. Well, for it at least. It's so funny to see guys communicate. It's so different from girls talking. They're so blunt about their thoughts, instead of dancing around the subject leaving the other to guess at it. Like their apology scene and their little heart to heart. So clear, so clean, so simple. And then it gets a little messy for Kohaku, poor boy XD It's so fun to tease him. He gets so flustered easily, especially about Rin (which is so sweet). And I think Shippo had the dunking coming, both from Kohaku and Souten. He just asks for it sometimes.

“Well, if you really want you can get naked too.”

With a swift kick Souten knocked him back into the lake.

BEST lines in the entire chapter. They made my day.

You mean after all that hypothesizing about the assassins and everything, I was wrong? But Jogon seemed like a good candidate... and why the hell did I not think of Kajuu? Now that I think of it, he seemed like the obvious choice, the suspect that's just right under everyone's nose. The Kajuu/Mamoru pairing was an unexpected twist too. I didn't expect Mamoru to be in cahoots quite so deeply with Kajuu. Kajuu must want something from Sesshomaru or Rin pretty badly to kill his own partner, even if it was for show (or was it?). I admit, my heart gave a little jump with Sesshomaru yelled for Kagura, but Kagura loves both Sesshomaru and Rin too much to do anything to them. Well, anything serious anyways.

Wow *takes a breahter* that was one doozy of a review. But that was one doozy of a chapter too! Fantastic work :) Definitely love this new update.

Darksouled Saiyanphoenix chapter 40 . 8/25/2008
Now that ending was totally and completely unexpected...I cant wait too see how this came about
Yami Umi chapter 40 . 8/22/2008
closure *-* Well, what's not freaking awesome was the Kagura betraying Sesshoumaru part... actually, what wasn't even cute. Not cute at all T.T I kind of like (this) Kagura, it would be a shame if she revealed herself as the enemy. And by the way, I knew the Mamoru thingy long way before this chapter I mean, a quiet, silent type? I don't trust quiet, silent types. Specially if they are bodyguards! SPECIALLY if they're bodyguards protecting someone who is very important and absolutely defenseless...

Oh well, I liked the chapter, though D Closure RULES!
moviefan-92 chapter 40 . 8/21/2008
I nearly sh*t myself when Sesshomaru shouted Kagura's name. I was like, no way in hell! Then you brought out Kajuu, and again, I was like you're sh*tting me! But thank goodness its not Kagura. Great chapter by the way. Love the interaction between the boys and girls. But don't forget about Kagome, she NEEDS to come back.

Sorry to hear about all you're dilemmas. Hope you get better soon and stay healthy.
Shisoukengo chapter 40 . 8/21/2008
Hey there, Geofount-san. Sorry to hear about your job closing, I went through a similar experience a couple of years ago as well. Anyway, just wanted to say another excellent job well done! And yes, I did enjoy this new chapter, as I'm sure you can already tell. Your story is one of the few I still read from the Inuyasha fandom, and to be honest, I had never suspected Kajuu to be the mastermind behind everything. The way you kept that hidden up until this point was nothing short of genuis. I honestly didn't put it together until the middle of Sesshomaru's interrogation of Jogon.

Looking back on it now, I should have suspected something when he shifted the suspicion toward Jogon. Kajuu had seemed a little too eager to direct it toward the falcon demon at the time. It'll be quite interesting to see how this develops, so you have my eager attention. Also, just out of curiosity, what did you think of the ending to the Inuyasha series?
senbo-sama chapter 40 . 8/20/2008
You know, when he shouted "Kagura" I was like, "" but, now seeing Kajuu, I feel better... kind of. A little confused, does he just need the ride from Kagura to get out to save Rin? But uh, I'm ready for Kohaku to come in the shining armor now! :D Also, the scenes in this chapter were cute, especially the Kohaku-and-Shippo-FINALLY-interact scene; very well played out. :) Well, three chapters doesn't sound bad at all, especially if you get them out, you know, like, REAL SOON. lol Seriously, keep the update pace up, or else I'mma gonna die. x3
Raniatlw chapter 40 . 8/20/2008
Awesome, awesome chapter! Finally we find out that Kajuu is the bad guy. I had my suspicions all along. But I was really surprised to see that Mamoru is also in on it.

Can't wait to see what happens next! Update soon!
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