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J Black chapter 12 . 6/18/2004
its awesome! i realli like it! have u read the fifth book? yes probably i hope you didnt kiill * off in the sequel! plz dont!
blahblah104 chapter 4 . 5/12/2004
thats like way to sad
TenshiKaika chapter 12 . 5/1/2004
can't wait 4 the sequal
Whippy Bird chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
Wow. Great chapter. So sad that it's over..damn.
Yes, it's good that Remus would be their next choice, or Kellie, bu year. They both can either be taken over or changed so quickly and easily, that it would be bad. Very bad. I really hate that the secret keeper had to be Peter. I don'y like that guy. Grr.
God, I cna't believe it's already the 25th/ How scary is that? Time flies Grr. Who was the person who attacked Remus in Hogsmeade? Too bad he could have fought them physically. He would have won for sure.
I feel bad for Kellie. I would be worreid sick to. Him go for 3 hours, with Voldemrot and Death Eaters on the loose like taht? Sheesh. I know Sirius was right in letting her go look for him, but he even said, with Voldemort and everything. You would think that he would have gone with her though? Right? ANd it's too bad that Kellie didn't understand what Remus was saying to her, until two people had already pushed her against a wall.
I feel really bad for Remus now. He lost is one true love. *sad face* BUt at least HE is ok. I mean, it's not phyically hurt..bad.. (make any sense?) Just emotionally. It sucks that they can't find Kellie. Grr.
Man, just reading Peter betraying his 'friends' is sick. It just kinda gives you that hole in the pit of your stomach kind of thing. Man, this sucks.
And Ally. Poor Ally. I know it's not as hard for her, but still, it can't be easy. I mean, she knew them all too. And seeing all her friends go through that. Sheesh.
Alright, Lily is crying. I can understand that perfectly, considering all that has happened and everything. And James comforting her and what no. Her asking about HArry is fine and dandy as well. But then, bringing up sex. That just seems almost wrong. I know they can't help it, and that they were probably trying to just lighten the mood. But Lily even said that she was the closest thing like a sister, and that she might be dead. If I found out that either my sister or my bestestest friend, might be dead. I wouldn'y be screwing my husband. BUt, *sighs* that's just me. (Didn't mean to criticize)
Eh, Voldemort talking about Kellie like that. How pretty she is, and her being his queen. Man, that's just sick! (him thinking that, not her being a queen). And good, it's gotta be hell hearing what is going to happen...
I like how comforting Ally is being. It's nice to see. And thank god for Emilys dreams and Sirius..powers. I can't even imagine how hard that was for Kellie, thinking that over and over hoping that Sirius would hear it. But never knowing. Good job to her though for remembering. THat sucks. It's the last time that Sirius and ALly ever talked. :-( Or kissed, or shared words. Man...
I hate Peter. How did he make Sirius laugh again? And what did Ally mean when she said that Daddy was gone forever? Does she really think too that Sirius killed James and Lily? or maybe she has a hunch that something is not right? I don't know.
God, I hate Lucius and Nacrissa. But why were they angry? Their plan worked, except for Harry not dying/ But wouldn't they even be slightly happy? And damn straight Kellie! Harry is tough!
Man, poor Remus. Having to hear all that. Poor Ally, for having to explain all that Poor everyone for having to go threw all that. Man... So are Ally and Remus gonna stay friends? I hope so. It would be nice if they both stayed in the smae house? Ya know? Him to help out with Emily, and everything. Yaknow, so they wouldn'y both be along or anything.
**I can't believe that James and Lily are dead. Sirius is in Azkaban. Kellie is caputred. Remus and Ally are both along, ALly with a kid. Peter has finally made it known that he IS a real rat. ANything else? I don'y know. Oh! I can't believe this sotry is over either. (Congrates!) Ok. Yea... hurry up and get 'The Order' out. Don't forget to include briefly what happened those... 15 years? before the story recontinues. I loved this chapter. It was really really well written. Hurry!
Devon IS a name, but NOT a good one. It's hardly a name though. Except for Devon Sawa. ('Now and THen,' 'Casper,' and 'Little Giants.') But other than him, it's HARDLY A NAME! Bah! lol
Melanushkia chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
OMG! I knew it had to happen, but I really didn't want it to. James nad Lily, dead, Sirius, Azkaban.
PETER IS EVIL! I hate him so mudch! How could he do this to them *starts to breathe heavy*? AND LAUGHED ABOUT IT *goes red in the face*! I AM GOING TO KILL HIM *pulls out gun*! Sorry about that *puts gun down, but not away*, but he really gets me mad.
OH! I don't believe this happened to Remus. He was so in love and he is so awsome. Kellie is his everything, I don't want him so loose it all. I love him too much *statrs to cry*. I think he should date me, I love him so much, maybe not more than Kellie does, but a real lot.
So wait, is Kellie dead, or just with the Death Eaters? And Ally and Emily still exsist, I'm so confused now.
RhiannonCat chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
Great! I love it. Glad that you are having a sequel, I will cheak it out. Evil Peter! Die!
aks100 chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
hello darling jessie
Well, i didnt really need to read this chapter but i did anyway coz it's great. and all i want to say to you is DAMN YOU...ALLY AND SIRIUS FOREVER! lol. sorry...been rereading some stuff and u evvil...i'm in a really strange mood. I think you'll kinda understand why when you read my emails.
In-Love-With-James Potter chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
that was a great story but i feel that u ended things to fast!
can wait to read ur next story
arie chapter 12 . 4/30/2004
cool :) awesome story...poor James, and Lily and Sirius! :( And Remus and Kellie adn Ally and EMily and Harry too, lol...htas just pretty much everyone...okay, cant wait to read the next one!
BurningIce22 chapter 12 . 4/29/2004
aww its over..and ending on such a sad note
:(..vry glad thers a sequel coming tho:)ok i feel slightly dumb asking but...u said i see wut happened to kellie, but u never reely said she did she? or is she just in the hands of lucius. aww im so sad ur gonna hav to kill ally. :( *floods of tears. anyhoo..cant wait till the next installment. gud luck.
RhiannonCat chapter 11 . 4/29/2004
Keep going, Update AsAP. Good plot comeing though, to get rid of every one so Voldy can kill off the Potters. I like Emily's power, That;s cool. You should write a sequel, including Emily, during Harry's Life time. Great job, ok, now I am wanting more Kellie and Remus. and lily and james. and Sirius and ally. Everyone. Keep it coming!
Melanushkia chapter 11 . 4/29/2004
I love you so much for bringing Remus back, who knows what I would have done to you if you didn't...
YEY! Sirius and Ally love eachother again! I couldn't stand Emily so sad over them and I didn't like it eaither. They are acting like their old selvs and it brings joy to my heart *does happy dance*! And Sirius was so looking down her shirt, as much as he didn't want to! Emily is SO her fathers child, with the wand thing, but I didn't suspect Harry to be as Lily-like as he was, I mean, James has to be there somewhere right? I LOVE SIRIUS'S MUSCLES! OF COURSE EVERYONE DOES!
James and Lily love eachother soo much there is not much I can say about them. But I love them and I love Harry and it sucks that they have to die.
aks100 chapter 11 . 4/29/2004
your welcome for being your beta...yeah guys, Jessie is EVIL! you should see what she does to everyone in the order...poor Ally!
Jessie, you got rid of my pictures! i put those pictures in very special places and you got rid of them. Ah well...put the next chappie up soon so i get to Beta The Order!
arie chapter 11 . 4/29/2004
luved it, but tis so sad they all had 2 die :(
MAnny2003 chapter 11 . 4/28/2004
ur right... it is a toss up between remus and sirius. james would be added but he is a married man so...yea... anywayz... "Voldemort smirked at his fool proof plan, boy was he in for a surprise." i think that i am goin to like wut is goin to come! PLEASE tell me that u r not goin to end it like the books say it ended 4 james 'n lily! that would be so0o0o0o kool if u did not. cuz u no every1 ends it with james and lily dying and sirius goin to azkaban and it is a very depressing ending! PLEASE DONT DO TAHT. but cuz of the last sentence i think u might not but i just wanted 2 add my 2 cents! anywayz... PLEASE POST ASAP!
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