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Illadaran chapter 17 . 2/6/2011
I knew he would end up in the marauder's time.
Heidinanookie chapter 83 . 2/6/2011
I think I'll continue my feedback in the same vein as for the last chapter: WHAT the hell are Draco and Harry doing, chatting merrily with Luna instead of getting anything helpful she might have to offer out of her RIGHT THIS INSTANT and getting on with it? Expecially considering that Luna is telling them nothing new that is of any relevance and she's barking mad if she thinks Harry and Draco don't care for Simon and the dangers awaiting all three of them, stupid girl that she is. It's driving me mad. There's some deep fury burning in my guts because of her interfering micro-brain. She's NOT the only one thinking about Simon, but SHE's the one unable to sort out her priorities. She'd even refuse to have run through a simple obstacle course for fear it might hurt his feet if it were the only way of saving a hundred children from being subjected to Cruciatus right in front of her eyes. What Draco and Harry are doing is taking a reasonable risk to ALL their healths, Simon's included. It's not like they are going to make him drop into a giant blender or something. God, I can't stand Luna.

And what are they doing in the forest?

Heidinanookie chapter 82 . 2/6/2011
Though I appreciate your effort in trying to make things exciting and suspenseful, I think the kids are working faaaaar to slow. They take too much time to talk. They don't do their work as fast as possible. If they get caught, it's their fault for being so damn sluggish, even under stress and when time is pressing. They really have no time for banter, yet they keep on talking and talking, wasting time. It's driving me nuts that they are so damn unfocused.

Well, anyway, good luck to them!

(oh, and shouldn't they be activating Simon's shoes?)

Heidinanookie chapter 81 . 2/6/2011
uhm, the darts have been tipped in the AV-potion, haven't they? Wouldn't at stay in the toilet completely botch up the dilution factor and make them worthless? Shouldn't they wash, dry and re-impregnate them?

Be that as it may, whatever happens now is bound to change the course of history. Good luck to all of them! (And damn Sirius for being such a traitor! He'd deserve a night on the cold ground.)

Heidinanookie chapter 80 . 2/6/2011
Wow, what a chapter. Damn, but do I despise Dumbledore! What an idiot. You know, I enjoy a bit of Dumbledore-bashing and it seems like I'm getting some of it here. He deserves it.

Heidinanookie chapter 79 . 2/6/2011
I have a bad feeling that Luna is going to do something to/with Simon once again that makes him unavailable at the time of night Draco and Harry will need him. Maybe she'll take him for a midnight ride. Or set him free out of jealousy. Or feed him another potion that will incapacitate him. First priority for the boys should be making sure Luna stays out of the way.

uhm, what's up with Harry there in the last scene? Has Dumbledore really dared to obliviate him? OMG, SHIT!

Guest chapter 78 . 2/6/2011
I wonder who'd go boating and lying on the ground in north Scotland in early March. And why is there absolutely no snow? The barrier has been up for less than two months and it was some time around Christmas that the last fight took place so it should be quite cold there.

Anyway, the riding lesson for Dumbledore and Flitwick was fun, though I wouldn't give up after just one try. Falling off a horse is more or less an integral part of the curriculum, as is getting over your fear.

Heidinanookie chapter 77 . 2/6/2011
uh... did I get this right? Hermione and Elmsworthy nicked a reasonable amount of both potions and while there are three darts per tree (which is a good number) there is only one bottle of Anti-Voldy-potion each for Draco and Harry? What if they miss him because he's moving or something? This is stupid. I'd take at least 5 bottles of AV-potion each and 5 darts per tree per person. Just to be safe. To have just one shot with the wonder-weapon is stupid if you have enough material to make it several dozen.

Something else occurred to me: Why is nobody wearing a riding helmet? It should be easy to transfigure one out of some item or other. It's very irresponsible of Harry (or anybody, really) to go out riding alone, but doing so without a helmet is almost suicide. That's tempting fate in a way that could be, well, fatal.

Heidinanookie chapter 75 . 2/6/2011
Luna deserves a most severe punishment for her stupidity and for endangering the whole saving-the-world-mission. Not only did she put their only means of transport through the barrier at risk, she also prevented Dumbledore and Flitwick from having a vital riding lesson. Her actions have far-ranging consequences.

As for Simon's split loyalty: Harry and Draco will have to do the test again now because Draco DID cheat! I bet he thinks that's very Slytherin but it's just unfair.

Heidinanookie chapter 74 . 2/5/2011
Okay, I have to say I'm really, REALLY impressed by all this Arithmancy stuff. HOW do you come up with this? I can hardly wrap my brain around the concepts I do know, like homoeopathy, when you explain them in your terms.

Anyway, good chapter. I liked how Harry got lost in memories of Severus and did some more grieving for him. Well, things are drawing to a close... and possibly a new beginning.

Heidinanookie chapter 73 . 2/5/2011
Sirius is really an asshole for betraying their trust! This is another danger to their plans. I'm not sure something good will come of it other than affirming Harry and Draco in their decision to do their own thing. Dumbledore's motives really sound a bit desperate and his goals, compared to Draco's and Harry's plan, hazy.

Anyway, why doesn't Elmsworthy become the new potions' master? He seems to be able to convey his enthusiasm about the subject to his students.

Things are moving forward again. Good, good...

Heidinanookie chapter 72 . 2/5/2011
I HATE LUNA! When did she become so disgustingly stupid? That brainless girl is working on destroying everything! Simon is Harry's and Draco's horse. They should just thank Luna for her help and kick her off the case. She's become a liability.

Heidinanookie chapter 71 . 2/5/2011
Gah! Luna is annoying the hell out of me! Simon this, Simon that! She's totally obsessed and blindingly stupid. What's here House again? Ravenclaw? No way! What has taking photos got to do with Simons' safety, for example? NOTHING at all! It might compromise the safety of the rider, but not if precautions (no flash) were taken. She's being so utterly unreasonable! That's really dragging my mood down.

Anyway, the plan Harry and Draco are cooking up is finally leading right onto the right track again! Yes! Things are moving forward. Now I understand how the teaser came to pass. I knew that the boring times would pass. Well done!

Heidinanookie chapter 70 . 2/5/2011
uhm, no offence, but I'm a bit lost here. I feel like I walked straight into a bad dream. What is Dumbledore blabbering on about? Riding through the barrier? And he being the only one who can defeat Voldy? One: HARRY is the one named by the prophecy as being the only one capable of bringing down Voldemort. Two: Why bother with riding through the barrier when they could just use their damn potion already to bring it down? Even if all three trees need to be destroyed to break the barrier completely, day don't have to wait for that day and even destroying the tree on their side of the fence would weaken the barrier significantly so travel would be easier.

I can totally understand Harry's anger when Dumbledore speaks of his plan and makes no sense at first. The following explanations, however, are not really satisfying, either.

The story has been wonderful so far and I trust in your genius to keep going in the right direction and make things better again.

Heidinanookie chapter 69 . 2/5/2011
I hope this gets better soon. I didn't much like this chapter either. In your story, I'm used to a bit of a thrill but lately it's just boring with all the talk and no action. Say, when ARE they going to take down the barrier?

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