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Guest chapter 78 . 2/6/2011
I wonder who'd go boating and lying on the ground in north Scotland in early March. And why is there absolutely no snow? The barrier has been up for less than two months and it was some time around Christmas that the last fight took place so it should be quite cold there.

Anyway, the riding lesson for Dumbledore and Flitwick was fun, though I wouldn't give up after just one try. Falling off a horse is more or less an integral part of the curriculum, as is getting over your fear.

Heidinanookie chapter 77 . 2/6/2011
uh... did I get this right? Hermione and Elmsworthy nicked a reasonable amount of both potions and while there are three darts per tree (which is a good number) there is only one bottle of Anti-Voldy-potion each for Draco and Harry? What if they miss him because he's moving or something? This is stupid. I'd take at least 5 bottles of AV-potion each and 5 darts per tree per person. Just to be safe. To have just one shot with the wonder-weapon is stupid if you have enough material to make it several dozen.

Something else occurred to me: Why is nobody wearing a riding helmet? It should be easy to transfigure one out of some item or other. It's very irresponsible of Harry (or anybody, really) to go out riding alone, but doing so without a helmet is almost suicide. That's tempting fate in a way that could be, well, fatal.

Heidinanookie chapter 75 . 2/6/2011
Luna deserves a most severe punishment for her stupidity and for endangering the whole saving-the-world-mission. Not only did she put their only means of transport through the barrier at risk, she also prevented Dumbledore and Flitwick from having a vital riding lesson. Her actions have far-ranging consequences.

As for Simon's split loyalty: Harry and Draco will have to do the test again now because Draco DID cheat! I bet he thinks that's very Slytherin but it's just unfair.

Heidinanookie chapter 74 . 2/5/2011
Okay, I have to say I'm really, REALLY impressed by all this Arithmancy stuff. HOW do you come up with this? I can hardly wrap my brain around the concepts I do know, like homoeopathy, when you explain them in your terms.

Anyway, good chapter. I liked how Harry got lost in memories of Severus and did some more grieving for him. Well, things are drawing to a close... and possibly a new beginning.

Heidinanookie chapter 73 . 2/5/2011
Sirius is really an asshole for betraying their trust! This is another danger to their plans. I'm not sure something good will come of it other than affirming Harry and Draco in their decision to do their own thing. Dumbledore's motives really sound a bit desperate and his goals, compared to Draco's and Harry's plan, hazy.

Anyway, why doesn't Elmsworthy become the new potions' master? He seems to be able to convey his enthusiasm about the subject to his students.

Things are moving forward again. Good, good...

Heidinanookie chapter 72 . 2/5/2011
I HATE LUNA! When did she become so disgustingly stupid? That brainless girl is working on destroying everything! Simon is Harry's and Draco's horse. They should just thank Luna for her help and kick her off the case. She's become a liability.

Heidinanookie chapter 71 . 2/5/2011
Gah! Luna is annoying the hell out of me! Simon this, Simon that! She's totally obsessed and blindingly stupid. What's here House again? Ravenclaw? No way! What has taking photos got to do with Simons' safety, for example? NOTHING at all! It might compromise the safety of the rider, but not if precautions (no flash) were taken. She's being so utterly unreasonable! That's really dragging my mood down.

Anyway, the plan Harry and Draco are cooking up is finally leading right onto the right track again! Yes! Things are moving forward. Now I understand how the teaser came to pass. I knew that the boring times would pass. Well done!

Heidinanookie chapter 70 . 2/5/2011
uhm, no offence, but I'm a bit lost here. I feel like I walked straight into a bad dream. What is Dumbledore blabbering on about? Riding through the barrier? And he being the only one who can defeat Voldy? One: HARRY is the one named by the prophecy as being the only one capable of bringing down Voldemort. Two: Why bother with riding through the barrier when they could just use their damn potion already to bring it down? Even if all three trees need to be destroyed to break the barrier completely, day don't have to wait for that day and even destroying the tree on their side of the fence would weaken the barrier significantly so travel would be easier.

I can totally understand Harry's anger when Dumbledore speaks of his plan and makes no sense at first. The following explanations, however, are not really satisfying, either.

The story has been wonderful so far and I trust in your genius to keep going in the right direction and make things better again.

Heidinanookie chapter 69 . 2/5/2011
I hope this gets better soon. I didn't much like this chapter either. In your story, I'm used to a bit of a thrill but lately it's just boring with all the talk and no action. Say, when ARE they going to take down the barrier?

Heidinanookie chapter 68 . 2/5/2011
Damn! Have they all gone mad? And I don't only mean Luna (who should have known better than to do whatever she did that had THIS outcome). I also mean the entire school, who behaved so stupidly and, frankly, not human with Simon. There is NO WAY they'd accost a potentially dangerous animal, not even knowing for sure if it's a vegetarian, like that. That is not normal behaviour for teenagers. Though some might be bold enough to annoy the horse, most would be sensible (and fearful) enough to stay away. And why didn't Dumbledore do something?

I didn't like this chapter. I found the last OOC for EACH and EVERY person in Hogwarts.

Heidinanookie chapter 66 . 2/5/2011
uhm, the question Trelawney asks to verify the Veritaserum is working on Sirius sounds like some prank from his student days BUT Trelawney WASN'T yet a teacher at Hogwarts at that time! Dumbledore only hired her after she made the prophecy about Harry, and that was after Harry's birth and certainly after his parents were out of school. Sorry for the nitpicking...

Heidinanookie chapter 65 . 2/5/2011
Hm, though it's kind of interesting to see things from Simon's point of view, it's also quite boring and exhausting to read (I bet it wasn't easy to write, either).

DeengoBlue chapter 100 . 2/5/2011
Darn. I forgot to mention it in my other review, but I wanted to note that you treated all of the characters even-handedly with no character sacrifice or assasination. Thank you.
DeengoBlue chapter 101 . 2/5/2011
This was awesome. It's unbelievably rare (in my opinion) to find a good, long, well-written, and completed HP fic around these parts, and I can't tell you how much I treasure the ones I do find. Yours is definitely on that list. I had passed up 'The Horse' time and again (the synopsis of Draco, Marauders, and a muggle horse had never enticed me), seeing it on a dozen respected authors favorites still had not convinced me...I hang my head in shame. I am so glad I read it.

However, midway through the story Harry was convinced that Simon was Severus (not without some evidence), but when it was finally revealed to Harry that Simon was indeed Snape and that Harry had been correct, Harry not only is dismayed but does not seem to think on his earlier convictions at all. I find this strange and, frankly, it threw me for a while. This was still quite good, but there seemed to be a few more instances like this throughout (I'm sorry I don't recall other specifics); I'm assuming the reasoning is that you were writing and posting this over a long period and that things did not always mesh.

Thank you so much for sharing this.
Heidinanookie chapter 64 . 2/4/2011
I have to say you've gravely disappointed me with the tree-in-their-path thing. What is all the fuss about using potions, riding Simon over it or letting him jump, etc. about when a simply cutting or blasting curse could solve the problem in a second? Hermione, Draco and the other Slytherin are certainly smart enough to figure that one out! (as they do on the way back)

After that they go around bleeding all over the place (and limping, in Hermiones' case) following the spider-incident instead of healing their injuries with a simple touch of magic.

As for Hermione riding bareback: Again, I know you know A LOT about horses, likely more than I do, but you DO NOT get blisters from riding, just bruises if you really go at it. And why didn't they transfigure a blanket or a saddle from a leave or a piece of bark? Sorry, but this chapter is truly worthy of JKR. You must have been really tired when you wrote that...

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