Reviews for The Horse
Guest chapter 80 . 10/8/2020
Fascinating scene. Their behavior reminds me of when various gods were mind controlled and forced to translate scrolls in the much more modern TV series called The New
Legends of Monkey.
Guest chapter 78 . 10/7/2020
Wow. This chapter has more in it than many other stories do. How wonderful.
Guest chapter 75 . 10/6/2020
Guest chapter 73 . 10/6/2020
I'd love to have you write some science fiction novels. You dazzle me with your potions science techno jargon. 73 chapters into the story, and only maybe three of them are "science" related, but all of them are entertaining, so thank you.
Guest chapter 72 . 10/5/2020
Each one of these kids keeps going off on secret missions or experimenting with Simon. Poor Simon.
Guest chapter 65 . 10/2/2020
Beautiful chapter, and the horse's thoughts about Luna at the end of the chapter are very touching. Thank you for this story.
Guest chapter 55 . 9/29/2020
Guest chapter 54 . 9/28/2020
Exciting times, and a sweet reunion.
Guest chapter 51 . 9/28/2020
You are a genius, and I'm a bit slow. I only now guessed who Luna's uncle is. I wish I could easily go back and examine all the clues. Also, I'm glad Sirius and Harry had this long chat, and I can only hope Sirius has matured recently.
Guest chapter 47 . 9/27/2020
Exciting race for safety. I wonder if Dementors can be killed by silver, or only by hard kicks.
Guest chapter 41 . 9/27/2020
The scarf bit was sweet and amusing. Thank you for writing and posting this story. It is making me happy during the COVID pandemic. I hope you crosspost it on other websites to make sure it is around for many years. I've lived long enough to see a lot of websites shut down, with many stories being lost forever. ARCHIVE OF OUR OWN is now a nonprofit and very wealthy, so it may have longevity. If you only crosspost one place, please start there.
Guest chapter 38 . 9/26/2020
Charming scene at dinner, and I loved the horse rides.
Guest chapter 33 . 9/26/2020
Delightful last line of this chapter. Also, I enjoyed Snape's insults. I wept when Harry did. Impressive storytelling
Guest chapter 31 . 9/26/2020
Great cliffhanger. And you made Sev turn into Snape at exactly the right moment. Wow.
Guest chapter 29 . 9/26/2020
I'm ashamed of Harry for being so slow, for stopping to cast spells and chat. Save my Sev! Lol. You have done a great job in rounding out Snape's character, making him seem real, and making me care about him.
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