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Wolfy1515 chapter 11 . 6/1/2011
...I'm speechless. This story was AMAZING! I've read Carrie several times, and you write almost exactly like Stephen King. :D I really like Becky. Awesome character. This was incredibly well-written and I might just have to read it again when I get some free time.

Okay, I'm done rambling now. )

- Wolfy1515
EchoRoses chapter 3 . 3/20/2011
Becky is very interesting I love this story a lot and can't help but wonder what the movie would be like if she was in it.
EchoRoses chapter 1 . 10/20/2010
can you guys imagine what it would be like if becky were in them movie? i think it'd be more then rated 'r' lol love this story great job!
EchoRoses chapter 5 . 10/20/2010
i see you got the dialouge from the book and the movie fantastic job i've read this story a dozen times at least kudos for you!
Sakurablossom chapter 11 . 6/6/2010
wow just... wow i can't really say much besides that i'm pratically speechless great job!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 5 . 12/21/2008
“How does the egg get fertilized?”

“Now, that part is where it gets really dirty.”

“Tell me!”

“OK...but swear you’ll never tell Momma I said this.”

She leaned over towards Carrie and whispered all the dirty sinful details that her sister had an incredible knowledge about. She grimaced and blushed at the dirty parts.

“So, that’s what the Sin of Intercourse is?”

“It’s called ‘sexual intercourse’, Carrie, not the Sin of Intercourse. And it’s not a sin if you’re married, Car. If you commit fornication, then it’s a sin. There’s a big difference.”


“It’s when a man fucks you when you’re not married. When that happens, you’re called a slut or a whore, in other words, a prostitute. But, if a man fucks you when you’re married, you’re called a wife.”


“It’s a woman who fucks men for money. But don’t ever do it! That’s an easy way you get ‘phylis.”


“Syphilis, Carrie. It’s a sexually transmitted disease and if you don’t treat it, you can fuck up your body. Some people even go mad. That’s why the psych is filled with mad patients. Get it Carrie?”

Carrie nodded. “I think so. Thanks, Becky.”

“Anytime. But if I catch you fucking anyone, I’ll kick your ass. Got it?”

Carrie nodded. “I won’t, I won’t.

Becky reluctantly she kissed her on the cheek; it was smooth and warm as she remembered.

“Slut!” she hissed in her ear quietly.

Momma looked at Becky with wide eyes, watching her youngest walk up the stairs following her sister. The two girls slipped into their nightgowns and crawled into bed. Carrie turned the light off.

“Carrie?” said Becky’s voice, trembling.


“Let’s be soul sisters.”

“What do soul sisters do?”

“They stay together forever.”

“I’ll stay with you.”

“Me too. Forever and ever.”

Very interesting bit from Chapters 3 and 5. I think it's inspiring!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 11 . 12/20/2008
Rebecca White was released from Chamberlain Psychiatric Hospital. She was last seen visiting where the White bungalow still stands. The white sign that said ‘For Sale’ had written in black paint: CARRIE WHITE BURNS IN HELL! Below that, it read: YOU’LL BE NEXT, BECKY WHITE! There was a skull below it with cross bones and X-ed eyes.

I went to the White bungalow and found everything disturbed. Religious pictures were knocked over, crosses broken, chairs and tables turned over. I went to the girls’ room. There were fresh roses in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary in the corner. I found on the wall in blood:


I hear the haunting tune of Bernard Hermann’s ‘Twisted Nerve’ echoing inside the White bungalow.

Some say she committed suicide. I checked all the death certificates, nothing showed up. Some say she left Chamberlain and changed her name, in fear of the government finding out about her and her sister and their powers. I checked the Witness Protection Program, no one under that name had changed their name since the date of her release at Chamberlain County Psychiatric.

Some say she was transferred to another mental institution in a different county or state. I had checked every mental institution in the county of Maine or other states, but every one said that no one had a patient under that name.

We sent out missing reports all over the news to find her, but no one claimed to see a girl that matched her description. Whatever it is that happened to her, no one knows where she is or what happened to her…

Rebecca A. White is missing…

Brilliant story! It's very inspiring. And I love the idea of a character being clairvoyant and precognitive. It really brings out the personality in them. Keep up your awesome writing!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 9 . 12/20/2008
“Red and black,” they heard Momma’s voice murmur. “I might’ve known it would those colors.”

“It’s pink, Momma,” said Carrie. “Look what Tommy gave me. Isn’t it pretty, Momma?”

She picked up her corsage, which consisted of pink roses with silk ribbon. Becky could see that her eyes were not looking at the corsage...but at her breasts.

“I can see your dirty pillows,” Momma said, quietly. “Everyone will. They’ll be looking at your body.”

“Breasts, Momma. They’re called breasts. And every woman has them. Becky told me all about them.”

“You dare poison your sister with such sin!” Momma said to Becky, eyes wide open in shock.

“It’s not sin,” Becky said, calmly; the room became hot. “It’s the reality of puberty.”

Carrie and Becky put on their lipsticks, looking in the cracked mirror; Becky put on a dark red lipstick and Carrie a nice pink.

“Take off those dresses,” Momma said.

“No, Momma,” said Carrie and Becky, both exasperated.

“We’ll burn them together, Carrie and Rebecca, and pray for forgiveness.”

“Momma, shut up!” said Becky.

Nightcrawlerlover chapter 8 . 12/20/2008
“We’re going, Momma,” Carrie whispered. “And nothing you say can change my mind.”

“Witches,” Momma whispered. “That’s Satan’s power you both have...”

“It’s not Satan, Momma,” said Carrie.

“It’s us,” said Becky.

“If I concentrate hard enough, I can move things.”

“And if I too, I can make heat and light fires.”

“The Devil is clever...”

“It’s not just me, Momma, other people can do it. I read about it.”

“It took your father...”

“He left, Momma...”

“The Devil tempted him...”

“No, Momma. He left,” said Becky. “With another woman.”

Brilliant! I often imagine Carrie having a big brother with the power to make heat and light fires. Keep up your awesome writing!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 6 . 12/20/2008
After detention, Becky walked home, all alone. Why would Chris think that she burned her? It was an impossibility to burn someone just by touching someone’s earrings. Maybe she was mistaken and thought that she pulled them. She smiled, happy that she had knocked a tooth out of Chris’ beautiful mouth.

“Hey, kid!” a voice whispered from an alley. “Want some coke?”

“Show yourself,” she demanded.

The man stepped out of the alley. He was an ugly man of thirty with an unshaven face, dirty tattered clothes, snotty drippy red nose, and he was scratching his head and his arms, which were red, he was a junkie.

“I’ll give you a bag for a dollar,” he said, smiling a rotten, toothless grin; his gums were black and he drooled when he spoke.

“I don’t have a dollar,” said Becky.

“How ‘bout a dime?”

She searched her sweater pocket and discovered she did have a dime.

“Hand it over.”

She paid him the dime and took the bag from his dirty hand. She took a pinch of cocaine and sniffed it hard.

“Wow!” he said. “You sure do look desperate. Something bad happen today at school?”

“Yea. This snobby bitch vandalized on my locker. She wrote ‘suck dick’ on it. So, I beat the shit out of her.”

“What was her name?”

“Hargensen. Chris Hargensen.”

“I know her father.”

“Do you?”

“Yes...he got my ass in jail for drug possession.”

“Regular ol’ fucker, huh?”

“Sure is. Spent two years in jail ‘cause I sold coke to some little kids. Silk assed son of a bitch. But, I’m glad you beat her up. She probably deserved it. She’s probably exactly like her daddy.”

Becky laughed and sniffed her cocaine again. Her head was now beginning to spin and her heart rate was fluttering and her cheeks flushed.

“Say,” he said. “How old are you, kid?”


“How ‘bout I fuck you for a quarter? Or maybe blow me for nothing?”

“Why not? I’ve always wanted a ride all the way to China.” Becky laughed.

“Well, maybe later...” he said, his smile faded.

“Why not now?”


“I know why! You think I’m too young, right?”

The dealer said nothing. She sniffed some more cocaine and didn’t say anything for a while. She sniffed a few more times. Now, she was sweating, head spinning faster, blood was hot, and her nose was red and snotty. Becky sniffed again.

“What’s your name, kid?”

“Becky White.”

“Becky White? Carrie White’s little sis?” He laughed. “Ol’ prayin’ Becky!”

Becky’s hand sprang forward and grabbed the dealer’s testicles, digging her little pointy daggers into the soft tissue; his face twisted into a grimace of pain.

“Don’t ever,” Becky said angrily; it started to get hot, “call me ‘prayin’ Becky’ ‘cause I don’t pray. Understand? Give me a fuckin’ sign that you understand, you crazy fuck. ‘Cause if you don’t, I’ll set your fuckin’ balls on fire.”

“I’m sorry,” the dealer squeaked loudly. “I didn’t mean to!”

Becky let go of his balls; the dealer leaned forward and groaned, cupping his sore balls. Becky continued to sniff the bag.

“Hey, hey! Take it easy, he squeaked. “You’ll kill yourself, kid.”

“That’s the whole point,” Becky replied, super drugged. “You don’t know what my life is like. You don’t live a theomaniac mother who thinks she’s God or Jesus...or I dunno, the Virgin Mary.” She laughed a drugged laugh. “She thinks everything around is a sin. When you see me, you think to yourself, ‘Oh, poor, pathetic praying Becky White. She can’t do anything ‘cause everything is a sin. Can’t even fuck a man ‘till she’s wed ‘cause it’s a fuckin' sin.’”

Suddenly, Becky felt really sick. Her head was spinning, hands shaking madly, her blood pressure was sky high, her heart beat faster than a hummingbird’s wings on soda pop, her nose ran with snot and was red, her black eyes were watery, and her stomach was sick. Her stomach declared mutiny and she threw up on the sidewalk.

“I told you, kid,” the dealer said. “That you were gonna make yourself sick.”

“Blow yourself,” she said, sickly. She puked again. “Well, thanks for the coke. I’ll back for more.” She handed the bag back to the dealer and shuffled home sickly. “And I’ll be back for the fucking too.”

Brilliant! Simply brilliant and dramatic! Keep up your awesome writing!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 4 . 12/20/2008
Tommy Erbter, age five, was biking up the other side of the street. He was small, intense looking boy on a twenty-inch Schwinn with bright training wheels. He saw Carrie and Becky, brightened, stuck his tongue out.

“Creepy Carrie! Scary Becky! You’re both creepy and scary!” He laughed as he peddled away from them.

(you like fire, kid? like playing with fire? pretty when small but deadly...push, becky, push...)

She heard Carrie’s voice in her head:

[fall off that bike kid push you off that bike and split your rotten head open]

Soon, the tires smoked a soft grey smoke...and the bike wobbled and suddenly fell over. Tommy screamed and the bike fell on top of him. He looked scared when he saw that the tires were smoking a soft grey smoke.

“You like fire, kid?” asked Becky, her eyes glittering nastily.

Tommy shook his head hard; there were tears in his frightened eyes.

“Well, lemme tell you something, you stupid shit. Never play with fire ‘cause you never know when it’ll light and burn your fuckin ass off, you rotten little fucker.”

Becky saw Tommy’s frightened face stare at her black glittering eyes; she saw he had turned pale and a dark spot between his legs on his pants and smelt urine...Tommy had wet his pants. She smiled, glad that she scared him.

“Diamond, opal, jade, I smell Tommy’s lemonade...” she sang softly in a haunting tune. Tommy trembled in terror when he heard that haunting tune.

They left Tommy, lying there nursing his hurt knee and still frightened of scary Becky, Carrie looked at her sister.

“Did you see the stupid shit’s face?” Becky laughed.

“You’re crazy,” Carrie laughed.

“Did you push him over?” Becky said quietly.

“Did you set his tires on fire?”

Becky and Carrie smiled.

Wow. Another brilliant chapter! Keep up your awesome writing!
Nightcrawlerlover chapter 3 . 12/20/2008
“If you ask me, Chris,” said Becky, feigning a bright smile as if taking the insult as a compliment. “I think you’d be a lot nicer if your Momma hadn’t shit you out of her asshole rather than her pussy when you were born.”

The girls stopped laughing and looked at her in shock.

“Plus,” Becky added. “At least no one has sucked my titties until they were floppy like an old lady’s.”

The girls looked shocked; for Becky had the worst insults in her mind. Oh yes! Becky was sick, sick in mind. Anything she said could make a Christian’s stomach turn in sickness. Her thoughts were horrible, her words vile, and her insults were obscene. Chris’s face turned fire engine red.

“Then your mother eats shit,” said Chris. “And no one sucked my tits!”

“If my Momma eats shit, then your Momma is a whore. There’s a lot of thing that I know that you don’t know, like she fucked every guy in high school.”

“She did not!” Chris shrieked.

“Oh, yes. She did. Then, she met your daddy, spread her skimpy little legs and fucked your Daddy in the back of his truck. And man, they fucked everywhere! Then, you were born. Christine Hargensen, whose daddy-o’s rich and whose momma is a slutty bitch, with floppy titties that every man sucked on.”

“They did NOT!”

“Oh, I’m sure they did. Shall I name a few? Let’s see, Tommy, Billy, Chuckie, Angelo, Tony, Sheldon...shall I go on?”

“I’ll destroy you, you obscene little fucker!” said Chris, her face red with anger and embarrassment.

“Go right ahead, Chris,” said Becky. “I’d like to see you try.”

Chris raised her fist to hit Becky, but she stopped. She didn’t want to start any trouble because she knew she already was in enough trouble. Thankfully, her father never knew what went on in school, but the school did.

“I HATE you!” Chris screamed. “Shit eater!”

“Good choice, Chris,” said Becky. “And you know, if your Momma and Daddy hadn’t been such bitches, we could’ve really shared something.”

Chris just walked away, fuming. Sue and the other girls looked shocked, speechless, unable to retort back. She was too good for them.

“Jesus, she’s horrible!” said Chris.

“I know,” said Sue. “But why? Being brought up religious and all. I just don’t understand...”

Oh, brilliant! Becky sure showed Chris! Keep up your awesome writing!
CarrieRoxs chapter 11 . 2/29/2008
If this was a Book or a movie You would be SO FREAKING Rich right now. This is so Carrie-lishish
LanaKent89 chapter 11 . 12/26/2005
Good idea for Carrie to have a sister; everyone needs a sister. But if I wrote this story, Becky would have saved Carrie, and the only hospital would be a physical hospital, not a mental one. Carrie is innocent! Didn't you watch the 2002 (or was it 2003?) version of the movie, where Carrie lived?
Mariasha chapter 11 . 8/25/2005
Terrific ending. Very much in the style of Stephen King. The kind of fanfiction you can make fanfictions about.
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