Reviews for Greenwood
Woman of Letters chapter 23 . 7/12/2016
Thank you. A sweet tale, with an unexpected twist. I enjoyed both greenleaf and greenwood, but more greenwood because of the child. It was nice to witness the happy ending, not just read an inscription.
saashi samy chapter 1 . 3/6/2016
elf Chloe?
s m Neal chapter 1 . 2/14/2011
if you write a sequel i will love you forever
Keuheira chapter 5 . 4/26/2009
Wraiths are the old Kings of Men, the Nazgul are their ugly dragon type creatures they use in the two towers and return of the king chapter 23 . 11/19/2007
Aw, I luvved

1st ChloeLeggy I've ever read, so cute!

m, bye-bye!

NICK3LR3Y chapter 23 . 8/21/2007
Wow! I really liked this fanfic. It was awesome. I really like the Chloe and Legolas pairing. I wish there were more. So Awesome Job. Definitely one of my favorites
Touch of the Wind chapter 23 . 5/20/2006
escape5 chapter 1 . 1/2/2005
asmntu chapter 1 . 12/27/2004
Hey! Loove the story! Will you create another story like it? Because I would die from happiness if you did! Love you lots!

~Sheshe17~The fanfic queen!
anonymous chapter 23 . 10/21/2004
I usually don't like crossover fics, but that was lovely. Thank you.
Kathy chapter 23 . 10/4/2004
Gorgeous ending. Well done, Catheryne:)
Joise chapter 23 . 10/3/2004
I really loved this story! I'm so sorry to see it ending, but it was an excellent ending! Can't wait for your next story!
Veronica chapter 23 . 10/3/2004
This story was amazing, just like the other one you did...You are such a talented writer and I can not wait to read your next story...And it was an honor to be able to read your truly are amazing!
cloris chapter 23 . 10/3/2004
sque! this is perfect! sigh i love it so much!
cloris chapter 23 . 10/3/2004
sque! this is perfect! sigh i love it so much!
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