Reviews for Family Man
Nea's world chapter 1 . 5/26/2004
Hey. I've been going through all of the stories posted from the oldest up as long as they either say complete or one-shot. I don't usually review, though.

Anyway, I'm here because I liked your ficlet, and saw no one had reviewed. Usually when I bother looking at reviews it's to see how many people loved what I think is junk, and then here's your nice little story and no one has said anything!

I don't know if you've written anything else-I may go look-but I thought you'd probably appreciate getting some feed-back.

Just so you know, you have your settings so a reviewer has to be signed in to leave a review. You would get more if you switched that over so you can get annonymous (I can never spell that right) reviews. Some of the best reviewers don't have an account/don't have the time to/don't want to sign in.