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Jo chapter 1 . 8/20/2013
Ohhhh here I am again...I swear I read this story so many times it's not even funny! So I can admit it here freely: this is one of my favourite Hellsing stories ( and I read about 80% of the archive) and it's such a shame it was never finished. :(

I like everything about it,especially how you portrayed characters and Hellsing as an organisation. First of all,they are very shady and imposing,and no you can't befriend everyone as soon as you sat your foot in that ol' scary manor.
Nope, Walter won't become your best friend slash grandfather the moment you get there,of course he has his kind side but i'ts not always on display ,what he does show is usually just politeness (with minimum of affection if I might add and you depicted that spot on). Then,
Alucard, he won't become blabbering schoolboy with a crush first time he laids his eyes on the original character,and I love you so much because of that: you never even hinted at any kind of romantic action,he was mysterious, scary,and even a tad bit disappointed at first about his new master to be, just as he probably would be.
And don't even start me on Integra; she is usually shown as stern at first but soon would turn (and I mean waaay too soon) in some kind of older sister/parent figure which is plain ridiculous,it would probably take years to become even acquainted with type of person such as her. What Genevieve does have is advantage of being family,and that they are the only ones left, so it's normal for Integra to try to start some sort of communication although begrudgingly.
And then ...there's Seras. She is the most open one of the lot (she has a large range of emotions you can display in story,but she still has limits,and that's what's important with her: knowing where to put those limits). YET they still go overboard with her: too clumsy,ditzy and I don't even know what else, Here she is few years older than she is in canon which gives her some calmness,but she still retained bubbliness (in normal dose) and is a mix of that everlasting naivety and some kind of hard side she gained over the years:)

Long ass rant is a long ass rant,but what I was trying to say you got them how they would probably be if you met them in real life,which is with characters such as them hard as fuck to achieve,and for that I commend you:)
MAD chapter 8 . 8/19/2012
Finish the story
Megalomaniac2 chapter 8 . 4/10/2009
It's deeply unfortunate that this interesting and well-written story hasn't been updated in so long. I was personally hoping that we'd see Genevieve interact with Iscariot. I hope you will resume writing it one day.
crazypenguin chapter 8 . 5/20/2007
the "integra needs an heir" is a popular concept for fanfic writers and often kills the characters' personalities. you've pulled it off very well, and for that i congratulate you. genevieve is an original and insightful character, and i am very glad that this isn't a mushy alucardxoc story(i love axi, and genevieve is right, alucard and integra should definetly get together). i'm not very good at coming up with plot ideas but here are a few-

1. to end the story quickly with a lot of angst-suicide

2. genevieve attempts to kill integral for killing her father and gets killed/gets into conversation with integral(you can explore integra's thought process and reasoning, always fun) that ends up in suicide/acceptance of position/ return to america for development of american vampire hunting society

whatever you do please continue writing
Lehst chapter 8 . 6/7/2006
This story is so real to me. It seemed like it was officially a part of the Hellsing stories. Please continue it! We're all waiting.


You really did write yourself into a wall. Hm... Well, it seems that Gen is a pagan because Christianity was imposed on her, and that isn't pleasant. We can work with that. Maybe she can be shown that a protestant religion could be more to her liking than the ever-strict catholicism.

Integra must be pissed that Gen is a pagan, but she must also be impressed that Gen's stuck through her trials. She'll probably call for Gen to have a talk, after her shock wears off. Gen will bring up Richard. Integra's reaction will be cold (as usual) but will lead her into saying why she is the way she is. Integra could finally open up a bit.

Right now, Gen will realize that she's out of both Integra's and Alucard's favor. She'll be upset. She wants Integra to be family, but has mixed feelings about the death of her father. Gen's motavation is to keep from being alone.

If only for one moment, Integra could be friendly to her. Gen might learn from Integra if she valued her opinion. Friends value other friends' opinions. Also, Gen needs to learn how to be a master of monster. Otherwise, Alucard will destroy her. He won't even use her like a pawn, she's that dispised by him.

Does Integra want Gen to stay? If not, then Gen will probably leave, or decide to.

Integra will be in a right predicament. Talk of what to do next will occur.

Gen will have misgivings. She'll probably loathe the idea of each day back at the 'convent'. She'll be drawn to Integra. She'll be drawn to being a Hellsing. Damn, who wouldn't?

If she does get taken under Integra's wing, she'll have a hell of a time dealing with Alucard along the way. Gen won't submit her principles easily either. Imagine another arguement, hell it'd be some damned holy crusade for Integra.
JoeEngland chapter 8 . 2/10/2005
Oh, for the love of-! Why is it that every time I find a Fan Fiction worth keeping track of, it stops right dead in its tracks? Every time, I swear...
mslcat chapter 8 . 2/10/2005
Aw man. I hate commericals in the middle of a good story.

A pagan in charge of a christian organization where weapons are blessed by the "one true God".

Can she even pick up a blessed weapon?

You've got me sucked in. I can't wait for more. So now she knows Integra killed her father. Now, what will she do? Two choices, confront Integra and try to take revenge. Or confront Integra and accept her decision.

Gwen still can't really fight, and she has so much to learn so even if she intends to kill Integra for what's she done; her Revenge will have to wait.

As for Ideas, Alucard wasn't able to corrupt Integra because her father placed in her good, strong, moral, God-fearing values. Gwen has not had such and upbrining and should be much easier to taint.

As that Alucard can not seek her out, he can give her enough questions to ponder for her to seek him out.

At night, and away from the others, Alucard becomes her teacher. AS long as ghouls, ghosts, and goblins die; as long as the English populus remains safe in their beds; who really cares how Gwen accomplishes this mission. Does Gwen?

Will Gwen choose Alucard and his dark path? Or will she choose Integra and her path of light?

Muse where art thou? I cant wait for the next chapter.
cevgar chapter 7 . 1/4/2005
Well written. Your characters are acurate and sharp, remaining true through author adaptation and story influence, your timing is superb, and your style is quite charming. Overall I am quite pleased that I chose to ignore the unappealing title and give this a chance. ... on the other hand, there are things I can't help but find distasteful. Personally I have found OC centric fics to be... lacking, for various reasons. The one I feel you should be most wary of is the tendency to throw too much of yourself into the character and forget the story in the process.

"I wore my faded tee shirt with Tux the penguin done large on the front" sounds disturbingly like self insertion. Odd as it may sound, there are people who don't know who Tux is, and this will distract them from the image forming in their minds. Beyond that, statements like this are jarringly abrupt and objective, without sensory backing. Example: "he had an gold earring in his left ear" vs. "he felt the comfortable weight of his earring swinging gently in the breeze, the small gold ornament flashing in the sunlight". Granted this is third person instead of first person, but the adjustments aren't too difficult to make.

Point two, of all the religeons you could choose, you had to choose wiccan. Unless you were aiming to fortify the impression of naivity of this girl before confronting Alucard you really didn't do yourself any favors with that one. Don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the religeon... just like I have nothing against women in army boots or people with blue hair. The reasons behind most followers choosing it as their faith du juor are what bother me. Again, this sounds disturbingly like a self insert.

*Nods to self* well, I think that about covers it. Disgustingly formal/polite laguage just for the hell of it, check. Complimentary opening, check. Warning of intent to criticize, check. Vague criticization of technique designed to have author examine style more closely and disuade future repeats, check. Attack on something comletely irrelevent to ensure review is consciously dismissed and previous suggestions act on the author subconsciously, leaving authors full attention on further writing, check. Weak attempt to get the authour to find reviewer amusing, check. Expressing hopes that new chapters will be forthcoming posthaste... eh, close enough.
Gallac Blackheart chapter 7 . 1/4/2005
O! delicious! M evil Alucard.
vic chapter 7 . 1/2/2005
'bout time already, the scene makes good sense, but i would have liked integra telling her better

she now knows that Alucard is a monster, but will she find out about the true extent of his power?
sephirothleo1 chapter 7 . 12/24/2004
not bad!
Luciferian chapter 7 . 12/23/2004
WO HO ...
pruningshears chapter 7 . 12/23/2004
i would say that its time to go. If intergra wants something from her then she needs to start treating her with a bit more respect. i ADORE the religious conflict. You could always bring up how protestant faith is based on a personal relatioship with God, and therefore, Church is not necessary unlike catholicism, which requires a preist as a medium for prayer. That was so great! Nice touch with the pentagram. post more soon!
Death's Integrity chapter 7 . 12/22/2004
This is getting somewhere. Please update as soon as you can. I gotta love the part it ch 6 where Gen thinks 'No way, he can't hear what I'm thinking' hehehe and when Alucard answers "Yes, I can." I could picture that. LOL Anyway UPDATE!


Darkest Dreamz
Gallac chapter 6 . 12/21/2004
Good stuff, keep 'em coming!D
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