Reviews for The Apprentice
SauvignonFierce chapter 6 . 6/27/2006
Great! I have a story with a character named Vivian too! and my best friends name is vivian! KEEP WRITING!
NeVeRsLeEpSaTnIgHt chapter 1 . 1/16/2005
I like Vivian how'd you think of her
Crystyna chapter 1 . 12/31/2004
i like it. it's well written and original. x]

by the way, i have nothing against morgan le fay. she's my favorite character in the mists of avalon. she totally kicks wimpy gwynhyfar's ass.


SocialSuicide chapter 1 . 10/3/2004
Okay, this was the nly way I could comment. You *did* get the X-men scene messed up.

Logan: Hey, hey., It's me.

Scott: Prove it.

Logan: You're a dick.


jsut letting you know, cause you asked me to.
Siren's Voice chapter 6 . 9/7/2004
well, it was bloody good and very funny, can't wait for part two!
Siren's Voice chapter 5 . 9/5/2004
its good. i'm being brief. my mom is looking for me to help her so i have hidden in my closet. Oh sh*t1 there she is!gotta go.
CatTheInsane chapter 6 . 9/1/2004
YAY! sensational! i hope you're quick with the ball part 2!
PiratePrincess91 chapter 6 . 8/28/2004
oh i loved it! yay, it's great! i can't wait for the next one...i wonder what they know that she doesn't...course, maids know everything..hmm..yay! update soon!
RescueMe chapter 6 . 8/27/2004
Lice, should not be a gentlemen(or even look like one)its wrong,just plane wrong!Are you gonna use the chapter you wrote awhile ago?
RunawayPirate chapter 6 . 8/26/2004
I love this story so far, and I'm loving all these characters of yours, espespecially (sp? gah) Vivian. When is she gonna get together with Jaq? They'd make a cute couple. And those last few chapters with Jack, swordfighting with a loincloth...I was laughing so hard it hurt.

Great work, I'm looking forward to the next chapter, and the next, and the...
RunawayPirate chapter 3 . 8/25/2004

Wonderful job on portraying Jack. He seemed very in character this chapter, and I enjoyed it. I'm sorry I haven't reviewed earlier, long day at the beach. I was going to read all the chapters you had so far tonight, but I'm wiped out, so I'll review tomorrow. Savvy?

I love Jack. Will he play a big part?

And good job with Vivian and Jaq, very great OC's and your plot sounds interesting. He's getting engaged? Hmm...

Until next time...

Thousand Faces chapter 6 . 8/24/2004
"This is getting serious..."

Dude, another chapter? You are so totally making me look bad! DAMN YOU!

lol, jk. Anyway, about the chappie. *evil grin* I loved it. How could I not? clean... dude...

How was the orientation?

Adios Amigos,


P.S. Good luck!
Tyziar chapter 6 . 8/24/2004
Here's the review you asked for! I like the chappy - poor Viv, being forced into a dress.

And, no, that wasn't sarcastic.

I hate dresses, too.
PiratePrincess91 chapter 5 . 8/21/2004
yay! i thought you stopped writing it or something :(, yay, your back!

that was good, very funny, hehe, i hope you get the poor guy out of that marriage, but, only time will tell right?
Original Max A chapter 5 . 8/21/2004
This is pretty good. I like it. jack is one dirty old man, I can tell ya that. Keep writing.
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