Reviews for Seven Times of One: Trk 7: What's Simple is True
Keter Ha'Rimon chapter 1 . 5/26/2004
Absolutely fantastic. I've just finished reading a few of the Sandman volumes, so I'm enthusiastically looking for fanmaterial. You story certainly didn't dissapoint!

A few errors you might want to correct, however, or perhaps a number of questions you'll be graciously willing to answer...?

1. I quote, from the summary: "Crossover with Sandman (Dream)..." in fact this story is about Despair, though her older sibling is mentioned. As a suggestion, to prevent more (mostly) harmless morons wandering to your story on account of failure to summarize its contents correctly, you might want to correct that.

2. As a sardonic note: I quote, from the "afterword" of the story (if so it can be termed):

"...I heard that," the author told him. "Right then. More questions?"

"This thing with the hook..."

"She always does that. Either that or it’s something eating her slowly," the author shuddered. "I chose hooks."...

Knowing what I do about the fabled Neil Gaiman here, I assume that if you'd have asked him, he'd have informed you that your choice was, in fact, incorrect. But then again, we are attracted to his works BECAUSE they are so sick, twisted, and creepy, no?

3. IS Zaknafein your muse, or do you simply force him to appear at the end of each literate piece for the sake of the much-fabled art of character torment?

All right, I'm done with the stupid queries and constructive crit for now. I'll just say, once more, how I loved this short story and enjoyed reading it (the last part of the afterword, espcially, [say, the final 10-13 lines] was really the grandious ending and struck a cord inside my being). I think you've managed to capture the essence of Gaiman's works inside your own story, which is extremely rare yet provides profound pleasure to the reader when found. Hoping to read more of your works in the future; Forgotten Realms/Sandman crossovers are a true rarity, more's the pity. There should be many many more of them!

-Crown of the Rimon
Alyse chapter 1 . 12/21/2001
::claps:: Yay! Very nice...I should be writing more fanfiction but I'm lazy and I have to type up many school papers...oh well. (I'm allowed to do alternative endings for RAS books for class) Well...gotta eat dinner. Bai!
Hellraiser The Phantom Flamer chapter 1 . 1/19/2001
O.k I've read all of the Seven Times One fics and they're all pretty good. The despair one was a little drastic but all in all they were interesting to say the least.