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thibbs65 chapter 21 . 9/13/2014
awesome story so far please update soon
LibbyCullen97 chapter 21 . 3/29/2012
Hey I really love your story but the sooner naley get together the better please update soon xx
OTH-LOVA21 chapter 21 . 8/14/2009
Love the story! Wonder whether you could continue it? Would be interesting to see what happens to each of the characters once they all go back to Tree Hill!

Good job!

Jen.Lawrence.23 chapter 21 . 7/7/2007
please update soon
Maddii Fo Sho chapter 21 . 6/16/2007
Ah; new readerr. :D

Update soon.
anonymous chapter 21 . 3/20/2007
jen chapter 12 . 3/5/2007

i just have to say that your fan fictions are awesome! i absolutely LOVE this story... im a HUGE fan of naley and i love reading stories about them... good work with the white t-shirt turning see through! haha guys are such perves!

thanks so much and keep up the good work!
Kimbo0627 chapter 21 . 2/27/2007

loved the whole story

can't wait till you update

please update soon!
xSmile chapter 21 . 7/13/2006
hi..uh its been like more than a yr since u im guessing u prbly dont remember this fic..but uh just wanna let u noe i rly like it & hopefully you'll update one of these days?..
tiff.lee chapter 21 . 6/11/2006
Wow, so I've really liked these stories, mainly prohibit love and this spanish experience one, but are they done with? Please keep them up, they are amazing and a lot of fun. Is this story over, or will there be more for the next wo days of their trip? Let me know and update soon, please!
NaleyBop chapter 21 . 5/24/2006
hey i love this story so much. ive been wanting to read it for awhile now but lost it and FINALLY FOUND IT AGAIN. its amazing. i love the naley parts alot. i love everyone in it. dont care for luprita that much. but everyone else is awesome .love how , nate, mario and pedro want haley haha. maria is such a bitch haha but funny i love her. she reminds me of brooke. its kinda funny cuz she is not close with her. love peyton and hales realationship. well anyway I WANT MORE. NO NEED MORE ASAP PLEASE. here are lotss of quotes with words that i loved. thankyou for writing this.


“Good… as I was saying the top 2 students are…Haley James and Lucas Scott,” she informed the entire class as she looked at the turned around towards Lucas and he did the same. They smiled to each other and high-fived each other.“We are going to Mexico!” she told him excitingly.“Oh, what a surprise?” said a voice in the back of the turned around towards the voice and gave Nathan a glare. He turned around towards his friends and high-fived them while he looked at Haley with a smirk.“The other three students that will be attending the trip, by the luck of the draw, are…Peyton Sawyer, Brooke Davis, and Nathan Scott,” she continued, not hearing Nathan’s comment.“WHAT?” Haley said aloud when Nathan’s name was mentioned.“Yes, Haley, Nathan will be attending the trip with you,” the teacher answered as she looked at her.‘Why in the world is this happening?’ she asked herself as she looked at Lucas. Lucas also had a surprised look on his face, but just shrugged it off. Haley turned around and looked at Nathan. She noticed that Nathan was also looking at her with a grin plastered on his face. “Two weeks,” he mouthed to her while smiling.

I loved that part. Ha so funny.

“WORK?” Brooke asked surprised and shocked.


Yup, two weeks of lovely Mexico with…” Lucas began.

“With the devil,” Haley finished, referring to Nathan.

Lucas began to laugh as they walked to their next hour.

“Come on…I don’t think that it’ll be that bad,” he told her.

“Excuse me, what has the punk done to you since you joined the team?” Haley asked him.

“Just ignore him, we’ll have fun. Free vacation to Mexico, how good can that get?” he asked as he smiled to her.

“Yeah, I guess…It would have been a lot better without him,” Haley replied as she looked at Nathan walk with the rest of the basketball team down the hallway, ahead of them.

Suddenly Nathan turned his head around and looked at Haley. He just smiled at her and she groaned and turned around with a disgusting facial in response.

‘Oh, some fun this trip is going to be,’ she thought to herself as she walked into her English Lit class

ha loved it. She so wants him hehe and then he keeps on smiling at her haha.

“You’re telling me that you still have more clothes at you house?” asked Haley amazed.

“Of course,” Brooke answered as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Lucas, Peyton, and Haley began to laugh. Even Nathan laughed for a little.

Lmao. Gota love brooke hehe

ARG!” she said aloud seeing Nathan still asleep. “Why didn’t you wake me up earlier?” she asked her as she stood up with a disgusted look on her face.

“You looked peaceful, what can I say?” Peyton answered as she laughed at her facial expression.


So that’s the reason you’re acting like a…”

“Yes, that is the reason I’ve been acting like a bitch,” she finished for her as she left the plane.

Haha no itsnot

You guys, we are in a pretty advanced Spanish class. So we should know how to get out of here,” Haley responded.

“Then how come you haven’t gotten us out of here?” asked Nathan annoyed.

“First of all, don’t even get me started with you,” Haley directly told him, mad. “Anyways,” she said as she looked away and looked at a sign, “lets go this way,” she told the group.


So how do we get out of this place?” asked Peyton.

“Um… wouldn’t know what to tell ya,” she answered defended. “I caught little snippets, but she talked so fast that I got so confused.”

“So we’re lost?” asked Brooke.

“Technically?…pretty much.”

“Pretty advanced huh?” Nathan retorted as he looked at Haley.

Haley was about to insult Nathan when she heard a voice.

Haha so funny

Haley had walked out of the gate through a door that was situated to the side of the gate. She now roamed around the street that led to her new home. She walked past her neighbor’s homes and noticed that someone else was outside. She passed the figure- not noticing who it was as she took in her fresh atmosphere. Suddenly the figure began to whistle to her. She began to walk faster- not knowing who it was, till she heard the voice of the figure.

“Haley! Haley! Haley!” it called out. “It’s me Lucas,” he said.

Haley turned around and saw the blonde, blue eyes of her best friend. She walked over to him and smiled.

“Sorry, I thought you were some random Mexican guy trying to kidnap me,” she told him as she hugged him. “Hi.”

“Hey yourself,” he answered with a smirk. “So can you believe our new lifestyles for the next two weeks?” he asked her as he looked over to his home/mansion.

“NO!” she replied. “I would have never thought that you and me where going to be the ones living the fairytale,” she said with a laugh.

“Yeah, me neither,” he told her

aww that was so funny lol. He whistled at her;)

Who was he?" Haley asked curious.

"That was the most popular guy and he has his eyes on you," she told her. "So how does it feel?" she asked.

"It feels different," she answered as she continued to walk. "It feels different, but good," she added with a smile as they walked arm and arm to their class.

Hehe but not the popular guy she wants lmao

She suddenly began to laugh out loud as she saw him. Nathan walked over to her and glared at her.

"What's so funny Haley?" he asked her annoyed.

"You look very striking in your uniform Nathan," she told him as she began to laugh harder.

"Well we only have two weeks of this then I'm back to dominating our school," he responded to her as he sat down behind her.

"Never thought I'll see the day that Nathan Scott would be wearing a uniform," she stated, as she got closer to him.

"Never thought I'll see the day that Haley James isn't acting like a complete, and utter bitch," he told her as he adjusted his bag pack. "Wait a second… you are acting a total bitch so never mind," he said with strain on the 'are'.

"First time for everything," she stated as she stood beside him. "As for example, today is the first time that the famous Nathan Scott isn't ruling the school…"

"Not yet, but I can tell my charm will soon change it," he said with a smile. "Proven by those girls," he said nodding to the group of girls in the corner of the classroom.

The girls soon erupted in giggles.

"Please…like those girls know who or what you are," she responded bitterly. "I'm going to have to take some pictures of you so I can show the entire school how 'handsome' you look in your uniform. I'll show them their highness in style," she replied laughing even harder.

Maria turned around and looked at the laughing Haley. She soon realized why she was laughing and began to talk.

"I think that Nathan looks really cute in his uniform," she told him with a flirtatious look.

Nathan smirked to Maria and then looked at Haley. Haley was disgusted at the looks exchanged that she turned around and faced the front of the room. She then noticed that Lucas and Peyton had joined the classroom full of students.

"Hey Lucas!" Haley greeted as she walked over to him and hugged him.

Lucas looked at his best friend, in her uniform, and whistled to her.

"Looking pretty good Haley," he complimented her.

"You think? I thought that it was the ugliest thing alive," she told her. "Well you don't look so bad yourself," she complimented him.

"Yeah I know…I hate these uniforms," Lucas responded as he adjusted his collar of his shirt.

"Don't be such a cry baby," replied Haley as she adjusted the collar for him.

Nathan looked away disgusted of the flirtation between his brother and his best friend.

"Wow…Peyton," Haley uttered as she looked at her amazed.

Haley turned around towards Peyton and was surprised. She had never seen Peyton in something other than a Tee, a black jacket, or jeans with her converse.

"Don't even say anything," Peyton warned her.

"Peyton, you look really pretty," she told her.

"Yeah, whatever you say," she responded, obviously annoyed of the uniform. "I hate Mexico so far," she added.

"Come on, it's not so bad," Haley told her.

"Yeah, Peyton you look pretty good," added Lucas as he looked up to her up and down.

Haley looked even closer to Peyton's ensemble. She was wearing the same skirt with also the same white shirt and shoes. However, if you looked closely, underneath her jacket and her white shirt, you could see that she had another shirt underneath.

"What the hell do you have underneath your shirt?" she asked curious.

Peyton began to smile as she unbuttoned her shirt. As she opened her shirt, she revealed a white Ramones shirt. Lucas and Haley let out a laugh.

"I knew that Peyton Sawyer couldn't just forget her individuality when she entered school," said Haley with a smirk.

"Well I couldn't just wear what's required. What's the fun if your follow the rules?" she questioned.

"Exactly," responded Brooke as she now stood beside them.

Everyone looked up and down at her altered uniform. The skirt was dramatically short while the shirt was tied in the front allowing her stomach to show.

"What the hell happened to your uniform?" asked Peyton as she looked at her.

"The scissors made me do it?" she tried to explain. "Not…I was thinking on how to make the outfit 'me' and I instantly thought of Britney Spears. What would have my life been if Baby One More Time would have never been recorded or released…" she told the group.

"Um…you probably would have actually been wearing an outfit that covered more than 60% of your body," answered Haley.

"What fun would that be? Besides…I need some help with some of my homework so I kind of need to find a study partner," she added with a wink. "I'll talk to you guys later," she announced as she approached a guy who just entered the classroom. "Later..."

I LOVED THAT WHOLE PART HEHE. Especially the nate and hales part

Nathan looked at Lucas and Haley and he unexpectedly began to feel jealousy towards Lucas.

Haha he is finally jealous lol

So whom did you get ready for?" Lucas asked, serious now as he turned into big brother mode.

"For you silly, didn't you know? I've been crushing on you since junior high," Haley retorted as she got close to Lucas and looked at him intently.

Lucas stood silent at the new and unexpected confession of his best friend. He did not know what to say to her; he didn't even know what to do. All he did was stand still.

Haley abruptly began to laugh.

"Yeah…did you honestly think I'll actually be interest in you?" she asked him in between laughs.

Lucas continued to stand silent.

"You actually thought I was telling you the truth?" she questioned him again as she laughed even harder.

"No, I was just joking around. I knew you were lying," he answered, trying to regain some of his dignity.

"Sure…" Haley responded as she giggled and smiled.

Haha funny lucas thought she was serious lol

Nathan, why don't you take a fucken picture? It'll last longer," Haley snapped at him.


"You wouldn't believe what my fucken 'parents' made me do before I got here?" she asked, taking the attention away from Nathan.

"What? Could it possibly be the big W? …Work?" Haley asked.

"I just finished getting ready when 'mother dearest' walked in and said that I had to clean the kitchen before I left," Brooke said in rage. "Me…clean! I never used a fucken broom in my life! EVER! And can you believe that they don't own a dishwasher?" she continued amazed. "Hello it's the 21st century!" she continued complaining.

"WOW…" replied Lucas, surprised at the reason Brooke was mad.

"Yeah, here in Mexico a lot of people can't afford dishwashers so they have to wash the dishes by hand," stated Maria.

"You had to clean? That is the reason why you are so pissed off?" asked Lucas.

"Duh…" she answered, as if it was the most obvious thing in the world.

"God forbid Miss Princess actually did some cleaning," responded Haley.

"Hello…I'm not used to it. Just because you are, does not mean that I am," Brooke shot back, referring to her not being used to working.

"I have to earn my way to buy things. I don't have my mommy or daddy buying me things like you do," fired back Haley.

LMAO. Haley and brooke and brooke bitching cuz of work haha

Good job Haley," said Nathan as he walked behind her.

"Don't even start with me Nathan," responded Haley, still mad. "You don't even want to see me as a bitch."

"You mean…like a bigger bitch," he replied as he walked out of the house and got into the car.


"Lucas, can I sit by you?" she asked him nicely as he sat beside Brooke.

Brooke turned to Lucas and gave him a threatening look.

"Sorry Hales, I'm perfectly situated here," he told her, after receiving Brooke's deadly glare.

He;s Whhihiihiipped hehe

She kept moving her legs and adjusting her skirt so less of her legs wouldn't show, but everything she did didn't work. Finally she crossed her legs and looked straight ahead again. She abruptly glanced sideways and detected that Nathan was looking at her legs.

'Geez, guys are such pervs' Haley thought to herself as she turned again and ignored him.

Haha one track mind lol

Well it seems to me that I've seen you every time I close my eyes," he flirtatiously told her.

Haley abruptly began to laugh; hard.

"What's so funny?" he asked puzzled.

"I just never heard anyone say that lame pick up line before," she responded in between laughs. "But it was cute," she answered because of his hurtful face.

"Well, at least I got cute," he retorted with a smile.

"Guess so…"


Okay…um…I never could keep a fish alive for a week," Lucas said. Everyone looked at him quizzically and surprised. Peyton and soon everyone began to laugh.

"What the hell was that?" Peyton asked in between laughs.

"I don't really know…I couldn't think of anything so that was the first thing to pop in my head so…"


"Let's see…" Nathan began, "I never acted like a big bitch to someone I hardly knew," said Nathan as he looked at Haley.

He observed that Haley didn't drink from her cup.

"Haley aren't you going to drink?" Nathan asked frustratingly.

"Nope," she answered mad. "See I do know you…you're Nathan Scott, Mr. Extraordinaire. The star of the Ravens basketball team who makes fun of people who are 'below' him," she added furious. "Shouldn't you drink up too though, Nathan? You've been a dick to people, who hardly ever knew, including your own brother."

He looked at her with fury rising in him.

"You think you know me so well, huh?" he asked furious. "This is bull shit!" he yelled before getting off his chair and left.

Haley sat surprised, never expecting Nathan to react like he did.

"What the hell is up with you Haley?" asked Peyton. "Why do you keep acting like bitch to him?" she added.

Aww poor Nathan

Getting better with the excuses, but no… The good thing is that we are basically the same size, so get your ass up and come with me to my room," she commanded.


Haley come on, you and I know that you got the attention of three cute guys. First Mario and now Pedro," she told her.

"Wait hold on…you said three. Who is the third one?" she asked puzzled.

"You have to be kidding me if you don't know who I am talking about," she responded as she turned and looked at her.

Haley just stood motionless and speechless.

"Haley, open your eyes and start recognizing what is in front of you because if you don't then…it's going to disappear as fast as when you finally identify it," replied Peyton as she looked at her and gave her a defeated look.

Yup she’s right. Grab him toots

Aw Nathan would not dance with peyton after she begged and pleaded. That was sad and mean but glad he danced with hales

"This is unbelievable. First you apologize and then you continue to bring up the thing that made you say sorry in the first place? You have to be kidding me," he vocalized as he got farther away from her.


You're such a pervert," Haley told him as she began to get up, forgetting that she was tied to him.

She quickly was pulled down by Nathan's weight and landed on the grass, face down.

"You know for being a straight A student, you do certainly have your own share of dense moments," Nathan joked as he laughed at her.

"This is so stupid," she voiced, frustrated


This is complete bull shit," she mumbled under her breath as she turned around and began to walk towards her destination.

"Care to add something Miss James?" the coach asked her as he heard snippets of what she said.

"Nothing, just need to cough," she answered as she pretended to cough.

Followed by a fake smile.

"That is what I thought. Now continue," he commanded them.

"Good job Haley," uttered Nathan to her


You can't possibly be serious?" asked Haley, perturbed.

"Haven't we already established that I don't 'joke' around," he stated as he stood with his arms crossed.

"Fine," she finally agreed," but if you touch me in any places you are not suppose too… you are so dead," she warned him as she pointed and stared at him, intensely.


Loved the rope scene;) nates pervertedhaha

He bounced the ball, checked it, and walked onto the court. Haley didn't seem to really grasp the concept of blocking because she ran after him and moved her arms around like a crazed maniac. However, that still didn't block him from making a basket.

Nathan-1, Haley- 0

"What the hell was that?" he questioned her as he laughed.

"What the hell was what?" she asked back.

"That blocking you just did. You seemed like you were a lunatic because of how much you were moving your arms all over the place."

"It's the way I block…Do you have a problem with that?" she questioned him as she crossed her arms, irritated.

"Never mind, pretend like I didn't say anything…" he told her as he smirked.

To funny

"And Haley…relax," he added as he walked over to her and laid a hand on her. "I'm not a monster or anything so you don't have to be so tense around me," he continued as he touched her again.

"You sure about that?" she asked him, trying to ignore an odd sensation in her stomach as Nathan touched her.

"Hilarious aren't you?" he commented as he still held onto her sides.

'There's that funny feeling again…' he told himself, puzzled of what it was.


"Yeah?" he questioned back as he still held onto her.

"I can't really throw the ball with you holding onto my waist," she told him calmly.

"Oh…sorry about that," he responded as he let go of her.

Haley threw the ball, after she jerked off the eccentric sentiment and the ball hit the backboard and…


"Oh my God!" Haley yelled with a smiling victory, excited that she actually made the basket and unexpectedly jumped to Nathan's arms.

Nathan surprised of Haley's sudden action, held onto her with no complains. She smiled widely as he held onto her trying to comprehend her sudden geniality.

"Uh sorry," she said unsteady as she got off of him, finally registering what arrangement she was in.

"Don't worry about it

that was funny and cut

Eww Nathan…don't spit on me," she warned him as she whipped away the water from her face.

"What the hell are you talking about?" he shot back, befuddled.

"You just spit on me," she retorted.

"No I didn't," he replied.

Haley looked at the clouds and noticed the water sprung from them. She moved her gaze to the cement and observed water droplets all around. The water began to fall harder, but still Nathan and Haley stood without making any effort to move.

"You've got to be kidding me…" she vocalized as she let each droplet hit her.

Nathan stood quiet as he watched Haley get wet all over. Her previously white shirt was now soaked and it appeared as if it became with her; invisible. He was able to see what was underneath the shirt and stood dumbfounded at what he saw…

Lmao what a perve

'Another white shirt…go figure…' he thought as a smirk began to appear on his face, knowing why he picked white.

Haha men are such pigs eehehehehe

'Seems that Nathan got the package… living with a girl and everything…' she told herself while starting to get annoyed of being inside the house.

Haha someones jealous

'Fricken great. Now I have to complete an assignment with the one single person that dislikes me,' Haley thought as she bent her head in defeat.

What do you expect biotch? Did you honestly think that pedro was not going to tell his new roomie? Your pathedic

Hey I loved that English classroom scene with naley hehe. GO NATE

'I had settled to go out with Pedro and not him,' Haley stated to herself.

He didn’t ask you hun

"Kind of weird, huh?" she questioned him again.

"What? Me sitting down?" he asked, puzzled again.

"No, you being the waiter and me being the one being served," she stated with a grin. "Never thought I'll see the day…"

Nathan began to smirk at Haley's comment.

"Yeah I guess…never thought that I, Nathan Scott, would be the one serving. Hell I would of never thought that I would be working in the first place," he admitted with a smile.

"Guess this trip is a first time for a lot of things, huh?" she declared with a beam.

"Like you would never believe," he added as he glared at her with longing eyes, having his own secret meaning.

Haley just gazed at him with intensity, finally understanding what he was talking about.

Loved that part. I new that that was going to be the place that nate was working at hehe

"Nope, we really don't understand it so well so we want to know if you guys are talking shit about us so don't speak Spanish," he declared with a grin as he grasped the refrigerator.

"That really is sad Lucas," she retorted as she shut the door and locked it.

Funy that luke is the one who said that lol

"Sorry I think I'm going to sit out on this one," informed Haley as she began to lie out. "I'm not much of an athletic person. I can't even play basketball and I have been best friends with someone who is on the varsity basketball team back home," she continued. "So I think I'll sit out."

Ha that is funny how she cant play . nate is her bf/husband on the show and lucas is her bff lol

"What are you going to do if I don't?" Haley shot back as she glared at her. "Leave me deserted on the beach?" she added with a laugh.

Maria stood speechless as she gave Haley an evil smile.

"You wouldn't," Haley said as she rapidly sat up.

"Oh I would," she finished.

"You do know that you are not my favorite person right now, right?" Haley voiced as she began to get up revealing her brown bikini top under a white tank top with black shorts.

"You know you still love me," Maria replied as she escorted them to the area where the guys set up the volleyball net

haha like pedro would leave you stranded hehe

Yeah," Maria verbalized as she finally got off of Mario and inched away from him. "Um k…Mario, Haley, and Pedro, you guys are with me. Peyton, Lucas, Rosa, and Nathan, you guys are against us."

"Why do you get to pick the teams?" asked Haley.

"Because it's my net," Maria stated. "Who in the hell cares? Come on lets play!"

"Great stuck with the Scott brothers," voiced Peyton as she got on the opposite side

oh please peyton stop complaining hehe

"I am so sorry man," Nathan apologized to his friend. "I swear I didn't mean to hit you," Nathan continued.

"It's alright," he replied. "I'm beginning to think that you are out to get Mario and me," he joked.

"Nah, man just accidents," he responded as a part of him thought it was slightly true.

Ha lol

"Friday night," Nathan stated as he sat down beside her.

"Friday night?" Haley questioned him.

"Yeah at the party. When we arrived at the beach house, you paused for a moment and looked at the ocean," he informed her as he finally turned his head side ways, towards her.

Glad it was him who saw her, I kinda thought it was Mario lol

I loved the beach part.

Ok haley no offence but youhave NO right to be angry or mad at him. You’re the one who said you’d go out with nates brother for 2 weks pedro after you made out with him. Your slut and a biotch and a hyripcrit

Ignoring his complaints, she persisted on dancing, until she got close to Nathan and began dancing with him. Nathan stood behind Haley as she rubbed up and down against him, letting the rhythm of the song take control of her. Haley held onto Nathan from behind while he set his hands on her stomach. Soon, Nathan's hands started to lift up her shirt, allowing him to touch her exposing skin. Haley tightened her hold on Nathan, not wanting to let go of him; desiring to clutch him without end. Within minutes, both of the figures started to get hot from all the body heat radiating from them, but they continued dancing. Breathing hard, Haley held onto Nathan, bring her cheek against his while they kept moving as one. Suddenly, Haley lifted her mouth towards his and Nathan in recognition met her demands.

Their lips crashed into a passionate, burning, and electrifying kiss.

All the want, need, and lust emitted from the song, dancing, and from the kiss...

The kiss became deeper and deeper as they continued to dance and make out at the same time.

"Come on," commanded Nathan as broke away from Haley and led her to one corner, where it was deserted.

Nathan pressed Haley against the wall and within moments; Haley smashed her lips onto his, impatient and wanting more of him. They both couldn't get enough of each other. Nathan moved his lips from her mouth to her cheek till he finally reached her neck. Haley closed her eyes in thrill, enjoying the touch of his lips on her bare skin. In a flash, she grabbed his face and brought his lips against hers once again.

There the couple stood, hands roaming, kissing with desire, craving more, and getting turned on by each other.

That was HOT;)

"I think that she needs to see a doctor."

"No, she's underage. She is going to get in trouble with the Police and then she is going to get sent back home. She doesn't need to get into trouble because of some bastard slipped her something!" Peyton yelled back.

You guys are morons. Who cares if she gets sent home. She could DIE. Idiots

Admit it Nathan," Haley told him, raising her voice. "If we wouldn't have gone on this trip, you would have treated me the same way you always have. You'll ignore me, make fun of me since I am not in the same class or status as you, and continue to haze your own brother. You and your little friends will keep on ruling the school and thinking that you guys are better then everyone," Haley announced.

"So that's what you think?" he asked her harshly.

"It's what I know," she remarked.

Damm she is a harsh, ungrateful bitch

"You guys are seriously weird," replied Haley as she still stood staring at Maria and Rosa.

"I'm weird," responded Maria. "Who's the one holding a pencil in her hand?" she asked noticing the object she was holding.

Haley shot her an annoyed look in reply.

Ha lol

See…" she said as she held the door open. "There is nothing or anyone outside. It must have been the wind that caused something to fall to the ground and make that loud ruckus," she added as she started to close the door.

Suddenly, the girls started to scream.

"What's wrong you guys?" she asked, starting to twist around.

She slightly turned her head and from the corner of her eye she could faintly see something blue behind her. Her heart started to pound in fear. A shriek commenced to escape her lips as the intruder grabbed her.

"Ahha," she yelled as she came face to face with the prowler.

She tried to shake herself out of the grasp of the stranger so she could run away and get some help. Although, she abruptly realized that the stranger was also shaking her.

"Haley!" the stranger exclaimed.

Haley opened her tightly shut brown eyes, recognizing the voice. Her eyes met the blue ones that belonged to her best friend. She immediately started to beat his chest.

"What the fuck Lucas!" she cried out. "What in the hell are you scaring me like that? You know better then to go behind people and surprise them…hell you know how I get. You should know better then that!" she added as she persisted on hitting him.

"Haley!" he yelled, trying to stop the tiny fists of Haley. "Stop it!" he added.

"Haley, you are going to destroy my boyfriend," Peyton disrupted as she tried to pull Haley away from Lucas.

"Well your boyfriend deserves it for sneaking up on people, especially when he knows how the person is going to react!" she repeated.

Lucas all of the sudden commenced to laugh.

"What the hell are you laughing about?" she questioned more angered as she started to punch his chest once more.

"Haley you were scared shitless…you should have seen your face. It was priceless…" he trailed on while he chuckled harder.

"Ahha," she shouted as she punched Lucas again, though harder in the stomach.

Lucas stopped laughing and yelped in pain.

"Haley…" he voiced as he tried to grasp for breath.

"Now how does that feel?" she asked him with a grin, finally feeling satisfied for paying back Lucas.

"Bravo…" came a new tone from the shadows, followed by another figure.

Haley glanced up and noticed the smirking face that belonged to Nathan.

"Never thought that you had it in you," he spoke, with a smile.

"Well don't piss me off because then you'll be next," she shot back, glad that he was over their fight.

I loved that part haha so funny.

I loved the part when the boys pushed the girls in the pool, and especially when haley brought nate with her and then they were fight playing hehe. So cute. And loved when broke went into her bitch mood haha.

"An Eclipse?" Lupita said abruptly. "Wow…" she added with amazement. "I seriously would have never thought of that," she added as she started to laugh.

As if her laugh was addicting, everyone soon began to do the same. The nine teens walked up the stairs towards Carlos' bedroom in amusement.

"You have to admit that it was pretty good," declared Mario with a chuckle.

"I have to say that I would have never thought of that," Maria confessed with a smile as she opened her brother's door.

Ha funny

"I lost the battle against Peyton," she stated as she picked up the book and set it on the desk by the computer.

"I could tell," he responded with a smirk.

"The bathroom is over there," she said as she pointed to the right side of the room. "It's the one with the door handle," she joked.

"Thanks for clearing that up," he sarcastically retorted. "I would have definitely gotten lost," he added as he walked to the bathroom and closed the door behind him.

Ha love that part hehe

I loved that part when nate was watching haley undress without her knowing it. And the thoughts he thought. Haha what a perverted teenaged boy haha

There really is only one Peyton Sawyer in the world," voiced Haley with a laugh.

Ha that should’ve been haley haha

"Hello," remarked Brooke. "Yo no speako Spanisho," Brooke declared.

"Brooke, how in the word did you get through Spanish 1-2 to 5-6?" questioned Haley, curious.

"I don't think you want to know," remarked Peyton with a chuckle.

Everyone turned around and stared at Brooke, astonished.

"Hey those nerds are so easily manipulated. You just show them a little big of leg and cleavage and bam, they are doing whatever you want. My essays, homework, projects…anything," she confessed with an evil smile.

"The power of being a woman," commented Mario with a chuckle.

"So what about the listening activities, tests, or speaking assessments?" questioned Nathan.

"Well thank goodness I sit beside the biggest nerd in the class," she answered with a grin.

"You sit beside me Brooke," Haley voiced.

"Exactly," she responded with a smile, which earned her a death glare from Haley and some popcorn being thrown at her. "But you know… look over, see the answers, copy them…" she continued. "Have a little helpful post it during the test…"

"So Brooke Davis has cheated her way through Spanish Class?" Lucas commented.

"I prefer to call it guidance and assistance," Brooke retorted.

Ha so freaking funny. But you sit beside me brooke. HAHAHAHa

Are you thinking what I am thinking about?" Nathan asked with a grin.

"Oh, definitely," Mario responded with his flawless beam.

"Boys," Maria interrupted. "We are not playing strip poker," she interrupted their thoughts.

"Why not?" he asked innocently.

"Because obviously I am not drunk enough yet," she declared.

Maria is so funny heheh’

Wait," Haley declared puzzled. "We aren't actually going to play strip poker right?"

"You know tutor girl," Brooke replied. "You can be so smart in school, but when it comes to non-academic things, you can be so oblivious…"

Haley looked at Brooke surprised. Nathan started to laugh, recognizing that he had told her something to that extent a few days ago.

The day that Haley kept falling down onto the ground when they were trying to do the three-legged race…

"Well at least I am smart to the things that matter," she counter remarked.

"That's the best you can come up with?" Lucas asked, baffled and laughing.

"That is pretty weak, even from you," Peyton agreed.

"What is it? Pick on Haley day?" she announced, angry. "First you," she said as she pointed at Lucas, "scared me like hell. Then I got told that there was an eclipse and next thing you know I get pushed in the pool. Then I go and change and that even ends up in more strain in my part," she exploded.

"Haley," Peyton disrupted. "Why in the hell would you get more stress from changing?"

"Well…um…" Haley thought out loud and stuttered.

"Like you weren't having fun," voiced Lucas with a smile.

Ceasing the strong stare of Nathan...

Haley didn't say anything.

"Exactly," he responded.

"Okay," interrupted Maria, joining everyone in the living room again. "I have the cards, chips, and Mario is leaving to get us some drinks," she continued as she held up the different objects in her hands. "Ready?"

"Of course," answered Brooke as she got off her chair and joined Maria.

Soon everyone except Haley got up and followed Maria to the dining room table. Haley watched everyone go; Though, in an instance she noticed Nathan turn around and send her a look of incitement.

That was all it took before she made her decision. She took a deep breath.

"Oh what the hell…" she gave up as she also got up and joined the rest of the crazy teenagers in their quest to have fun.

And what fun the 10 adolescences were going to have.

That WHOLE part was so funny. They were all teasing haley. Just loved it.

“Brooke, when are you not thinking of sex?” questioned Peyton amazed at how frequently it was a discussed topic with her.

“When I’m sleeping,” she responded rapidly. “No wait…” she abruptly declared as she stopped moving. “Nope, never mind,” she declared as she smiled.

Everyone turned around and gaped at Brooke.

“Jesus Brooke!” replied Peyton as she threw one of the miniature pillows that lay on the bed she was currently resting on.

“What?” she questioned confused.

They all started to laugh at how ditzy Brooke was.

Haha she’s so slutty lol

stepping on Nathan and Rosa in the process

lol loved how haley woke up lol

“Nor are any soap operas…but anyways, at least ours end,” Maria acknowledged loudly. “Yours never even finish. They keep going and going. They fricken remind me of the energizer bunny or something,” she added, getting up and facing Haley.

“Hold on,” Peyton said as she got off the bed and walked over to Haley and Maria. “Do you guys even realize that you both are fighting over soap operas?” she stated, coming between the girls.

“We were not fighting,” Haley claimed. “We were merely having a discussion over our culture differences,” she answered, gazing over at Peyton.

Peyton glared at her.

“There’s the smart ass attitude that I absolutely love,” Peyton commented sarcastically as she shot Haley a dirty glance.

Ha I love haley and peyton hehe. And maria.

“Do they teach you anything in that school of yours?” questioned Maria, frustrated as she got up. “You guys sound like American tourists or something…”

“We are American tourist,” Peyton pointed out from her seat.

“But educated in speaking Spanish,” she replied, irritated.

“Okay, our mistake for not being very knowledgeable in the speaking—“ Haley affirmed.

“And the understanding,” Maria interjected.

“And the understanding of Spanish,” she finished eyeing Maria. “Happy?” she inquired.

“Ecstatic,” she replied as she applied some lip gloss and glanced at the mirror for a final look. “What do you think?” she asked as she turned around and showed them.

“If I was a guy, I’ll do you,” responded Brooke as she examined her friend’s appearance.

Haha great part

Haley you look good and I love your tenis,” mocked Peyton beside her.

They received another fierce look from Maria.

“Thank you Peyton,” she responded as she moved over and gave her a hug of appreciation.

She then surprised her with a kiss on the cheek. They both burst in hilarity whereas Maria glared at them.

“It’s isn’t a funny manner you guys, its tradition,” she told them as she placed her hands on her hips.

“I know, but it is still pretty funny to us,” Peyton replied back receiving a nod of agreement from Haley.

“Okay, I am so lost,” interjected Brooke as she sauntered over to where Peyton and Haley sat.

“Never mind Brooke,” responded Haley as her laughter eased down.

Love how much they get along and tease eachother haha

Ready to become a literary drunk?” Haley asked her best friend as she moved over to him with a broad smile, getting Mario’s deep gaze off of her and bringing him back to reality.

“Only if my girlfriend let’s me,” Lucas answered with a laugh.

Haley saw from the corner of her eye as Maria led Mario into the kitchen, helping him put the beer in the designated place.

“Good job Peyton,” she told her as she brought her attention back to her friend. “Got him whipped? Definitely will tame him down now,” she added with a wink as she headed for the door.

“I am not whipped by anyone,” he complained to her.

Peyton lightly hit him.

“Sure Lucas,” she replied as she patted her friend’s chest. “If that makes you sleep at night,” she finished as she sauntered down the stairs, towards the car, wanting to lend a hand

ha love it

Now, don’t we clean up nicely,” she finally told him, ceasing the quietness between them.

“I don’t know if you know Haley,” the masculine voice said. “But I always dress up nicely.”

She grinned as she knew that everything between them was all right again.

”Although was that a compliment from Haley James?” he inquired, acting surprised.

“Only comes once in a lifetime,” she told him. “So remember it Nathan Scott,” she added as she pointed at him.

“So I’ll never think that I’ll ever see innocent Haley James walking into a house, holding onto some 24 packs,” he affirmed with a chuckle.

“Well, haven’t we already settled on never saying ‘never’?” Haley asked him, bolding getting a bit closer to his tall form.

She could see through his handsome features as he sent her a look of slight confusion. She knew that he didn’t expect her to get nearer to him, but soon his puzzlement changed to contentment as he gazed at her soft eyes and striking face. His strong gawk soon remained on her mouth, wishing to kiss her velvety lips once more.

“Hey you guys,” spoke a new deep tone, causing their spell to shatter.

Haley pulled away from Nathan as she caught sight of Pedro peeking at them with a bright smile from the bottom of the stairs. She glanced at Nathan and saw his expression transform to annoyance at the novel voice. She looked from Pedro to Nathan and started to feel uncomfortable again. She sent Pedro a tight beam.

The triangle of friends, lovers, and foes…

The party had just begun.

Oh I loved this part. Loved the little flirting in the beginning but then that damn pedro ruined it poor nate.

Maria and Haley both watched as Brooke slightly pulled away and sent them a devilish smirk.

“There can honestly only be one Brooke Davis in this world,” she replied as she commenced to grin and walked over to the refrigerator

ha so brooke

Yeah, you’re the nerdy one that does all her homework,” added Brooke.

Haley looked over at her and sent her a death glare.

“Yeah, thanks Brooke,” Haley uttered, sarcasm strongly in attendance of her voice, ”I really appreciate that comment.”


“We really need to do something about our balance issue,” Haley joked to him, playing around with her hair.

Haha another damn eruption hehe
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i love this story i was wondering is this it have you finished writing it now but its really is oen of the best story on this board so please please update soon
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ok you have to update like now seriously plz seriously its resaly god plz hurry and update soon
Nathanlvr chapter 21 . 3/27/2006
Hey new reader YAY um i love the story very cool... even tho i dont understand a word of spanish i love the story and cant wait for your next update
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