Reviews for Reflections
Iggy - Essence of Angst chapter 1 . 6/24/2006
Despite the emotional impact and in-depth characterization I could sense that you were trying to convey, I couldn't help laughing at one line in particular:

[But I want Kasumi to come back. It’s not the same without her. There’s nobody for me to bitch constantly about, there’s nobody for Hayate to compare me to, there’s nobody for Ryu to protect.]

Yup. Without Kasumi, Ayane doesn't have really much of a purpose in life. It's not that she's lost, but that she's spent so much time trying to accomplish this one goal that she's lost track of who she used to be.

["Hayate can get over himself, although that could be difficult on account of how much ‘big head’ there is for him to get over"]


The flashback scene between Kasumi and Ayane when they were only young kids themselves was very sweet... Kasumi willing to fight for her sister's defence.

[Funny how it was her death that made me realise that maybe it wasn’t so deserved after all, she wasn’t such a bad person.]

Well, it wasn't just Kasumi. The circumstances of Ayane's birth shaped Ayane's personality, and her jealousy seeing Hayate always with Kasumi just added more fuel to the anger that was already there. Oddly enough, Ayane doesn't seem to be as hateful towards Kasumi in the games as some people make her out to be in their fics...

[“Onto a different subject. What’s for dinner?” she asked hastily.

“Strawberry millefeuille,” Ryu said simply. She stared at him in shock, pushing away from him so abruptly that he stumbled at the force of her push, before running out of the room.]

Nice way to end it. Underneath all that hostility, common sense and memories do exist... and perhaps if Ayane thought deep enough about it, she'd admit it.

A very enjoyable read.
uselesspawn chapter 1 . 4/10/2004
[place ass kissing comment here] Short or long, your stories always bring great emotion. ) Ayane didn't realize she would miss her so much after she was gone. Team Ninja should be taking notes from your fics so they can improve their stories in the DOA games!