Reviews for Willard: Invocation of the Beast
PossumNinja chapter 2 . 12/22/2010
PLEASE PLEASE write more! this story is great!
E chapter 1 . 5/1/2010
I am sure that this story is long forgotten and long abandoned, which, sad though that fact is, I understand. But it is rather brilliant, after all, and I just needed to leave a short review and tell you that I enjoyed reading the story for what it is, in its shortened form.
Mantinas chapter 2 . 8/27/2006
Great story! Please continue!
SmolxSmoodee chapter 2 . 8/26/2006
aww, poor cute Willard please make some more.
GuessWho chapter 2 . 12/13/2005
It's been a long time!
Not Human chapter 2 . 10/19/2005
This is lovely! I like the way you speak in the rats' language, and I've missed Willard. I'll be keeping up with this one. Kudos!
Phyrexx chapter 2 . 6/3/2005
This was GREAT! Wriet some more chapters!
RaeAngel chapter 1 . 9/30/2004
That was awesome so far. I hope you continue soon. Update soon!
its all in the cards 158 chapter 2 . 8/8/2004
great story please update soon
Andrina ER Bitty Wynter chapter 2 . 7/29/2004
ER in B.C. all by her lonesome!:

hi hi! THIS STORY KICKS AL THE OTHER WILLARD STORIES BUTTS! I really really like this story! You've GOT to write more, or al hope in the world has been lost!

luv, your lord and master,

Darth Gilthoron chapter 1 . 6/16/2004
Ryan, mate, why don't you just post your story properly? I'll go and review then... but this is MY bloody review board. ;)
Ryan the Author chapter 1 . 6/6/2004
Hey people, that come by here could you read my story and put a review in for mine as well, or at leastv what i have so far.
Kirikou chapter 1 . 6/1/2004
Hmm...very interested to see how this comes out! Alrighty? That means write more...yay...? At least it's nice to know that I'm not the only Willard fan in the world..
Ryan the author chapter 2 . 5/29/2004
It was, really good. I am working on a stroy as well as a matter of a fact here is what i have so far. Willard 2

The continuation of the story after Willard killed Ben (2003 version) or, so it would seem. Now Willard has waited long enough and has formulated a plan of escape, from the Mental Institution, with his new Socraties friend. Willard has also found a way to raise an army full of white rats, but will his new adventure be foiled by another rat group or by somebody else, you will soon know.

(A man walks to the mental institute and enters the door and goes up to a desk where a man sits)

Person: Umm… do you know the room Willard Styles is in I have to talk to him about a few, things.

Desk man: sure, may I know your name and job?

Person: the name is Ricky, I am a detective of the Cities police department and I would like to speak with Willard.

Desk man: okay, but you don’t know what he might do to you.

Ricky: don’t worry, I am prepared. (Shows desk man a tranquilizer gun) I always carry these things when ever I am at these institutions. You can never be too careful.

Desk man: yeah, sure. Well, just follow me and you will see. (Gets up and starts walking down the hall with Ricky)

Desk man: (still walking) I got to, tell you this guy is a real nutcase you know that he, controlled a army of rats and was said to of killed Frank Martin, using those rats.

Ricky: (still walking) you mean the Frank Martin that owns Martin Styles Manufacturing except Benjamin Styles owned it first?

Desk man: yep, that’s the one.

Ricky: his, father was the leader of the company first but he died so Frank took over.

Desk man: yep, I am sure you knew of that right?

Ricky: of course, and I also knew about that army of rats that he rose.

Desk man: all, I can tell you though Detective is that Willard may be capable of things that you may never think of so watch your back while your in the room and one of the guards will help you if anything goes wrong.

Ricky: okay, but I am sure I will be fine carrying this tranquilizer and all.

Desk man: okay then. (Arrives at Willard’s room) well, here it is. (Waves hands toward a guard) come over here and protect Ricky just in case anything goes wrong okay. Okay here you go detective. (Uses a card in a slot which unlocks the door) have fun. (Walks away)

Ricky: (gets close to door and pushes in the handle and opens the door to see Willard sitting on the bed starring at the wall in front of him) Willard? Willard Stiles?

Willard: (sits there not saying anything)

Ricky: Willard, my name is detective Ricky, and I am here to talk to you about something.

Willard: (stairs into wall)

Ricky: listen Willard I know you hear me, so you don’t have to say anything, but I myself and, a few other friends of mine feel, that you were not the one who physically killed Frank, we know a bunch of rats did and we just, want to let you know that we are arraigning a court meet to see, if you can be let back out into the civilized world where you will be free. Me and a few others would have to check on you every once in a while, but you would not have to live in this wretched place anymore. You have been here for at least a 1 in a half but, I am sure it has been dreadful for you, that’s why we want to get you out.

Willard: (turns his head toward Ricky and starts to smile) I knew one day someone like you, would be stupid enough to, come in here and talk to me for, 5 minutes. Hey have you met Socrates?

Ricky: what… who is Socraties?

Willard: (laughs) you mean you haven’t met the best thing to ever be, in this world! (Laughs) he died once but, he came back to life with me once more, after that stupid Frank killed him, while I heard it happen. He came back to help me on this day.

Ricky: you, mean the rat?

Willard: yes, yes of course the rat what else would I be talking about? The story and the myth! I don’t think so.

Ricky: are, you sure about that?

Willard: of course I am sure; I can show you him right now! (Lifts white rat up into Ricky’s face) feel the nice cold touch of the nose it feels very nice.

Ricky: (in discussed) ahh… get that thing out of my face!

Willard: what is that you don’t like rats! Rats are the best thing to happen in this world since my mother! (Throws rat on Ricky face) tear him!

Ricky: (tries to get the rat off from knowing on his face and bleeds a little)

Willard: you can’t fight it, and that guard outside can’t fight it either. You know what I am going to do detective, I am going to let you live and I am going to kill you later, once I gather my army of white rats up, since they seem to be the only smart rats I that I love more than any other rat, but first I will let him gnaw you until I give the command to stop! (Runs out of room and hits guard many times knocking him out and runs down the hall hitting more guards that try to stop him) (Shouting from the door down to the room) come!

Socraties: (jumps off Ricky’s face and runs down the hall freaking people out reaching Willard outside)

Guard: (rushes in the room) are, you okay sir!

Ricky: oww… Jesus Christ! That little damm rodent was biting the flesh off my face!

Desk man: (runs in) oh, my God! What happened? Where’s Willard?

Ricky: he’s gone and so is his rat.

Desk man: rat? I never saw any rats here before, that is impossible.

Ricky: well, he had one genius! So he must have been hiding it here ever since he got here! I am going to call for back up ad search everywhere I can, for that rat lover. He can’t get to far from me.

(Outside of the institute)

Willard: (running down a hill next to a stream of water next to woods, he then waits) Socroties come! Hurry Socroties!

Socroties: (runs from the hill onto Willard’s shoulder and squeaks)

Willard: good job my, loyal friend you show that cop what he is dealing with. (Hears something from the institute) looks like that detective has called for backup, they think they can find us. Well, they are wrong and they will all be punished! Every last one, but first I must stop at my house and see if we can recruit some more of our fuzzy little friends huh, Socroties. Then we are off, to the mansion. (Runs across the stream into the woods)

(Back at the institute police cars goes all around it and Ricky stands outside)

Cop: detective Ricky, we have sent search teams down below to find this Willard. But we would like to know how exactly he escaped.

Ricky: well it is as simple as this, he talked to me then he threw a rat on my face and he ran off. That is basically it.

Cop: did anyone see where he ran off from out here?

Ricky: that I can’t answer at this time. So you better tell your search team to look everywhere because he won’t take any prisoners.

Cop: okay then sir I will put that into appreciation.

Ricky: (walks away and notices his detective friends) Bob, Jim, Ron!

Bob: there you are Ricky we have been looking all over for you! Are you okay?

Ricky: never better, I just got a few scratches and cuts. Man those rats got a pretty good grip.

Jim: well, at least we know that you’re okay but where is Willard?

Ricky: we don’t know, he just ran off with his rat.

Ron: what kind of a person would use rats to kill someone?

Ricky: I don’t know but, it was only once that he did to Frank Martin.

Jim: poor Frank I didn’t even know him and I feel sad.

Bob: yeah I heard he had a wife and everything.

Ricky: yeah, well we are the ones who wanted to range a release for him because he didn’t physically kill Mr. Martin. I guess we got what we wanted.

Bob: yeah but it hasn’t been cleared up yet with the courts the proper arrangements can’t be done now that he has escaped so now if they do catch him we, can not release him.

Ricky: yes, I know the whole thing but, think there may be a way to talk sense into him to give himself up and he won’t harm anyone, with any type of animal.

Jim: I doubt that will work but it can be tried. But first we actually have to have some kind of contact, which we don’t have right now.

Ricky: don’t worry we will get some contact eventually Willard, will have to give in to what he has done, and we will get contact.

Bob: I hope you’re right because who knows what we could expect, before we get contact.

Ricky: this is a risk that I am willing to take.

(Where Willard is)

Willard: (with Socrates runs out of woods to his old neighborhood) it’s as if we were here just yesterday Socrates. You can’t bring in those harmful memories of Mr. Martin on you, you’ll be fine Socrates Mr. Martin is dead anyway.

Socrates: (squeaks around)

Willard: (runs around his hometown until he reaches his Mansion and he looks inside) they boarded it up Socrates. It may take me awhile before I can break it down and get in. I may need your gnawing skills. (Let’s Socrates off and Willard starts to try and break the boards to his window come off and Socrates gnaws at it) come on! Break off you stupid, boards! (tries for another while and stops for a rest then starts back up and finally breaks the boards down) yes, Socrates we are finally home. I have been waiting for this for, a long time! Let’s go in. (enters through window with Socrates and stands near the stairs and living room of his house, he stands there for a moment and closes his eyes and remembers when he jumped on the window and Catherine would not help him get out) that time has changed! Socrates, here is what I want you to do. I want you to find the basement go down there and gather as many mice friends as possible no matter, what the color, I am sure there is a lot of mice down every since I got taken. We have business to discus with them.

Socrates: (Jumps off of Willard’s shoulder and runs a ways down the hallway to the kitchen to the door which leads to the basement, he runs down the stairs to the dark room and sniffs around to find scent of other rats he searches around and finds the vent that Willard found the 1st rats in and he sees many white rats that invaded the home and he squeaks to them talking to them about Willard)

Willard: (walking to doorway of basement) this place was wonderful. But when Ben came everything was, horrible I am happy now that he is gone and he won’t harm us anymore.

Socrates: (runs up the stairs with many… many white rats coming up behind him)

Willard: yes… Socrates we are all a family once more.

(later in the living room Socrates organizes the rats so Willard can make a announcement to everyone)

Willard: rats, my family I have brought you all here today because I have a act of revenge to place upon someone I have, known in the past. So I expect you all to listen to my commands once I train you in the basement to do all the commands. Soon my, family we will, bring hell on to them! (smiles) to be continued for now

I think you should add more to yours it was just gettingreally good. I hope to post it aswell.
Dark Terror chapter 2 . 5/23/2004
Love the story, hope you write more!
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