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BurstingDragons chapter 13 . 2/7
I remember coming across this story in a random recommendation post on another site and I was blown away when seeing it was from 2004. Was skeptical at first, but instantly that first chapter had me hooked. This story was so unique and thoroughly enjoyed each chapter until the end.

Bravo, Eeveebeth.
She Who Loves Pineapples chapter 13 . 12/24/2022
Aww I remember this fanfic. I loved this fanfic so much.

I remember being on my grandparents’ computer on Christmas when I was 12 just reading this literary masterpiece for hours lol. And being so excited every time there was an update! And so heartbroken when you decided to not write a sequel and just leave May and Brendan’s romance where it was. T_T I loved every single one of your Pokémon fanfics.

Nostalgia inspired me to go back and reread. I’m not gonna say this is still a masterpiece and held up perfectly however considering you were 14-15 when you wrote this I think you said? It’s still really impressive in that regard. I think you had a really strong grasp on these characters that I loved and this is probably the closest fanfic I ever read to “take these characters and universe I love, from a cash cow anime that honestly sucks by every objective measure of quality storytelling, and add romance and stakes without changing the core of the character and the world.” That’s what a quality fanfic should be (more or less, depending on fandom and specifics of what’s lacking in the source material anyway) but it is obviously a difficult thing to achieve, it was rare to find something that fit the bill.

I see that you stayed on this site as recently as 2015 (well, that’s not recent, but still longer than anyone else I followed in 2004) so, I don’t know if you still pop up around here but I just wanted to let you know I remember your story and I’m curious if you’re still writing these days. I can only imagine your talent has improved by a lot over time, and if by any chance you’re published feel free to send me a PM and I’ll check out your work.

But yeah, jUst wanted to say I enjoyed reading this. It was fun (and actually a challenge) to try to remember what songs the lyrics came from - but I got them all without cheating eventually! Proving every English language Pokémon album is, in fact, burned deeply into my brain despite having not listened to them in years.

Also I gotta say my favorite characters in this story were Team Rocket. I don’t know why - I was never a particular fan of them and actually came to hate them over the years as they did the exact same thing in nearly every episode for all of the Johto through Sinnoh episodes. But you capture their characters really well, and their characters actually are endearing when they AREN’T just being shoehorned into an episode for no reason.
Arcanos chapter 9 . 3/26/2020
wow... lovely...

Great plot, and even greater writing skills... loved it!
Hikari chapter 1 . 10/7/2019
*the WHOLE story

And Ash’s confession was so cute, OMG ️️️️
Hikari chapter 13 . 10/7/2019
You write very well, wow! I loved the while story, congrats! But Brendan is dead, that was so sad, poor May ;_;
Flickbix chapter 13 . 4/24/2019
I know it's been year. but just stumbled upon this fic. Great job, had laughs, angst, and seemed like it could be some early Pokemon movie. I hope you are having a good life and still writing.
Rebekah Matthews chapter 13 . 12/8/2018
This story was epic. You are a really great writer - you kept everyone in character (including Meowth! I could easily read it in his unique voice!) and your description was fantastic. You made Ash and Misty's love story believable - it wasn't a case of bam, they're in love. There was a sweet build up to them each coming to realising what they were feeling over time and I really enjoyed that. The action with the use of the Pokemon was amazing. The little snippets of Rocketshipping was a cute surprise for readers, too.
The only thing I didn't like was the way you wrote 'HE', 'HIM' and 'HIMSELF', in reference to Haunter. I found that reading it made me shout those words in my head as I read so it didn't read well, but I can appreciate why you wrote it that way as I knew who you were referring to.
Thank you for such a great story! - R
Kiomori chapter 13 . 12/22/2017
I don't know if I've reviewed this story or if you'll even see this, but I just want to thank you for this incredible story. It's crazy to think that it has been around for over ten years too, but it's one of the few pokemon stories I'll regularly go back to reread.

I love the humor at the start when Misty comes back, and then the adventure and drama when her and Ash are lost in the caves. Max's Poochyena is perfect for him and I wish the show did something similar. Brock was the perfect big brother figure, and even Team Rocket were great. Ash's realization and confession to Misty was precious and I loved their dynamic in the story. The battle with the haunter was intense, and Sableye was amazing as well. And who can forget the bet and then the "mysterious" ghost trainer that we all know at the end? I still hope for a happy ending for him somehow.

So yes, thank you for writing this incredible story. If you see this review, I wanted to let you know that it's still a favorite even now and is surely a staple in the pokeshipping fandom.

Thanks for this incredible story.
Guest chapter 1 . 7/13/2017
Diphylleia Grayi chapter 1 . 2/28/2017
According to reviews, the first time I read this fic was in 2012. Five years later, I'm proud to say that this still has a special place in my heart. I'm honestly never gonna get over Brendan's fate.
bigb360 chapter 13 . 2/17/2017
This is great. I see it was finished over ten years ago. Ah the final time we saw Misty in the anime. It's sad in multiple ways, but also happy.

The story is very unique, very creative. What a cool idea. And you carried it out to perfection. I hope you're not done writing completely, but i see you haven't been active in a while. Just know that this story is so good, and i think will last forever as a staple in the Pokeshipping fandom. One of the best.

Thanks for sharing it with us. I'm glad i got to read it.
kitsunescythe chapter 13 . 11/27/2016
...WHAT! (Sorry, I couldn't resist XD) But seriously, you killed Brendan?! Oh, come on! I mean, I had my suspicions since earlier in the story (and your hints at the end were blatant enough for even Ash to figure it out-not a criticism, mind you), but I thought he would get a happy ending like Ash and Misty. Maybe not all of a sudden in a relationship with May, but at least alive and escaping the tunnel. I was hoping more for the time limit to be more "Haunter was lying" than "science". Don't get me wrong, I like scientific explanations and all, but Pokemon plays a bit fast and loose with the science anyway so Brendan could've come back. *sigh*

I did like this story a lot; it's quite interesting. Suspenseful, good romancy stuff, and paced well. But I'm hoping there's another story here that makes things okay for Brendan and Sableye. I'm off to go look through your stuff. XD
kitsunescythe chapter 12 . 11/27/2016
I have to say, the pokemon Sableye has always creeped me out a bit, but the way you wrote this one's character and everything is actually making me consider training one. :)
kitsunescythe chapter 6 . 11/25/2016
I don't understand Haunter's prejudice very much. Does he hate all non-pure Ghost-types, or just Dark-types? Because Haunter is a Ghost/Poison type. Also, Sableye should have the type advantage, since Ghost is super-effective against Ghost, and Dark is super-effective against Ghost too. AND since Sableye is a Dark-type, even if the move Psychic blew through his Shadow Ball, it still would have no effect against him.

I don't mean to sound so critical, especially since I'm really enjoying this story, and I understand that this particular Haunter is supposed to be like near-legendary-Pokemon kind of strong. But even still, Psychic is ineffective against Dark no matter what.
GunBlade2023 chapter 13 . 11/2/2016
Nice story and very well written! Nice romance as well!

Just a question, who was the ghost talking about at the end?

Just curious, again, nicely done!
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