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Lucinda Silver chapter 2 . 11/26/2016
Oh dear gods... I finished the first story of "Don't Panic" and I stayed up all night reading this and then I was so happy to l3arb that it has a sequel so off I go to this. Then I gaped at my discovery of 60 something chapters! \ 0_0 / it would take me a single day, all day and perhaps even two and three to finish this! However perhaps I'll stay up just a little more, an hour or two couldn't hurt right?

Okay now I'm gotta start reading!
sai19 chapter 60 . 11/21/2016
Im such an idiot - the review below is mine, just forgot to log in. I have a feeling I'll probably come back in the future to read this story for the fourth time, every time I read it, it feels like a slightly different experience. Thank you, again, for this wonderful creation of yours!
Guest chapter 60 . 11/21/2016
Third time reading this fic, and third time loving it. I took a big leap when I first read this, because at that point I hadn't even read the books, but I just got an unexplainable urge to read Tolkien fanfiction after rewatching the trilogy for the nth time. Still thanking my lucky stars for your writing being the first that I found on . This story made me fall in love wtih M.E before I even really knew anything about it, and I wish you could know how much it all means to me, and how big of a part you played in my 'finding' Tolkien's genius. Immediately after I finished reading your Penny-series, I bought The Hobbit and all the other Middle-Earth works of JRRT, read them, and loved them. It was a unique experience to 'fill in the gaps' of all that Penny knew but I hadn't when I read Dont Panic & the sequel. A million thank yous, and all the best to you!
DanteAl999 chapter 60 . 11/10/2016
Thank you
Katia0203 chapter 60 . 10/31/2016
So, this is the 4th time I've read through the series and it still feels like the first time. It had me laughing out loud, crying tears of sadness, and really feeling immersed in it. I actually found a way to download it onto my kindle and read it like a book, which gave it a whole new feel. I realize you have likely left your fanfic writing days behind, but just know that if you happen to come back, you will see the plethora of reviews people are writing even now and the hit count continues to rise every day. I wish you all the best!
AspenJules chapter 60 . 10/4/2016
Ahhhh Boz, as many have said before me, I'm not sure you'll ever get this but I have to leave this message. You probably don't remember me from all that time ago, but I believe I used to comment a lot, and we were/(are still?) LJ friends as well. I see you don't seem to be any more active on LJ than I am these days.

I read Don't Panic after it was finished, and started right in on OK, Now Panic as it was being written. I think I luckily missed the Hiatus of Doom, at least I don't remember it, but I did eventually catch up to you and then suffered the pains of having to wait for the next chapter to come out. That's when I found you on LJ and it made waiting for each new chapter a little easier. Unfortunately, my own RL issues caused me to lose touch with fanfic in general and your fic in particular somewhere around ch. 45 or so, I think. I often thought of it from time to time over the years though.

Skip ahead several years... almost a decade, yes? I was watching something that suddenly made me think of your epic story, and how I'd never finished reading it. I was aware somehow that you'd finished it, and I suddenly had an undeniable urge to read it again. I found it and started reading... Real life has taught me some difficult lessons about loss in the intervening years, most especially in the death of both my parents, so your writing about grief and mourning hit me hard. I spent much of my reading with my own cheeks wet with tears. But I'm happy that I've finally gotten to finish reading it, and I still love your story and your characters so much. I am happy that, after all that you put poor Penny through, she finally got her happy ending with Halladan. His return to kiss her (FINALLY! AT LAST! Brilliant comment by Arvain indeed!) was highly satisfying, and saved him from being smacked by me, if I could have reached through the screen.

I'm sorry I didn't review all the chapters but I wanted to read it through without taking myself out of the story (I've had trouble reading since my mum's death) and promised I would here at the end. It unfortunately makes it impossible for me to share all I loved about it, so I hope that a few more comments will do. Your portrayal of Galadriel as she had that last private talk with Penny in the trees was truly beautifully done. I felt as if I could feel her otherworldliness myself. And... Gandalf's "addition" to Penny's farewell ceremony... I always hoped that perhaps Penny's mom had a very vivid dream of that scene, that she heard or somehow felt what Penny wanted her to know. Well done, well done indeed. And your portrayal of the elves in general, and Elrond, Mireth, Lindir (LOVE HIM! LOL), Erestor, even Rhimlath... I was really able to feel how their centuries of living made them able to be so patient and forgiving of Penny, who would have been so very young to them. And yet, they were also so present and current at the very same time as being ancient. Those are just a few of my thoughts.

I truly hope you and your family are well. Mine is. It has been so enjoyable reliving your excellent version of The Professor's world of ME. Thank you again. Julie aka AspenJules
RimK10 chapter 1 . 8/27/2016
Oh no god! The FEELS!
Guest chapter 36 . 8/22/2016
What a brat
Havane 31 chapter 60 . 8/14/2016
Hello !
So, I read both stories and liked them very much indeed, and I think it actually improved my English skills .
Even though, I found it beginning to be very long at the end, and skipped lots of it... I think I might have been too eager to see Penny and Halladan finally together. However, it was well written, coherent, and it was nice reading a story with this much workI mean that you put lots of work in it, and it shows, and it's great )
Indigo Flare chapter 60 . 8/2/2016
This and the story before it are now my absolute favorite "girl in middle Earth" stories! You really captured the characters of Middle Earth remarkably well, and I loved the development of your original character. I look forward to reading more of your writing, great job!
Bree chapter 60 . 7/31/2016
This comment is extremely late and you'll probably never see it...I found your works of art, literally 3 days ago. I've been binging every since...seriously...pulling all nighters. lol
It was like a junkie induced roller coaster ride and I didn't want to miss a thing. Reading "DON'T PANIC" was AMAZING!
I mean...I've read other stories written about Tolkien lore in modern times, but never one w/ a O/C
protagonist falling into the past. Most of those stories I steer clear of, because it's full of unbearable cliches, awful writing, and Mary Sues. This though was like a needle in a haystack moment. It gripped me and I found gold. You are a wonderful writer. Your passion, attention to detail, knowledge of lore, language, and work is incredible. You really researched, before you just put out. It definitely showed and the world was solid. Nothing felt forgotten or flimsy.

The meeting between Penny and Albarad (sorry if I butchered it) was legendary...almost mythic in quality. Every character was intrinsically a part of the world organically and real.
DON'T PANIC was sooooo GOOD. Penny's is/was a very admirable and likeable character.
Very lost, being a stranger in a strange land coming to terms that what was read as play and entertainment was real; no delusion or child's play.

NOW PANIC was entertaining until about chapter 30 or so. My interest in it started to die about that time, because it was becoming increasingly obvious that there wasn't a point to it. Penny increasingly beloved by all was becoming coddled, while more fragile yet emotional. Not bi-polar, but angsty, mopey, and generally overall just lesser. I loved that she was an enigma and from the future. That should've been played up more. She didn't have to join any grand battles or anything, but she did have knowledge that was written and available to her in our time. Nothing was really worked w/ that. Sure resistance against speaking about it may alter ideas, patterns, and plans. May change something, but isn't that the point. I mean...the council tried at times to pressure her; while being understanding, but you definitely got the feeling she was in a male dominated era. No matter what species men are men.

What was the reason for her to appear there in the first place?
Did she make any major changes? NO. Was she helpful...not really. For herself or anyone in the vast picture of things.

The language barrier issue was written in very creatively and had to be taken care of if anything was going to go forward. The skill of adapting no matter how painstaking.

Personally, she helped a couple of people. Especially Halladen...Penny came across a kinda courageous, and plenty caring, but she failed to understand why people were/or felt the way they did. She kinda did have this holier, than thou attitude at times. The crying and constant sorrow; while understandable to a point was getting to me. This grown modern woman who lives by herself has no spine. Maybe she was like this all along, fiery yet easy to upset at the drop of a hat. There was some self righteous moments that fit and didn't. I personally felt the incident w/ Lord Elrond was beyond forgivable. I know people like to torture their included, but to overstep one's boundaries so far. This foreign ass female has not a clue how Elrond truly feels other than reading it from a book. To stand there and talk to him like that had me frozen, shocked, embarrassed, ranting and foaming at the mouth for a while. lol

I was shrieking like a banshee, so so embarrassed for the stupid stupid woman. He's fed her, clothe her, taught her valuable skills, opened his home to her and then Penny looked down her nose at him like it wasn't shit. Like how she suddenly felt and subjectively thought about someone who she didn't really know... was justifiable in the way she spoke to him. lmao Penny made me ashamed to be was such a good scene. Including the following chapters... I was like well...this'll be the end of all great elf moments. Other than that the PTSD episodes were handled beautifully. The discussion of war and its lingering effects were heavy and palatable. Death still lingered, but life moved on none the less.

Each group was fantastic. Aragorn was beyond belief, Gandalf enigmatic, comforting, and wise. Legolas was distant, serious, yet keen. More emotionally shielded, than other members. It was solid. The hobbits were just loved, loved, loved. Arwen and the elves were individuals yet a well ordered affair.
The detailing was amazing, the singing, the funeral procession and just everything. I could almost touch it.

I freaking loved the interaction between Lindir and Penny though...guilty pleasure. Deep down inside...waaaay deep I wanted them to engage, but I knew it'd never happen. A girl can dream though...The second half started to drag indefinitely...there was no fire. Just a lot of tears. No alternative movement or ideas. Penny started to blend in so well, but wished she was a bit unorthodox. A women born in the 21st century might've wished for pants, legging, jeans or something. Not just pretty dresses. No need of physical activity, no running, maybe teaching others some games from our time. I know she likes books, but that's all. No curiosity. No major moves of independence or action. Getting mugged in an alley was traumatizing sure...but getting your car or house broken into is no different. As an independent adult there wasn't much resilience. After that incident, I would've punched that man in the jaw. Crying and throwing tantrums every time someone tries to approach the subject of what Penny knows was cringing. Play your cards right they may be eternally grateful, play them wrong they may hate you...but play them. I understand the main parts couldn't be changed, and warriors were ready to die honorably regardless. It's what they've trained their whole lives for. No amount of begging was going to stop that.

I just wished Penny shared more of the future w/ the elves. Some trustworthy people in general. She could still be private, but the reactions would've been entertaining and knowledge could've been swapped. She doesn't have to be a genius to implement ideas or changes. Little things can make a big difference. The story left me very unsatisfied, truthfully. It had such promise, but was a let down.
I'm glad she found seemed like there was always feelings there for Halbarad, but his eldest son embodied everything Penny fiercely loved about him best. It was a okay ending...but meh. lol Stuck in a time loop poor chic.

Anywho...thank you for your incredible talent and fortitude. This was one hell of a story, the characters were phenomenal. Penny left me w/ a strong yet conflicted impression. A unique character overall and maybe better off experiencing all that she has...maybe. I wish you well in your career of choice, but I hope you consider publishing an original work. You are much too talented in creating pathos in my heart. Kudos!
Manwe Sulimo chapter 60 . 7/10/2016
I'll keep it shortthe ending had me in tears. This is, without any doubt at all, the fanfiction that have affected me the most emotionally. WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY POOR FEELINGS
Innieminnie chapter 36 . 7/7/2016
I feel bad for Penny, no one likes being in those types of situations. I think her demeanor is exactly what would have happened if this were a real situation.
Innieminnie chapter 35 . 7/7/2016
Oh goodness, I don't think I could have ever- I never expected her to do that, to him of all people.
Innieminnie chapter 32 . 7/7/2016 That was something, I'll tell ya.
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