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Crazysister101 chapter 1 . 11h
This was so amazing that I'm on the verge of tears. It's the best LOTR fic I've ever read, and it will always have a special place in my heart. Even though I wish that it could never end, I understand your reasoning, and it's better this way. Please continue to write books, I will happily read anything else you write.
Guest chapter 60 . 11/30
Hello! I just wanted to say. I first read this fic in 2014 at the recommendation of my friend and I fell in love with it. Aside from encapsulating some wish fufillment for the majority of Tolkien fans, you have provided an intensely satisfying narrative that I love dearly. I feel for Penny in every step of the journey and oftentimes in my rereads I have found myself crying at the same moments she does. Even on this, my fifth reread now, I still cry when Penny finally comes to grips with Halbarad's death. I've also wept for her and Halladan after he mucks up his proposal, and I've cried out in happiness when they finally are engaged. This fic truly means so much to me. I just want to say: thank you. Thank you so much for pouring so much effort and depth into Don't Panic and Okay NOW Panic. It is evident in every line. Thank you!
The Brutal Demon chapter 60 . 11/27
I've now read this story, start to finish, 15 god damn years after the first chapter went up.

Good god has this been one hell of a story. About 2 months it took me. Feels wrong, but ever so satisfying to finish long epics.

Be assured a decade and a half later your magnificent creation (based on a challenge based on another, older creation) is still being discovered, read and enjoyed!
TheRadiantFire chapter 5 . 11/17
I really really really like the relationship between Lindir and Penny!
Havane 31 chapter 1 . 10/16
Was Bohemian Rhapsody really voted best song ever ? Man, I really dont have the same music taste as everyone... I come very closely to hating that songI don't like Queen's songs in general
OnlyProbably chapter 60 . 10/10
A year, perhaps, it took me to read this tale in its entirety? Worth every minute. Seeing modern, every day people dropped into another world (figuratively speaking) and watching them, growing alongside them, will forever be my favorite kind of story, especially when done so well. Thank you for the journey, I had a marvelous time~
Nicky D chapter 60 . 9/15
I have no idea if the writer of this series will ever see this review, given that's it's been many years since this fic was finished, but here I am anyway, along with many others.

I started reading "Don't Panic!" years ago, but for whatever reason couldn't get through it. Some time ago, however, I was looking for some LotR fanfic with an OFC as the protagonist, and so I started reading it again. A few days ago, I started reading "Okay, NOW Panic!" and only just now finished it. I still can't believe I managed to go through 10 chapters a day or so, given the sheer length of them, but I did it.

I don't know why I'm even writing this review. To be honest, I still feel somewhat raw after finishing this fic, plus it's midnight so I may be in a bit of a state.

The point it, Penny's story utterly moved me, and I really didn't think I could end up invested in so many original characters in a fic, but... yeah. I can't even begin to explain a lot of the things I'm feeling right now. As I said, it's late and I'm a bit overwhelmed.

I just thought it was extraordinary how the writer managed to include so many nods to canon within the fic and explain them thoroughly afterwards, or how detailed their descriptions of the environment were. I really have not seen such a level of detail in any other LotR fic I've read so far. Honestly, the attention to detail truly blew me away.

I loved Halbarad, Halladan and Arvain. I think this series is the reason I feel sort of attached to Halbarad in a way. I loved all the Dunedain featured in this story, to be honest. I also really loved Rhimlath, even if he was a bit of a pest at times, he was still incredibly amusing to read. In general, all the elven antics were very, very amusing to read and I enjoyed them a lot.

I think the only... hm, I don't think I would call it a complaint, really... But, what bothered me at times was how all these canon characters and sometimes some of the Elves the writer came up with would go out of their way to comfort Penny or otherwise pay attention to her. I found it sort of unrealistic. Also, how everyone (especially the Men) seemed so... open and honest around Penny, which, again, seemed unrealistic to me, but then again, this is Middle-earth, I suppose, and they are all good people with nothing to hide. Still, I don't know.

Penny was a delightful character and I'm glad I got to experience this version of Middle-earth through her eyes. I liked that she was the main character of this story, yet a side character where the story of The Ring is concerned, if that makes sense. I also like that it is considered Penny travelled back in time, which is in agreement with JRRT's vision of Arda, as mentioned in the last author's note.

The Penny/Halladan romance really pandered to me in every way and I just loved every minute of it. I liked Halladan (and Arvain, actually) from the first and I really loved seeing the relationship between him and Penny progress and bloom. It was the very definition of a slow burn and I really love every single trope used for their relationship. Honestly, after Penny realised she was in love with Halladan, it almost read like a Jane Austen-esque novel, complete with a proposal gone wrong, and I ADORED every minute of it.

There's so much I wish I had the eloquence to say, but it's getting really late now and my mind is a mess since I'm still very emotional about this story.

To the writer: I don't know if you'll ever see this, but thank you for sharing this story. It's been a while since fanfic like this had such a profound impact on me and I thank you for it. It's still kind of unbelievable to me how, after all these years, people still leave reviews, but then again, how can we not? Thank you so much. I wish you well.
lilium-tigris chapter 60 . 9/8
I read this story along with Don't Panic all at once and loved it. I thought it was a great idea and enjoyed how realistic it was seeing how most people falling into middle earth would not immediately be overjoyed with never seeing their families again. Penny is a great character, she has her faults like anyone and though I'm sad the story has finally come to an end your writing still brings me joy. Thank you so much for this wonderful piece of fanfiction!
sai19 chapter 59 . 9/5
...And I am back here, my fourth read of this. It will never get old to me (I still cry just as heartily as I did the first time around), and I'll probably be back here again in the future x
pineapple-pancake chapter 60 . 8/27
Thank you a lot for this story! I loved the dept of thought of the characters and their development. All the trauma, grief, stress and panic, while uncommon in fics (or uncommonly well explained) come so natural in this story.
WanderlustV chapter 60 . 8/3
Oh my dear, Boz. What a trip! I read Don't Panic and Okay, NOW Panic! on SofA, all within just a few days (my poor family, watching me walk around the house with a tablet in hand), and I just thoroughly, thoroughly enjoyed them both. I purposefully don't read Connecticut Yankee in Tolkien's Middle Earth stories (perhaps because I'm afraid I'll be inspired to write my own? And that it will be even worse than some of the less than thoughtful versions out there? Who can know?), but I read this one because of why you posted it on SofA. If Nilmandra thought it should be there, I thought, well then, it must be good. And it was! They were! Penny was great, so believable, so that woman you love having as a co-worker because everything's funnier and brighter when she's around. And she, thankfully!, was NO Mary Sue. Boy, did she mess up and have to dig herself back out. I *loved* Halbarad and was secretly hoping you'd go AU and keep him alive. I loved Lindir (much more than the Tolkien wrote him. So snobby in FotR.) I even loved Rhimlath. Okay, so I really loved Rhimlath. He was a great example of how supremely annoying people are not necessarily bad people... just obnoxious in a lovable way.

While I realize you're not going to have an epic trilogy (though I still hope the Muses will convince you otherwise), I want to add my voice to chorus and say, feel free to add to Moments of Panic. :) Your first installment was great (King Rabbit?), and I would loved to get glimpses of those characters you so richly developed and made me attached to.

Thanks for all your hard work and for all the time you dedicated to the stories! And know that folks are still enjoying them (and ignoring their own lives and work) even years later!

Aneka chapter 60 . 6/2
I enjoyed your story from start to finish. I love Penny as a character and I enjoyed how you captured the each character.
Ellie B chapter 60 . 5/26
Stopping by again after maybe my third re-read? That doesn't matter. What does is that this will always be my favorite fan fiction ever written. No idea if this great and powerful Boz will read this, but I can't express how thankful I am that you've shared this beautiful story with us. Penny and every single character will have a place in my heart forever. Following her journey has been an absolutely pleasure. No doubt I'll be back for another re-read in due time! Thank you once again from the bottom of my heart. You are an inspiration 3
Lucinda Silver chapter 2 . 11/26/2016
Oh dear gods... I finished the first story of "Don't Panic" and I stayed up all night reading this and then I was so happy to l3arb that it has a sequel so off I go to this. Then I gaped at my discovery of 60 something chapters! \ 0_0 / it would take me a single day, all day and perhaps even two and three to finish this! However perhaps I'll stay up just a little more, an hour or two couldn't hurt right?

Okay now I'm gotta start reading!
sai19 chapter 60 . 11/21/2016
Im such an idiot - the review below is mine, just forgot to log in. I have a feeling I'll probably come back in the future to read this story for the fourth time, every time I read it, it feels like a slightly different experience. Thank you, again, for this wonderful creation of yours!
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