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GoldenRat chapter 25 . 5/11/2011
This makes me wish there were more Nittle Grasper backstory fics! Awesome development of the Nittle Grasper characters.
SailorZelda chapter 25 . 8/26/2010
So, I know it's an old story, but I like to give feedback and I know I hate not getting it, so... XD

ANYWAY. Gah. This story just has so much poignant emotion and some pretty insightful comments about people in general ...Plus pairings I didn't particularly think I would like, but did because of the way you wrote them.

I very much enjoyed this story, and as an author I hope you're satisfied to know that the bitterness and struggle of the last few chapters are still making my heart hurt. Alas that it's not "complete," although the point you stopped at does make for a good tragedy-with-slight-hope ending.

Thanks for leaving it up for our reading pleasure. :)
steph chapter 25 . 4/10/2009
I have read this like 100 times and i love it.

You write really well and im really disappointed you never carried it on after this but i still think it is really really good ]

i was adiccted for ages p
Thistle chapter 25 . 2/6/2009
I was in some weird gravitation mood this week which meant I definitely had to come and reread your story. It's just amazing. You have just this great way of writing and the story covers so much that it makes me feel all random lettery inside. Haha. You made me cry again when Ryuichi talked to Tohma after Mika came around, that was so depressing, and I can't help wishing that Eiri gets memories back of his time with Tohma because that is depressing as well. :(

I'm going to snoop around your lj now and see if you've added any new chapters there. Hehe.
Liviania chapter 25 . 7/13/2008
I'm sad you haven't updated this in so long, when it's so close to completion. It's brilliant. The characterizations are particularly amazing, and I love how you can see Nittle Grasper becoming older and more tired as the magic fades.

Inarae chapter 25 . 4/7/2008
Wow. I generally don't like Gravi fic, but someone I respect reccomended this, It ties together the manga and real life so perfectly I can't believe it. Gravi was always so crazy I couldn't relate to it well, however much I enjoyed it (well, at least the first few volumes-then it got too crazy for me)but this fic has fit all that craziness into a believable reality. Thanks for writing and sharing. I enjoyed it.
Amanda Woodward chapter 25 . 10/4/2007
Maya, you are one of the precious few authors, known or unknown, who can break my heart and make me smile at the same time. Though we don't talk often, I love you, and I love your writing, more than I can say. A little melodramatic, I know, but there it is. Anyway, I can't wait to find out what happens next! I'm glad I found your live journal so I can read more; I Googled your pen-name. Anyway, be safe, be Happy(please.), and KEEP WRITING FOR THE LOVE OF JESUS! Hope to see you soon!

Solandra chapter 25 . 9/16/2007

Please tell me you'll continue this. Please? It's too lovely and heartbreaking a story to leave unfinished.

I've never read another fic that captured Tohma so perfectly. Many authors demonize him or make him seem like a heartless Stepford smiler for his influence over Eiri, but he remained sympathetic and human throughout your story. I wasn't expecting him to get sexually involved with young Eiri, but it would explain his obsessive behavior with him in canon a lot better than simple unrequited love would have.

I ran through the whole gauntlet of emotions throughout this story-all grins and giggles at Tohma's introduction to Noriko and Ryuichi, still smiling but a *little* apprehensive as Tohma fell for Eiri (because we all know what's going to happen next...), feeling like my heart had been stepped on when the inevitable happened, and on knife's edge as Tohma began groping his way towards uncertain recovery. It especially hurts to see Tohma becoming more and more like his deceptively smiling, manipulative canon self as he resorts to brutal, covert revenge and smooth lying to cover up his pain because you've showed us that other side of Tohma who learned to smile genuinely for a time. I desperately hope that he can smile for real again at the end, which shows just how far this fic sucked me in. ;_;

You also set up the relationships beautifully. Tohma's relationship with Eiri was sweet even as there was that sense of something not *quite* right underneath. I liked how he didn't find his happy ending with Ryuichi, but that it was handled realistically, as was his relationship with Mika, somewhere between respect and affection, but not quite love.

Oh, I could go on and on how everything was simply PERFECT in this fic, but then I'd come off as a deranged fangirl in perpetual squee. But it's the best feeling ever to click on a random story in some author's favorites page and find a shining gem. Even if you never do continue this, this is still a beautiful, emotionally gripping piece of work. WOW.
Nicole chapter 25 . 8/22/2007
This is a wonderful story and I cant wait for the next chapter that you had promised us. I honestly belive that there are some really wonderful things that you can do with such a wonderful writing ability, it's absoultly AMAZING! I know that it has been a while since you have updated Shooting Stars but I can't get enough and it's addicting to say the least. I love the story and I sincerly thank you for writing it and I wish you luck in anything that you put your hand too.
Stuckiesama chapter 1 . 1/20/2007
so...ya gonna update or just let us go nuts with the suspense? i think a 9 month cliffhanger is a little much, don't ya think?
Empress Yue chapter 20 . 12/29/2006
I know it's been some time since you posted this, but... They say that true gems never lose their shine, and that is something I can truely relate to this story. It's beautiful, it shines, and I love it.

I was half tempted to try to savor this slowly, reading each part of the story over a period of time, that it wouldn't be over so quickly, but... I seem to have become incapable of stopping now that I've started. I began reading sometime in the early afternoon around lunchtime, and now it's already 2:34 AM. I think I've exausted my MP3 player's batteries, and memorized every Nittle Grasper song on there. (And my head is killing me. I swear, this much computer is going to blind me someday.)

Anyway, I just felt like expressing my appreciation of this story, and saying I can't wait till tomorrow to finish it. For now, I must sleep... or at least, leave the computer long enough to get rid of this headache.

Cheers. I imagine I'll be lurking around from time to time from now on. Your writing inspires me, and although I supposedly gave up fic reading/writing years ago, I rather enjoy reading what you write.

Much love to you.
sheuniverse chapter 25 . 12/26/2006
...because i've read your ouran fics on your eljay and have yet to comment on them because they leave me so hopeless devastated every time i read them (ehm, between) which is far too often, but anyway...

this is gorgeous. this is heartbreaking and gorgeous and correct and everytime ryuichi falls apart and has no one to hold onto but himself i want to hate tohma, but i can't because then i'd be hating eiri and it wasn;t his fault either: so really, this is fantastic because you don't blame anyone, rather, you let the world happen to them which is painful and makes me shiver and curl up and wonder why. you skim through language and it's so beautifully paces that i've forgotten there are words and sunk into the story, which is my way of saying that i wish i was more coherent half the time in order to leave worthwhile reviews or something.

so i'm sorry and thank you and this is tragic and gorgeous and if i could try and be clear for a moment it would be to say that you've created Nittle Grasper and these characters because they weren't real until you made them this real. i can't compare this to anything else because i'm rather sick of skimming through endless piles of crappy fanfics which is why when i see something i like i kind of hold onto to the author for a bit and oh god this is long and ranty and utterly inane so yes, i'm going to end this here because i usually don't do reviews and this is...a novel. ok. which i mean that you are a genius.

she_universe (lj)
wallibe chapter 25 . 10/19/2006
I know you've most likely heard this a considerable amount of times by now, but this is probably the absolute best fanfiction I've ever read. And yes, I did not say only 'Gravitation' fanficiton.

The personalities you have animated the original characters with is unbelievable; not only do you have their basics on the dot, but you've added so very much more to them. It truly pulls readers into the story, no doubt, but it's so well-written it stirs up whatever emotion is depicted. Grief, angst, humor, depression; all of it. This is absolutely beautiful work; I don't think I can even express how much in words.

I don't usually leave reviews, but I felt the need to on this piece. There are probably no fanfictions that were taken to heart as much as "Shooting Stars" was.

I am desperately waiting upon a new chapter to come out (although, I doubt it, due to the date of the last time it was updated). But I'll defiantly be hoping and anticipating it.

Also, I'm very, very curious to see how you'll end this; I'm sure it'll be amazing.

- Danielle
BOE-4eva chapter 25 . 10/18/2006










I luv the waty in which you have depicted the characters, the way you have created the story around the events that occur in the anime and the manga, and the way you have created both emotion and ice in Tohma!

I hope you update this soon, as i have never been so utterly enthrawled (is that a word?) by a gravi fic ever!

I was only mindly HYSTERICAL when Ryu and Tohma broke it off! Ryu speach was poerful and beautiful, and Tohmas reaction (if any?) was perplexing!

I really hope to read more to this soon, as Tohma is my number ONE! and this fanfic is also!

Go you!
YamiHaruko chapter 25 . 8/16/2006
*mouth hanging open in awe* It's taken me two days to completely read this entire story. And I must say, I fell into this story and now have a large obsession with it. My only criticism would have to be the date it was last updated. 4-30-06. This isn't sitting well with me in the least. This is by far the most spectacular story I have ever read on

I love how you portrayed the characters to your liking, yet still keeping them in character very well. I think Ryuichi was my biggest surprise of all. I've fallen in love with the RyuichixTohma pairring, and even though I realized it wouldn't last, and there would be heartbreak, I love it just the same.

It's quite a sad story to be honest. The humor and sarcasm is very good. The writing style and vocabulary are excellent and I really truly mean that after reading this, this story has completely blown me away. I recently rewatched Gravitation and reread the mangas before I reached this last updated chapter, and I was really connecting your story to what I was reading and watching. It fit magnificentally.

I can't thank you enough for your pure talent and genius of the idea and writing of your story. Truly remarkable. I only hope that you get this review and will hopefully find enough inspiration to start writing again. I am utterly obsessed now; completely and totally addicted. Please do not leave everyone hanging like this. Your fic is way too amazing and remarkable to just be abandoned. I remember you mentioning you promising to finish it up, and I am truly holding you to that promise. I will wait for as long as it takes to finish reading this. I can honestly suggest that I might not be able to sleep soundily, or even die happy until I know what happens in the end. So if that is any consolation, please finish this. Please. I plead you to do this.

I actually had a dream about the happenings of this story last night. I stopped at the Interlude: Air, before I went on and finished today. I haven't stopped thinking about the possible outcomes, the feelings and emotions everyone is with holding and also withstanding. Something that can have that kind of effect on me after just one day is truly an amazing accomplishment. You are extremely talented and I would hate to see such a wonderfully and well-written and thought out story to die. I'm begging of you to continue. And I am more than positive that many of your other loyal reviewers would also love to see a continuation.

I apologize for the seriously long review; however, I would not of typed so much to you if I was not so touched by your story. I don't think I have ever wrote so much on a review and I truly hope that you can realize how much your story really hit me. There was so much I could relate to and I was completely pulled into it, unable to escape its magic. Absolutely stunning. Please, as a new-found and forever loyal fan, I hope that I have given you some kind of inspiration to start again.

Your forever loving and loyal reviewer and supporter,
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