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CanzetYote chapter 7 . 10/17/2014
Poor Mock Turtle, when I read this, I fantasize licking those tears rolling down Mock Turtle's face with my tongue while hugging him close and giving him a massage.

I'd lick every last one of Mock Turtle's tears away and snuggle him if I ever saw him crying.
Queen of the Insects chapter 8 . 2/27/2005
Wow. I sat here, in absolute awe and fascination as I read your fic. Great gods, this is beautiful! And to think that you wrote so much of it having only played the demo!

I've only played the demo, haha(and gone online and learned just about everything)! Parents won't let me get the real thing.

Anywhos, this is really original! I love how you explained how Wonderland changed, linking the fire into it all. I think your characters are great, and I'm very curious as to Feather and Alice's looking alike. You're great at writing the battle scenes, and you include so much detail about where they are. I feel a bit sorry for little Linswe, losing her arm like that, but it's so great how you have her blaming Alice for it all. The meta-essence ideas are superb! They make sense! And Cheshire is perfect in the aspect of speaking in riddles, although he seems a bit evil to me.

On the topic of evil, I love how you had the whole battle with the queen ant, and included Alice's fear of fire. The battle with the Duchess was great, and from what you've written, the Mad Hatter is perfect. That one line at the end of that chapter was so eery!

Everything in this fic is wonderful, and you must finish it! I beg you! From one Alice addict to another, please continue it!

And that little walking rock made me laugh.
Jormundgand the Scathing Critic chapter 1 . 6/16/2004
*looks disapointed* Much to my regret there is absolutely nothing to flame here. -_-

XP Seriously though, I've just finished Alice and... This story is awshome. This story, as a matter of fact, is of a skill and quality long lost to the world of fandom, only practiced by a few now. The rest are like 'rofl rofl i cant tpye glaadirela is legeols grnadmother!1 ROFLL! I DONt no wat im talking about!'.

There's only one TINY problem, which is hardly a problem at all: “Lewis!
SilverGlaive chapter 6 . 6/7/2004
Hi! It's me Kite from the AA forum. _

Great chapter, really curious about the Hatter and his new toy heh heh.

XD Please have a new chapter son! ::whines::
Kat23a chapter 6 . 6/6/2004
Wha-HEY! OH you STINKY stink-thing of smelly STINK! It ate my review!

Drat, I forget everything I said...I think it was somewhere along the lines of "I didn't mind the long delay 'cause I figured it was the end-of-the-year rush hey it's one of those nasty fish-thingies I forget the name o Lewis has a crush oh wait it's called a snark hey I liked that stupid cat why's he being all mean grr grr wow I guess Lewis is one of those NPC-type peoples who are either background players or ammo in games it would really stink to be an NPC I don't remember an eel but it fits perfectly with Wonderland dude Lewis is kicking butt what is wrong with that cat ACK ANTLIONS I hated those stupid things I kept hopping in place whenever they went underground 'cause you never knew where they'd come up aw it's the end of the chapter can't wait for more yay!", only I used more punctuation and better grammar.
GhostOfYoda chapter 5 . 5/1/2004
Keep it up; this is a good fic!
Fiones chapter 5 . 4/24/2004
cool, I am liking this story so far. Update soon!
Kat23a chapter 5 . 4/20/2004
Thanks for mentioning me! Ah, the mac version would be harder..that explains it.
-*typing as she reads again* Wait...whuzzah? You've read "Business Unfinished" too? WHOO...waitaminute. I forgot I can't right W-H-O-O here because for some reasons always cuts it to "WHO." Anyway, that's great! I've read that fic, and what's more, Micer (the author and quite a good illustrator) wrote a sequel pic called "Business Finished" to show what exactly happened next that can be seen at view/1186983/ and that I liked so much that I colored it and posted it at view/3408550/ . She also hinted at making a follow-up story with the Cheshire cat in it (there's already another short one in her gallery from the Dormouse's point of view 'cause he shows up in the Hatter bit too if the demo doesn't show that), and has a picture and story snippet for that at deviation/2041803/ . _ And if that all wasn't TMI, then I don't know what is.
-Whoa. Not eating in ten Poor Lewis. I forgive him for stuffing his face.
-Linswe...Lewis. O.o Huh. Add an "N" in there and rearrange and it's nearly the same name. Could this mean some vast and unforseen interconnection between the two characters? Agh, brain! Stop that! Stop trying to make stupid connections! Down, boy, you're making me miss the story.
-WAH! DOWN, Linswe! Yeesh, scary mouse. At least Alice gets her croquet mallet...
-Wait...Lewis CHOKED? OH, no. No. He did NOT come all this way to choke on his first meal in ten years in a mouse hut.
-There, see? He wasn't dead. He was just...chopping a poor deranged mouse's arm off. Eugh.
-Aw...Alice gave Linswe the mallet back. Good going, Alice. Even if you're probably doomed 'cause that mallet comes in really handy later..
-OH! There's how Alice met Lewis! NOW I know. _
-O, Lewis got the Cheshire Cat to be a little less ambiguous! Better men than him have tried and failed.
-GREAT! Even though not much action happened in this chapter, it helped round out the character's personalities and backgrounds a bit more, which is something that's often overlooked in lots of "action" fics. I think it's great, and I look forward to more! Also, if you have any questions about what happens next in the game, or what other Alice in Wonderland characters show up that you might not know about, just email me an' I'll give you any answers you need! :D Anything to help an author with a good story!
Kat23a chapter 3 . 4/18/2004
Oh, I forgot this in the last review; it's okay if you haven't played much of the game, because so far you're doing great! I don't know which levels (or bits of levels) the demo has in it, but the game is only something like $9.00 at Wal-Mart, and even less if you buy it used on Ebay (they usually sell for a dollar or so, if you don't count shipping and don't mind waiting for it to get to you). Either way, I agree with Fiona_Sorel. I'd rather have a well-made story written slowly than a sloppy story written quickly.
Kat23a chapter 2 . 4/18/2004
Yeep! I missed three chapters, so I'll do a three-in-one review. And you're welcome for the heads-up!
-*typing as she reads* HAHA! That is a PERFECT entrance for Alice!
-Wait...Feather is an Alice look-alike? Do I smell plot device? know, I never realized it until now, but I never thought of the card guards as being able to speak. Weird. Mostly they just grunt angrily in the game.
-Her mind rejected...? YES! That's a better answer than anything anyone else came up with for Feather's legs!
-Heheh, you're right with that "don't give cannon fodder a name" bit. Now I'm all expecting Niar to be a recurring character or something.
-Hm...Feather with the Hatter? Is she going to be a new automaton or something like that? Hm...
-*can't help herself, is almost dancing in her seat* _ Yes, yes, I'm a hopeless Hatter fan, I know. Good grief, what is it with me and top hats and tea and clocks and cyborg-types...and green skin? Dude, I've always wanted green skin...Wait, getting off subject here. I'd probably better go see what the Hatter's actually SAYING before I go all happy-bouncy.
-*after aforementioned reading* [WARNING: PREPARE FOR SICKENING FANPIGGISH GUSHING] WHO! IT'STHEHATTERANDHEROCKS! And Feather's getting all automitized, too! I know I shouldn't be happy about that, but I'm a sucker for horror and I LOVED that last line "Let's see what makes you tick." :] I can't wait to see what happens to her! 'Course, I hope she goes back to normal eventually, but I ALSO hope for some good scary twisty clockworky stuff 'cause I'm weird like that. Drat, now I want some tea. Peppermint tea rocks. Speaking of tangents, did Lewis ever learn how to swim? He'll need that in the Vale of Tears, I think. And while I'm at it, I give you more applause for keeping Lewis' and Feather's characters unique and interesting! It's one thing to start a new character, but it's quite another to keep them fresh over the course of a story.
GoGoRoth chapter 2 . 4/18/2004
I think you mean the "club" card guards instead of the "Spade". the Spade are the 2nd most powerful cards in wonderland while the Clubs are the easiest to kill. No way the spades would take orders from a Diamond, the 2nd most easiest to kill.
GhostOfYoda chapter 3 . 4/16/2004
Good chapter! It keeps getting more and more exciting. I want more! chapter 3 . 4/15/2004
It doesn't matter if you have played the whole game this is still very exellent and I think that you are doing just fine without having played it! Trust me there are alot of people who have played the whole game and there work is not as well done as this! Thank you so much for writting more!
Hope to read more as soon as you can! (Oh and don't feel to much pressure at getting it done fast, I would rather read somthing well written and planned out then somthing that was quick and stupid:) So don't worry about it!)
GhostOfYoda chapter 2 . 4/14/2004
This is another good chapter of a good story, which I'd most certainly like to read more of. I'm impressed that you managed to introduce characters of your own invention into a FF setting, without creating Mary Sues, as such. Also, I found the Cheshire Cat's cryptic riddles to be delightfully agressive, and well... rather Cheshire Cattish! Good work, and such!
Kat23a chapter 1 . 4/13/2004
Did you know you have your settings put so that you won't accept anonymous reviews? Just thought I'd give you a heads-up.
Anyway, this is great so far! You've managed to create two unique and fairly believable characters that are NOT Mary-Sues or self-insertions of some kind! I GIVE YOU APPLAUSE! Really, it's incredibly hard to find good, believable original characters on . I'm going to keep watching this fic in hopes that they'll continue being believable!
That was also a good explanation of how the children in Wonderland became mad. Lewis said that he had met Alice before; how did they meet? I think that'd be interesting. Also, I really like the new dialogue you thought up for the Cheshire Cat. You've completely captured his riddlesome way of talking, never quite saying anything outright. _ It's very good!
As for Feather, I think the meta-essence didn't heal her because she hadn't been able to reach any meta-essence before her leg healed by itself, since the children would have been running for their lives or hiding when the queen first invaded. Since her leg healed crooked, new meta-essence wouldn't help. It would have to be re-broken, then healed with meta-essence to be made straight!
Alternative explanation: She was wounded by one of the queen's highest-ranking guards with special powers, or some guard that had a poisoned spear, and normal (diamond-shaped) meta-essence wouldn't help. Maybe only the heart-shaped stuff would be powerful enough to help.
Wow, that was long. Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next chapter!
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