Reviews for Penpals
jedilittlebee chapter 32 . 6/26
Too bad you stopped. Ever plan to finish this?
jedilittlebee chapter 31 . 6/25
Vader is more than halfway back to Anakin now, I think!
jedilittlebee chapter 28 . 6/25
I like your Leia better than most other writers’ version.
jedilittlebee chapter 27 . 6/25
Wow, he never admitted to being that name even when Luke surrendered to him on Endor in RotJ!
jedilittlebee chapter 26 . 6/25
How many rebels died this time because of Luke :(
jedilittlebee chapter 25 . 6/25
Luke,Luke, what are you doing? LOL
Guest chapter 32 . 6/19
Hope to sequel a second story of penpals, vader and luke story
jedilittlebee chapter 22 . 5/23
Leia did not seem nearly disbelieving or angry enough.
jedilittlebee chapter 17 . 5/23
Now Vader is warning Luke to avoid the Dark Side? Is this for real?
jedilittlebee chapter 13 . 5/23
Vader sounds very emotional in this story. I hope that portends something good will happen.
jedilittlebee chapter 12 . 5/23
Name and photo. Good grief.
jedilittlebee chapter 10 . 5/23
Vader conveniently forgets that he accused Obi-Wan of treason without proof and had tried to kill his “friend” on Mustafar too; while Obi-Wan had a good reason to attack him, after all, Anakin had just killed all the Jedi in the temple! Not to mention, Obi-Wan had just seen Anakin choking his wife.
Remember Luke Obi-Wan said Anakin was his good friend when he gave you his lightsaber. He also told you it was Darth Vader who betrayed your father. Why would he be serving under Vader on his ship? Poor Luke needs to find out what a Sith really is…evidently someone who kills a man for looking at a girlie magazine and thinks it is justifiable. Umm, kind of like your newfound father…
jedilittlebee chapter 9 . 5/23
Luke, if he is your father, and Vader supposedly killed your father, why would he be on Vader’s ship? Something smells bad, doesn’t it?
jedilittlebee chapter 8 . 5/23
Now Han is repeating gossip and Luke is taking that as confirmation. Sheesh
jedilittlebee chapter 6 . 5/23
How cynical Vader has become. Now he is telling half truths and outright lies to his son. I imagine the friends he slaughtered at the temple thought him fickle too! And Padme when he was choking her…Obi tried to murder him because he got married? Shameful lies and manipulation. I’m afraid for Luke.
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