Reviews for Penpals
Asj Johnson chapter 31 . 7/31
I'd just re-read this fic (felt like reading it again, so I searched it out). I'd love for it to be added to and completed at some point... It's a neat idea for a fic, and there's interesting stuff going on.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 32 . 7/30
Love this! PLEASE write more! This is an awesome story that should not be left unfinished. :)

Thanks for the ride so far.

God Bless,
Tauriel Skywalker
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 31 . 7/29
Okay, how embarrassing will this be when they realize Leia is a Skywalker, too?

I love how awkward Vader/Anakin seemed to get at the end of this chapter. Yes, Leia, I see the resemblance, too.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 27 . 7/29
I love the comments about Leia’s hair.

I am way too tired for that line about Vader ending “up in a nice padded cell sucking on his mechanical thumb.” I found it way more funny than I probably should have.

Eeeeeee! He said it! He admitted he’s Anakin!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 26 . 7/29
Crap! No, no, no! NO! NO! Not good...or maybe it is. I don't know. LEIA'S BEEN CAPTURED!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 22 . 7/23
Leia: “Commit treason and write to you homicidal, Sith Lord father, or I’ll imprison you for treason!” Love that logic :).
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 21 . 7/23
Wow, this will test Leia's control on her secret, Skywalker temper.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 20 . 7/23
Uh oh!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 14 . 7/22
Wow, Han. There's a reason you were a pirate not a politician. Poor Luke.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 12 . 7/22
Oh, I think I feel like Han right now. Luke, you're nuts!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 11 . 7/22
Yike! That kind of blew up. Poor Luke :(.
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 10 . 7/22
Thank you! So many people (women included) don’t view pictures like that as disrespectful.

That’s one of the things I don’t get about the Jedi – not wanting to use both sides of the Force. The comparison to a gun totally makes sense. I saw a SW meme about Anakin/Vader killing the younglings that said "No one ever blamed the lightsaber." Again, thank you - people just don’t seem to get that. Okay, political rant over.

AH! That happened! He told him! He told him!
Tauriel Skywalker chapter 9 . 7/22
Why do I like stories that are so tense like this!? And this is so innocently goofy and complex at the same time. I love it! :D
thechosenbibliophile chapter 32 . 6/29
I feel in love with this story! Please continue it!
PurpleOrchid85 chapter 32 . 3/22
I absolutely adore this fanfic, I would love to see more of this. Question: Will you cover the three originals (meaning including Return Of the Jedi)?

Also I would love to have Luke hear more about Padme. And I also would love Anakin/Darth Vader come to the realisation that Leia is his daughter and shares his realisation with her.

Please update soon :)
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