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Guest chapter 15 . 2/20/2013
Its fantastic but where is the rest? :(
Amberfantasy chapter 15 . 2/21/2011
I love love love the story333 I stumbled upon this story and after I started reading it I just couldn't stop reading it... I am dying to read the end for the story but seems like you are not updating anymore(well it has been 6 years)... I hope you are still writing though... You are probably one of the few writers whose story is well-developed and well-written! Keep up the good work!
rosedreamer101 chapter 14 . 12/8/2009
seriously -_- slowest writter ever. i swear i skipped 3/4 of this chapter . do u mind skipping to the pont? gosh 14 chapters to just get to the part where sakura admitts she loves syaoran whoppdeedoo -_- can we move on? goodness gracious! u know if u continue this, im so not reading anymore stories from u, ur not a very straight forward person, are u?
rosedreamer101 chapter 6 . 12/7/2009
"-Sorry miss!" the silver-haired guy said on impulse, winking at her and then walk towards his friends.

Stupid bastard! Cursing the guy's back. Noticing that the spiked guy had seated to where she's headed to, she readied herself and planted a fake smile. "Wa shang hao!" (Good evening!) She said with pleasure but then winced at the sudden feedback from the microphone.

"Sorry about that!" the man on the stage apologetically said, "In exchange, we'll be going to sing to you our first single called 'Back to you', thanks!" as loud applause booms in the room while the band started to play. "Back to you… it always comes around, back to you… I tried to forget you…I tried to stay away. But it's too late…"

"Xian sheng, nin xiang chi dian shen me?" (What would you like, sir?) Sakura asked, observing the different expressions of the customers.

"Where's that little rascal?" the girl in high ponytail heatedly holler at her seat. "I will surely kill him and his friends for coming late!"

"Relax! They'll be arriving soon." The coffee-haired man beside her assured coolly while bending forward and whispered something to the newly arrived guy. After sometime, the two guys look at where's Sakura's been standing.

Not again! The young Japanese cried out in her head as she continues to fake-smile.

"Anyway, you don't look angry… you look more excited in seeing Li." The spiked-haired guy stated as he turns his attention to the now surprised Sakura, "Ni gei tui jian dianr shen me?" (What do you recommend?) Flirtatiously smiling at the pretty waitress.

"A-A… we have Xi Hu yin yu." (Silver fish of the West Lake, Hangzhou) she worriedly suggest while browsing the whole place for certain well-off, chestnut-haired, soccer captain.

"I'm not excited, Shou. I'm annoyed because Tian and his gang are now performing on stage and yet his stupid cousin is still on the road!" the only female in the table interjects; a little envious of the looks her companion is giving the waitress.

"Shen me wei dao?" (What does it taste like?) Shou continue to ask, not bothering the crabby lady beside him.

"Fish." Sakura said matter-of-factly, Duh! This guy is so stupid! Commenting at the idiotic questions then writing down their orders.

"They're here!"

"Is that all, sir? Ma'am?" the now restless lady asks, ready to run away from the table. Oh, Please say yes! I don't want to take the risk!

"Really?" the lady said, looking at the man beside her that's elatedly waving its hands to the people at the door. "Ce suo zai na?" (Where is the bathroom?) Standing and turning around to the fidgety lady.

that part was very confusing, try to use the exact names since your way of describing was thoroughly confusing, i had to reread that paragraph at least 100 times, and i still do not understand -_- that says something
LovEInsanity chapter 15 . 12/6/2009
ah...please update come back to continue this fic please!
xxtrishxx chapter 15 . 6/5/2009
you ruin the moment u didnt continue...
ShadoWalker chapter 12 . 4/5/2009

WezL chapter 15 . 2/20/2009
I hope that you choose to continue this fic. I really enjoyed it and REALY want to read about some love confessions here! Keep up the great work, you are a wonderful writer and hope you update it again soon!
jsa chapter 15 . 12/14/2008
wah! tatlong taon at kalahati ka ng hindi naguupdate... wah please magupdate ka naman... please please please... ang ganda ganda ng story mo... sayang naman kung hindi mo itutuloy... wah... tatlong taon na kong naghihintay... so please please please update... maawa ka naman samin... hehehehe kahit saakin nalang XD
ham chapter 1 . 9/9/2008
I love your fanfic!

It's so awesome, funny, sweet and touching all at the same time!

I like how you weaved romance, humour and emotions all into one story! )

Hope to see you update soon! _
an angel of darkness chapter 15 . 6/7/2008

how can that be all ?

I want another chappie!

oh by the way, in response to your survey from chapter I x,... I am seventeen even though it is already too late.

Now, about the review...

what can I say?

with a flawless style you have charmed me and surprisingly you have attained my extremely high standarts in what I can consider an amazing story. The amount of fluff, drama and humor are just perfect I think and if I dare say yours has made it to my list of top 5 favorite stories... not that you really care about that but anyway... I think that I am really left with nothing much to say, for your writing is one of the ones that I consider most 'close to perfection'. somebody once said "nobody is perfect", I say, " nobody is perfect but we are bound to seek perfection and self improvement, if we didn't we woudn't really be human beings and we woudn't really feel; therefore, be happy to seek perfection but don't get mad for not reaching it" ( I know, long and booring quote, I just like it... so blame me...)

By the way, I really like how you make Syaoran talk about the chapters in the beginning. What I really find very thoughtful to all your reviwers (sorry for the bad spelling, English is something like my third or fourth language and haven't used it for quite a while... gomene...) is the list at the beginning, all your messages are very sweet despite the fact that I can't really understand some of them for they are in chinese or in another asian language...

Ano, you see, I'm spanish (from cataluyna) but came to ireland when I was quite young and then I also had the opportunity to study in switzerland for two years so I only know some latin languages, English and just a little bit of german...

it is only now that I became adicted to fanfiction that I am comign to learn some japanese, so sorry but i haven't yet been able to learn any asian language...

Anyway, I see from all your A/N that you are studing nursing; well, I am goign to go to college and it was quite hard choosing a degree... I see your birth day is in april, mine too but mine is the 4th...

agh... I think I'm blabbering again, must be the chocolate, I'm way too much of a chocoholic...

I think I've said pretty much all I wanted to say (and maybe a little bit too much, hehehe...).

All I can say is now congratulations and thank you for such an amazign fic, and now please give your poor begging readers another wonderful chapter..

Ja ne!

take care,

amy chapter 15 . 5/21/2008
Polaris-Sakura chapter 15 . 5/8/2008
Plz dont stop..
CheeseyCraziness chapter 15 . 4/11/2008
Please, someday, update.
ham chapter 11 . 3/24/2008
Your story is so cute and sweet ) I hope you keep writing

lol.. I'm quite boyish too P once I wore a skirt to school, and all my friends were like O.O; "OMGSH!" or "geez.." (in a nice way, of course xP) or "O.O.. woah.. *gasp*" XD

I think I'm turning boyish too P I learn karate, I got my hair cut short.. haha. You're one for a sense of humour P

I could edit your story, if you like. Your English is okay, but you just need to work on your tenses P

KEEP WRITING! I love your stories *w*
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