Reviews for Conquering Houenn
Br33zy chapter 9 . 7/17/2004
Hey you're GoldenLover from SPP huh? Yeah, you are!

Oh shnaps Breezy, you got something right for once!

But anyways, onto the review...

The first few chapters of your of your fic are really... well... big blocks of text pretty much especially around the dialogue parts. You usually start a new line when someone else starts speaking. You got better at though later on but I still see it every now and then.

Don't like using commas huh lol? Usually, at the end of a quote, you should use a comma if your not already using a exclamation point, period or question mark.

The flow is kinda odd (IMO anyways). Like it starts, then it stops at some points. That's just me though, I have weird taste in stories.

But on a smaller note...

Techincally, Melody can't be gay since guys are gay and girls are lesbians if they like the same sex. But I don't like the word lesbian so I'm fine with the word gay lol.

Anyways, you've got a good plot going along Home And Charmed! Keep up the good work!

LaTeR dAyZ!