Reviews for Adventures in Sunnydale
LightintheDarkess chapter 8 . 8/4/2007
good, i lov the way it's completly beliveable
Samantha-Shelby chapter 8 . 1/2/2007
That was really funny! Update if ya could please.
staralinga chapter 8 . 3/7/2006
this is really intereting you have to update soon
Saxifrage chapter 8 . 2/6/2006
LOL! what an...interesting story. xD This is hilarious, and it even has its own, UNIQUE demon! that makes me happy. i can't wait to read more! update soon!

k8 chapter 8 . 7/10/2005
that was a cool story, is the only reason y the scooby gang isn't offended is due 2 their inability 2 understand what IY is saying? plz upd8 soon :P
BAFling chapter 5 . 7/8/2005
You're not going to stop this are you? I'm hoping not. Whatever you do, I'll be waiting . (may you get the urge to continue writing this soon.) Good luck.
BAFling chapter 8 . 7/8/2005
Eheheh. I was right. This was great fun. So...naughty! O.o and therefore I loved it. I LOVED this chapter. One of my favorites. Even without the you-know-what part. Ah!
BAFling chapter 7 . 7/8/2005
Oh! Hahaha! This is going to be good!
BAFling chapter 6 . 7/8/2005
No, the ear thing this chapter was not bad. It was great, it was cute, it was romantic. It was sort of hot, too. (though how rubbing someone's ears could be considered hot, I don't know. Oh, yes. Because they're Inuyasha's and the one rubbing them is Kagome!) I didn't think that part was OOC at all. Cool chapter. Must go on. I might be interrupted once more and be forced to leave the story for days. Not a happy thought!
ToetalNnyfanatik chapter 8 . 7/5/2005
need... you... to ...update!johohouh (sorry, i'm tied to a chair and has to type withchin!)
Carree chapter 3 . 7/1/2005
it's spelled Xander not Zander, you were right in chapter 1. i sugjest you fix this, not to be cocky or pushy or anything but stuff like this inspires flamers.
BAFling chapter 4 . 6/28/2005
O.O col. I thought it was Kagome (Um...I guess I was SUPPOSED to figure it out, wasn't I?) Well, it's too good for me to stick around here talking to you, as nice as that is. Eheh. K', bye!
BAFling chapter 3 . 6/28/2005
Ooh! This is cool .
squirrelmaster chapter 8 . 6/12/2005
That Was Awsome! You MUST keep writing. I shall die if you don't. (Not literaly of course) Buffy/Inuyasha crossovers are awsome, especially yours.

Angel8818 chapter 8 . 4/30/2005
wicked story, luv the plot line and the way you made them meet and such

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