Reviews for Growing Up, Moving On
The Uncanny R-Man chapter 1 . 5/1/2004
Aw cute! Kitty kicks butt! Lazy slacking Logan and Jean! *shakes fist angrily* I woulda expected it from Logan but not jean!
Great stuff!
oldprydefan chapter 1 . 4/20/2004
If this is the last of this series, I'm going to be extremely sad. I love your treatment of these characters. I feel you have held far more true to what they were originally meant to be than most other authors I have come across. For a very long time, I avoided fanfic's that included Bobby Drake as a character because he was either made into the buffon of the bunch, or an irritating, rude, smart mouth that you wanted to punch in the face. And I have never seen him as either. He's actually one of the more "normal" X-Men, if there is such a thing. I had never considered pairing him with Kitty until I read your fics, but it definitely makes sense. The two would have much more in common than it would first appear. I'm glad to see someone sticking to what I feel are the real "core" personalities of the characters instead of shaping the personalities to fit the story.
KnowInsight chapter 1 . 4/20/2004
Pity it ended, but a damn fine ending if it has to end.
Well I guess I'll have to just make do with Fallen X-Angels. Nice thing to have to make do with though.
Great work luv.
In fact I'm a shameless promoter of your work. D
See ya later story teller.
Am _
shadowdancer chapter 1 . 4/19/2004
Aw. I HOPE this isn't going to really be the last one. Your writing is what got me to like this pairing and I can't find any elsewhere!
Please rethink your determination to end this here! I would definitely love to read more!
Beaubier chapter 1 . 4/19/2004
First off... HAHA! The idea of the Illyana/Bobby dream is just effing priceless. I have no idea where you got that... but I love it.
Also with the Kitty/Kurt cuteness that I love so much. Yay for quality time with the elf!
HAHAHA Kit's invention! And Hank's reaction! This was one of my favorite parts, I gotta say. Necessity truly *is* the mother of invention, as they say. And I can think of no greater need than having Bobby Drake "fully operational." Unless, of course, you count having Peter Parker... but I have to say that, since Bobby's yours, so don't be aggravated :D
The making out with powers is SO cool. I love what you did with Kit phasing through strategic pieces of clothing. For some reason, it's really fun, in a sick way, to come up with inventive ways for mutants to use their powers in bed... and damn you did a great job with it there.
Touching Logan moment- PERFECTLY DONE. That could've gone awry, but man did you handle it well. Funny how giving away an old bike can mean... so much. But... it's Logan. And it's so true.
Oh oh oh... I'm grinning. Second time reading it and I'm grinning. There are eight-thousand more bits in here that I wanted to point out and glomp you over, but ... ok I'm going on and on as is. M you made me love them together. Obviously. So much love!
I see what you mean, I totally have mixed feelings about this... it's sad cause it's over. But damn... good ending.
Jaenelle Angelline chapter 1 . 4/19/2004
Oh yeah, seriously no longer just a couple of kids! They're moving in togther, sleeping together...what's next, maybe a couple of kids? Hmm...that would be a sight to see. i dare Bobby to try remaining in ice form while Kitty's squeezing his hand while she tries to push a kid out...
Oh yeah, they'd better keep Lockheed out of the landlord's sight. or make an image inducer for him, too, and attach it to a collar or something so he thinks Kitty's pet dragon is just a large dog or something.
Hey, you really should keep this going, this was fun. Maybe show what happens, all the little downs and ups that come with moving in with someone else. Until your next story, two thumbs up!
Wishful Thinking2 chapter 1 . 4/19/2004
::weeps and wails morosely:: its over! ::sob:: done, deceased, dead, gone to meet its maker, joined the choir invisible! that makes for the second of my old favorites to finish. just promise me that you wont randomly pull this one off the net, kay? at least give me warning first if ya do!
now, besides the whole "end of an era" deal i have to cope with, theres a lot to be said about this chapter. mainly the couple's tendency to make out at randomly spasmodic intervals! i guess there wasnt an elevator at the mansion...
but i disgress.
i cant decide which is more entertaining, the way you treat poor jubes or the way kitty's nickname is becoming mary sue. ouch, thats too harsh, but you know what i mean, cause you had hank say it. i suppose she had pretty decent motivation, though. ack, i cant believe its over!
SilverCaladan chapter 1 . 4/19/2004
Ah, but you see, one-shots never remain one-shots. I don't know why... perhaps because we let others influence us? Or perhaps the plot ideas need expressing and what better way than an already established story? hehehe.

Anyway, to the reading and reviewing.

LOL I love the part about Hank having to defend his "title" as video game champion... it is obvious he would have to. I mean what kind of parent wants to get shown up by their kids? Especially on video games and other technology.

M nice ending line. Very... final. As I'm sure you intended.
But I loved this part; it was so wonderful. I really must thank Beaubier for "forcing" you to write it. _.

~ SilverCaladan ~
Caliente chapter 1 . 4/18/2004
Oh no... that sounds final. Does that mean it's over? *cries* I don't know if I'll recover. It's so funny that you posted this 'cause I was JUST telling Beaubier that I was hoping for another one. YAY! *grins* But it's sorta bittersweet, ya know? Yeah... Anyway, I REALLY liked it - especially the parts with the fuzzy dudes. The world loves its blue furry men. _~ And, Jubilee was cute. I liked Logan's cameo and gift - it was all good. Muy bien. Anyway, I'll just hope for more of your writing... I have come to love the Bobby/Kitty pairing. All becaues of you. The truth, a la Caliente. Anyway, I've rambled on quite enough. Point? Write MORE soon plz! Your own stuff AND Fallen X-Angels. :D Adios.
- Caliente
a.k.a. Lexi
The Scribe3 chapter 1 . 4/18/2004
Great job Sue, and great ending. I'm kind of sad to see it go but great way to end it. Can't wait for Fallen Angels, and I'm working on my fic too, UE should be up by tommorrow, and the adventures later this week i hope. Anyway great job
Harry2 chapter 1 . 4/18/2004
Well Sue, While I am sorry to see this little saga end, I will continue to read and review your material. And I hope that Kitty and Bobby have a long and happy life together, with many visits from Logan, Jean and Kurt. And also, you need to finish up a little cliffhanger from the story that started this all: Jean and Logan getting hitched! PLEASE, finish that tale up!
Risty chapter 1 . 4/18/2004
First - aw!
Everything wrapped up, and I don't even have to worry about Bobby not getting any because he can't control his power. Thanks!
Seriously, once again, well written, nicely characterised, etc etc. Having the anecdotes about life at the mansion was a nice touch. I can just see Scott following Jean around like a puppy dog...
Great stuff.