Reviews for Lock Down
Fairytale Syndrome chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
Oh please update!
Kim chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
I thought this chapter was interesting.

Um, I'm talking about the physical-touch feel type, cause there's the thing that says if you die in a dream you could die in real life. I don't know, I just thought it was interesting.

But anyway, I enjoyed this chapter, and I'm looking forawrd to the next one.
daniel-gudman chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
Just wanted to point out that steel has a higher compressive strength then concrete-ie, the concrete would chip away to reveal a steel skeliton, not the other way around. Concrete buildings, like brick buildings, run into a problem once they get to about ten stories tall-the weight of the building exceeds the strength of the material on the first floor, so it collapses.

Keep up the good work.
sarahlovesDBZ chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
Hey again! Thanks for updating. I love this story and I can't wait to read about InuYasha's mommy, and all that! Plus, I forgot if reviwed your other story 'The Sealed Garden' but I totally love that fic too! Update soon...later,

Lady Akina chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
What happened to Kagome? What was that medallion?

PLease hurry and post another chapter. UPDATE!

-Baby K
KAWAII Little Wolf chapter 14 . 7/29/2004
Coolie! Please update soon! I really enjoy this story and I'm dieing to know what the two girls know that we don't! It was a great chapter and please update when you can!

Ja ne
sarahlovesDBZ chapter 13 . 7/29/2004
Hi again! Wow I didn't think that Kagome would have another flashback in front of everyone. But I guess Kaede already knows something about Kagome and her dreams. But oh yeah I already read 'Transcending a Dynasty' a long time ago, on Iridescent Dreams. But thanks anyways! Until next time, later

Kim chapter 13 . 7/26/2004
Oh, this just got way more interesting. I love it XD! It does kinda remind me of JadeWing's story TAD, but this definitely has a different twist, and it's great! Anyway, I enjoyed reading this chapter, and I hope the next comes out soon. _

I'm wondering... if someone saw something from the past so clearly, could their mind portray it as being real and they could feel whats happening around them as though they were there?

Sorry, I'll shut up.
SkyWolf chapter 13 . 7/20/2004
I LOVE IT EVEN MORE! i can't wait till the next chapter, please update asap! i will check every day on my Author Alerts! well, ttyl!

Amped-Chaos chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
No cliffie! Oh well. I love the story. Please update soon! I would like to see Kagome doing something with her powers. Please! :P

P.S. You have a really great writing talent!
Komugi chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
poor ppl,they never new what hit em -_-
Douteki Dyuo chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
I LUFF your story. It's very interesting and makes me wanna keep on going. Update as soon as you can please! I can't wait to know what happens next.

Fairytale Syndrome chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
Out of body expeirences are pretty cool! Update soon please!
Trina3 chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
your story freekin' rocks socks and safety pins! lol it is really well wrote. i cant wait for you to update!
luckykittykagome chapter 13 . 7/19/2004
Wow, that's creepy with the probing thing. But ingenous. . Now with her going back to witness it. Yay! Sorry I don't know what to say. I just woke up...I like your description, and the idea of them just building over the old city. Making Keade and totosai the elders in charge was perfect. Answer to your disclaimer. Yes you can dream, for i do. Bu they never come true, just a warning. I understand and figured there wasn't going to anything going on between miroku and Kagome in that way. But it is conveint. That way they can talk outside the underground area and not be all suspicious. And if she were to hang out with him, it should be expected, but in their case, it's only for the rebellion, and everyone else, like the goverment thinks they are just getting used to each other. So that was good. I'm glad you assigned her to miroku and not say hojo. Ok i will review on mext chapter. Till then, have fun with the stories!

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