Reviews for Friends Again
Zeon of the Twilight Blade chapter 1 . 5/5/2005
Continue this story...Please continue this a matter of fact I'd be happy to help with story Idea ect. So PLEASE continue this story, it has so much potential!

P.S. No isn't really an option...I'll bug you till you say yes or you kill me...kinda like some suikoden characters.
reia-chan chapter 1 . 4/30/2004
awfully good. would've been better if there were a little more adjectives. i *heart* it! _ keep writing! _
ChiByakko chapter 1 . 4/23/2004
I for one, very much would have loved the option of saving Jowy and still having Riou rule the country (though I liked them travelling around too. _) But Jowy living and having a place with everyone is the sweetest ending ever!
Your writing, character voices and descriptions are all quite solid, and this is a nicely readable piece. As a one-shot, it's lovely. As a chapter of a multi-part-fic, it could be great! BUT, (had to have something like that in this review somewhere) It seems like Jowy was welcomed a little too easily to me. Riou undoubtedly wouldn't think twice about welcoming him back, nor would Nanami, but everyone else would probably have a bit of doubt... at least I imagine they might. As a one-shot, these doubts are probably too much to go into anyway. If you plan on making it a multi-part fic, however, you may want to give voice to a few doubts from the army and castle inhabitants, and even some of Riou's friends and allies. Even Vic and Flik may keep an eye on the boy, while still more or less accepting him on their leader's word.
These are just ideas, 'cause I'd love to see more. (I adore Jowy! He deserves a happy-ending too!) Great fic! _