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summerpoint chapter 31 . 7/17/2015
This story is phenomenal, simply amazing, heck this is hands down one of the best Dom and Letty stories ever written! It was so passionate, emotional and loving all at the same time and I have to admit that I'm a little sad that it's over. I loved how you kept the characters and their attitudes true to the movie series; and I fell in love with your OC Adrian even though he pulled a dick move on Letty's birthday. The dialogue is exceptionally written which greatly contributed to make the plot/story line fantastic. I would love to read your epilogue for this story, maybe you could make it a couple chapter long "hint, hint."

Thank you for the great read,

Ugh chapter 29 . 7/28/2014
Letty's mother kind of makes me sick. It's like she wants her daughter to be in an a us ice relationship.

Think about it: Letty started dating Dom when she was 15! She has never really dated anyone except for Dom-she has zero life experience. But somehow Letty's idiotic mother allows her to get married to a man who goes to jail when Letty is barely what-17/18?! LEtty of course stays constant to the man she loves. For forbid that a girl gets a chance to meet other guys other than the one she met at age 15- because they are "soul mates" ( yeah right!). And then that man gets out of jail (while Letty has been working her ass off for years to keep HIS family afloat) and he deliberately and purposely cheats on their MARRIAGE (Because apparently not only does SHE not mean anything to him, but neither does the sanctity of marriage mean anything to him. ). Instead of going up to Letty and asking her to explain- because after all this is his WIFE! the woman he is supposed to love and respect-he jumps to conclusions and purposely does the most hurtful thing he can think of. That kind of a man will NEVER change. Ever. And worse is when he comes to ask her forgiveness, instead of truly apologizing or begging, he tells her that he knows SHE loves him. (Cocky much?! No humility, no remorse, just her same cocky asshole). Notably him cheating and sleeping around with other girls is EXACTLY what he did in chapter 3/4- he tells tiny that Letty is worthy waiting for and then Immediately starts sleeping around with other girls!

But the reason I think Letty's mother makes me sick is that she literally tells her daughter that Dom is the "only one" for her. She tells entry that she isn't strong enough to live without Dom?! WTF?! Shirty think for a mother to say-and untrue! Letty lives without Dom for two years (because of his stupid mistake!). Of COURSE she is strong enough to live without Dom! She tells Letty that if she leaves Dom that she'll regret it for the rest of her life!

Note that Letty's mom doesn't ask her what she wants. She just tells her that she's stuck with a man who treats her like shit (on purpose ) and that Letty just has to accept it because "he's her one and only". What a sad and pathetic some t to say to a twenty year old woman who has her whole life ahead of her!

She is so glib saying that of course Letty can work it out with Dom. She takes DOM's side over her own daughter. It's so sad that she doesn't want or expect better for Letty. (Kind of pathetic really ). (And what kind of CATHOLIC mom allows her 17-18 year old daughter to get married-knowing it is considered a lifelong commitment with no possibility of divorce?!).

And the worst part is the Dom NEVER has to suffer through Letty dating (really dating) someone else. Where is HIS suffering ? Where does he get to feel his heart ripped out?! His many chances does this asshole get to screw around and hurt Letty?

I was soo proud of your for not having her promise that they'd get back together-not reassuring him after all he did- but you are quickly having her to back in that-and forgive him too quickly.

Remember back a bunch of chapters when Dom hurts Letty deeply at the college fair and she tells him to remember her forgiving him when she messes up?! Dom coming home to find her gone would have been the perfect time for him to show he's a man and can at least give her the benefit of the doubt!

Maybe Letty has no self worth or self respect because he dad died early in her life? Or because maybe her mother taught her that women are to worth anything. Why else would she allow Dom to fuck her AFTER he purposely sleeping with other women right in front if her in order to hurt her?! Letty is stronger than that. Tyne only explanation for her giving in to Dom when he is being the worst ass in history is that she (deep down inside) doesn't have any self worth.

It was nice to see her start to stand up for herself-but she is right: Dom makes her weak (not strong). Instead of standing up and demanding to be treated like a person (much less like a cherished wife) she just falls under Dom's spell- she just can't control herself. Sad.

I was hoping your finishing this and show Dom REALLY having to work to earn her back. Maybe show Letty dating and meeting guys and realizing that there are other (good) options than a man who can't treat her well-who thinks nothing of betraying his wedding vows and the woman he supposedly loves (repeatedly) because he's having a hissy fit. It would do Dom some good to have to watch Letty actually explore other men/options. It's just too bad you had them get married (seriously who are you kidding with that?!).
TRINIK chapter 26 . 6/11/2014
Oh my God! This was perfect!

I was going to write that I noticed that Dom says that Letty loves him but not that he loves her, but then you had LETTY say it for me! Brilliant! She is awesome here and I'm glad she isn't just taking his sorry ass back. As she says he PURPOSELY hurt her in the worst way possible (after they were married nonetheless) while she worked her ass off for him. There is NO making up for that or his words to her earlier. And Dom coming and trying to sex her up to get her to forgive him SHOULD be met with the cold shoulder. HE restored any trust she had in him (on purpose, again).

Letty:. "It's what you haven't said here today that sets me free Dom. You haven't said that you love me. And that's what hurts the most."

Yes. Exactly! His "apology" was laced with "but it was your fault too". That is not an apology. What mind of a man acts like that?!

Make his ass WORK for her. :-)

More stories please!
LifenthewayIseeit chapter 31 . 4/30/2014
Very Good Story. Loved It.
Guest chapter 28 . 2/26/2014
This chapter was confusing. It started out really good even up to Letty meeting up with Dom. He was so sweet trying to tell her how much he had worked to change for her: making up with the team, enrolling in classes, etc. Then you have them start to kiss and I thought "ok-too fast. They should kiss and then leave on that high note" but instead you have them go home together. Ok. Maybe it's mutual? But then you have Dom playing with letty and doing everything EXCEPT intercourse and she (appropriately) gets frustrated. I think people are too into the "everything other than intercourse doesn't count" attitude. Sort of the letter of the law instead of the spirit of the law. Either they are making love (which includes everything thy did and more) or they aren't. The way you write it feels just like letty says, that he's controlling things.

I think a better way would have been for him to ask her if this is what she wanted. To acknowledge that she said they would wait and then ask if she really wants to. The way you wrote it it's like he's teasing her. And not in a good way.
Guest chapter 27 . 2/25/2014
Letty continues to be a better person than Dom will ever be. I love that she promises that IF she does start seeing someone else, it won't be just to hurt him. Because SHE is a decent human being!

I don't like that Mia is so gung-ho for them to be back together. She knows more than anyone how hurtfurl Dom's actions were to Letty and how hard Letty worked while Dom was away. How can she expect Letty to just forgive and forget? It takes so much more than just love for a real relationship!
Guest chapter 26 . 2/24/2014
wow! another great chapter. In the beginning, you had Letty start to forgive him too soon. I'm tired of the whole "I love him so much I can't control myself, I can't live without him" bullshit. She can live without him, she's had to for several years, and the fact that he's a controling, jerk who can't show her the respect he owes her should not endear him to her.
He's still too cocky! She says "You don't love me and I don't want this" and what does he answer? does he say "yes, i DO love you, I love you so much?", No, instead he says to Letty "you love me". ASS!

I'm glad she ripped him a new one for having sex with her after all those skanks! I can't believe she let him convince her to marry him before she went in, when he wouldn't even touch her. why did she trust him? If he really thought he was "polluting" her, he wouldn't have married her. What was in it for her (marrying him)?

THEN, you got it perfect! She spits in his face and he FINALLY starts groveling as he should have been doing from the start. He says he's sorry, that he fucked up (damn right he did) and that it was all a mistake (pretty fucking HUGE mistake!). And then he has the gall to say it doesn't mean anything? Maybe Letty should sleep with a bunch of guys and tell Dom that it doesn't mean anything... see how he takes it...

Then HE gets angry at her?! he says he came to make things right? How? buy berating her into admitting she loves him? by barely apologizing to her? by not acknowledging how hurtful his actions were? by blowing off his sleeping with multiple women (WHILE HE WAS MARRIED) as not a big deal? are you kidding DOM?

I love that you have her say that she gave him everything she could and now its time for her to live. YES! perfect! She did give him everything and he threw it in her face. Now she shouldn't have to work towards him. it's all on him now. I love how she tells him that she won't regret it or look back. He should understand how serious she is. I love that she realizes that all he brings her is tears in her life. I hope he realizes it too.

And my absolute favorite part is that she calls him on the fact that even though he came to get her back he didn't say he loves her! Not until she prompted him. You LOST OUT Dom, and it serves you right for being a petty, childish person. He finally says he wont hurt her, that he'll drink a whole bottle of his pride. He should have done that first and maybe she would have forgiven him.

And I like seeing Dom break down, choke up, panic as he realizes she is serious. And I love that she tells him he has to be a man WITHOUT her, that she can't be the one to fix him, that he has to fix himself! She says that she used to trust him, used to believe in him, but he broke that with his actions. Now he has to pick up the pieces. She doesn't owe him a damn thing!
Guest chapter 25 . 2/24/2014
wow! Amazing chapter (and whole story really). I know I found waaay afte you wrote it, but if you are still checking in, you should know that your story kicks ass!

Dom is such an ass, I'm really not sure that Letty *should* take him back. Sure he comes to see her, but his very first words should have been: "I'm sorry, i was an ass, I am so so sorry".

Then he says he was pissed because she didn't trust him to be a man. Well it looks like she made the right choice didn't she? After all, the first thing he did was to PURPOSELY do everything he could to hurt her (and knowing that they were married only makes this a hundred times worse). It was his idea to get married in the first place, and (shocker) he doesn't respect his marriage vows. Not like any of us expected him to...

Letty is absolutely right to throw it back in his face (repeatedly). He is NOT the man she wrote those for. The man she loved would have listened to her side. Would not have had to read her private journals without her permission to know she loved him and was trying for him. And now he is goading her into telling HIM how much she loves him? where are HIS declarations of love? seems like HE is the one who owes her, not the other way around. How could she want to get together with someone who not only broke her heart, but did it ON PURPOSE?

and finally, near the bottom of the page, he actually says he's sorry. Too little, too late Dom.

I am glad that his touch doesn't soothe her. She SHOULDN'T get over his actions soon, or easily. Please don't have her give in to his childish, cheating, man-whore self right away! He does not deserve her. Make him grovel...

I also love how you pepper in some hilarious humorous lines:
Vince went to work for harry because he coudn't stand working for someone so stupid.
"That's a mighty insult coming from Vince" ROTFLMAO! seriously laughing in public right now...
Trini chapter 29 . 2/17/2014
Ch 29. Ok so I'm not sure I like Letty's mom. On the good side she doesn't say "well all men cheat" like in so many of these stories. On the other hand she says a bunch of bullshit like "you are not strong enough to survive without him"?! And he's the only one for you?!

Seriously? She is definitely strong enough to survive without him. If they get together if should be by choice NOT because she "can't" live without him.
Trini chapter 28 . 2/17/2014
I'm not sure how I feel about chapter 28. You were doing so well with a strong letty and I didn't even mind that meeting with Dom where they start to connect. But then you had them go home together and do everything except have sexual intercourse. It's weird in the modern world people seem to think that him giving her orgasms by other means "doesn't count" as sex?! Dom doing that but not having sex is kind of like honoring the letter of the law and not the spirit of the law... I'm pissed that she gave in so fast but at least she acknowledges that she is letting him have too much control. She needs to gain more equality in their relationship!
Trini chapter 26 . 2/17/2014
Chapters25/26 are amazing! I was all set to point out that Dom is his usual asshole self, point out to letty that SHE loves Him, but never himself says that he loves her when you had letty point it out to him! Fantastic! He barely apologizes. He hurt her, on purpose, by sleeping around (not to mention abandoning his marriage vows). And then AFTER reading her innermost thoughts and feelings in her journals he still barely apologizes. He should have come to her, without his pride, and begged on his knees for her forgiveness. He should have up front acknowledged how wrong he was, how much hurt he caused her, and prayed that she would forgive him. Instead he cockily throws in her face that she loves him and assumes that a simple "sorry" and a little pampering are enough. Wow!

I LOVE that you are writing a strong letty. Hope it keeps up. He needs to so some major penance to get her back after what he did!
duchessduchie chapter 31 . 1/28/2013
This was an amazing read and fic. Thank you so much for writing and posting it.
Paommt chapter 31 . 11/5/2012
Good Story!
Shawnied777 chapter 31 . 10/3/2011
OMG! This story was SO good! Very funny, sad, heartwarming and honest. You did a fantastic job with it and I really hope that one day you write the epilogue!
Mami chapter 31 . 9/27/2011
*wistful sigh* un-f*cking-belivably good. Better then the movie.
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