Reviews for A Kiss
Aurora chapter 9 . 2/17/2017
WHY! You just leave it at a cliff hanger and didnt post any more chapters!
kyuki619 chapter 9 . 1/15/2015
kyuki619 chapter 5 . 1/15/2015
hahaha poor hermione and harry is amuse by her grandparents stories...
H-Hr lovebirds chapter 1 . 12/27/2014
make more plz!
angelyca chapter 8 . 7/10/2010
i don't want to be mean and correct you but Luna's dad's name is Xavier
angelyca chapter 9 . 7/10/2010
why the huge cliffy? you have to write more!
hotskittles chapter 3 . 4/3/2005
great update!
Eryka chapter 9 . 3/29/2005
oh my gosh! how could he do that!
Eryka chapter 5 . 3/29/2005
you make me happy!
Eryka chapter 1 . 3/29/2005
cho chang is evil!
stephanie chapter 9 . 3/28/2005
plz tell me your gonna write !MORE!MORE!
som1reading chapter 9 . 3/27/2005
It's very good, it's a little boring but still fun. Sirius seems like he might be someone using polyjuice potion.
Sierra chapter 1 . 2/3/2005
Hey Katie! I've only read the first chapter so far but I LOVE IT! It is a little wierd though, you know reading a Harry/Hermione fic esspecially when we all know that it so should be RON/Hermione! Anyways, love the story! Laterz!
chantal-j.t chapter 8 . 1/31/2005
Good story ..keep going !
Calimbor chapter 6 . 1/8/2005
Well your story is nice enough, the only thing I can put my finger on is you swich a lot with using theese - "(a dialog) " and just writing ; - and then Harry said he'd help...its a little anoying but nothing "major"

you might also want to use double line distance...since its too much squesed together and slightly tireing to read.
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