Reviews for The Will Changes
Older than Dirt chapter 1 . 2/14/2006
I like this, even if it is more a scene than a story. I thought the first person worked fairly well in this case.

While I don’t mind the Rumina-x-Rori relationship, since he does such a good job of being her “perfect knight, sans peur et sans reproche”, I was wondering just where they were going with the Rumina-x-Chelsea thing, too. In fact, until I watched the end of the anime, I was wondering if they were setting it up so Ruri would die saving the world from the dragons at the end of the story, leaving Chelsea and Rumina to console each other.

Anyway, the world needs more Tokyo Underground stories!
Lanky Bugger chapter 1 . 10/10/2005
Very well written.

I'm personally a fan of the Chelsea/Rumina pairing, but I do like the way it's treated in the actual anime. I'm probably going to go off on a bit of a rant here, but what the heck.

Ruri is not someone Rumina knows, so that's why he goes to all the lengths to get her back. He's not really had the chance to get to know her. He doesn't know her faults. Just like his plan right in the beginning to get the "Rosey High School Life" (probably didn't get that one quite right...), Ruri fits into his idea of what a relationship should be. Chelsea he disregarded, at first, and then with the whole point of the quest, he probably felt that going after Chelsea would have been... I guess unfaithful would be the word.

Anyways, sorry to go off on a tangent. Great work.
Guest chapter 1 . 9/13/2005
Please update "This Kiss"
cuteanimechibi16 chapter 1 . 8/26/2005
YaaY! a tokyo underground Fic! and a rumina/chelsea pairing! woohoo! very, and i mean VERY well-written! good Job! could this get any better?

hope you can update soon! good luck! :-D
ProtoBlues chapter 1 . 5/3/2005
After Kourin asked the question, Chelsea was blushing too. I nearly died laughing when Kourin said that...
palupa chapter 1 . 12/7/2004
YES! A TOKYO UNDERGROUND FIC! *claps* bravo! well done! I am so happy that its Rumina/Chelsea! I cant stand Ruri! GR! ... ;; anyway.. good job! i hope we'll be seeing more fics for this anime!

about Flame of Recca.. i really hate Yanagi too.. but i like the pairing fuuko and tokiya.. not fuuko and recca but you know.. everyone has their own opinions _

well good job

until next time, ja ne
Seonaid Mist chapter 1 . 7/1/2004
AH! Rumina/Chelsea! XD I’m SO happy! And you’re SO right! Rumina/Chelsea pairing is WAY better than Rumina/Ruri! I mean, gah, girl with healing powers with the oh-so-cute attitude and needed to be saved every damn episode of an animé is SO clichéd...that goes to Recca/Yanagi too! XP I think Rumina/Chelsea’s cuter! YEAH! ...sorry, I don’t like damsel-in-distress animé-girls very much. Everyone gets hurt for her and she does nothing but wait for them to rescue her...I HATE those kinda girls...I wish that it really was Rumina/Chelsea in the animé... o_O; Oops, too much said... P

Um, anyway, good story! It’s very well-written...And, judging by Rumina’s attitude, he’s most likely to be a Type B than A. Ruri’s more of the Type A... XD I talk too much...

Nyweiz, good job! Do more (PLEASE? *puppy-dog eyes*)! _ I’m always here to watch out for more TokyoUnderground ficcies (BTW, I’ve only watch till the...*counts*...9th episode. ; yeah and am reading this with the spoilers and all. P Gah...I REALLY talk too much...) _

Takari-san chapter 1 . 5/1/2004
Yey! a Tokyo Underground fic! _ and Rumina/Chelsea too... _ I really like this fic and how it was written, it's great...
Kebinu chapter 1 . 4/27/2004
Dagnabbit, I was planning to be the first on to write a Tokyo Underground fic. I congratulate you for beating me to it... although I do disagree with you on your coupling preference. Not to spoil anything, but... I suggest you see the last four episodes as soon as possible.
kurooha chapter 1 . 4/27/2004
Hi! I'm spanish girl, so I can't write very well in english, but wuoah! This it's the first fic about Tokyo Underground! I like it! I like Rumina/Chelsea too! XDD
I hope you make another fic with Rumina/Chelsea! XD
Oh! I like those escenes too! But I read the manga.
Ja Ne!