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Cybertoy00 chapter 51 . 8/25/2004
This is getting to be a one heckuva story. I'm amazed how you turned a minor character like Dantz into a major one! Are other minor characters gonna make appearences? Like Perl, from MOTB? Or Bola and Klaymoore from MML2?
Genoscythe chapter 50 . 8/24/2004
Jeez, I didn't think I'd ever finish reading this story (not like that would be a bad thing). This is easily the best Megaman Legends fanfic I've read, and one of the best fanfics I've read overall. All of the characters are portrayed perfectly, and since I love the Bonnes so much (BEST MEGAMAN ) that makes it all the better. Unfortunately, I've never played that Tron game, so I don't have a full understanding of who Dantz is. Still, just reading your fanfic makes me feel like I know him already. The humor you've added is great too, better than most 'comedy' fanfics. And nice tribute to the original Megaman ;)

btw, your 'Iscreme cone' pun cracks me up every time I read it. I'm surprised nobody else mentioned it before.
White-Winged Angel chapter 50 . 8/23/2004
O, looks like Mega Man might be meeting up with Data again! (does the Data happy dance) Seriously, Data's dance is fun! I'm so weird! XD
Feldinaut chapter 49 . 8/22/2004
...And now I've waited TOO long to review. A perfect medium, it seems, DOES NOT EXIST. So for now, just a short summary from all the chapters I've read. If I need to elaborate later, I'll go back to each chapter and do so.


I noticed an abrupt change in your writing style at the beginning of chapter 44. Poor Roll's situation is dealt with rather comically, more so even than usual. It doesn't make too much of a difference AFTER we learn that Gramps, Quackard, and Data are still alive, but in the earlier parts of the chapter, the tone seems awkward, especially after the dramatic scene at the end of chapter 43.

Ex. "Roll adjusted her dusty red cap as she watched the television. 'Um...I think you killed my grandfather, or something...' She was obviously too busy checking out Mega Man's fictional adventures to pay attention to reality."

That line just had me going, "...Wha?"

I thought the scene in the Main Gate was absolutely brilliant, one of my favorite parts in the story. That's the thing about video games. They're all about action, so they have to have some conflict in the story. In a fanfic you can work around that. Interesting move for you to take advantage of that.

Now maybe I missed something, but I'm still not too clear on what Glyde is intending to accomplish with the Garoona Klang. Revenge on the Bonnes/Casketts seems a bit too weak of a motive to build such a massive weapon, and so is just a routine pirating gig. So I'm curious as to what he's up to, for the long-term. Guess I need to do some back-reading.

I caught a few typos here and there, but didn't think I'd bother you with them. But if that's something you appreciate I can e-mail them.
WhiteWings88 chapter 48 . 8/21/2004
Hehe, nice one with the hamburger place n_n I never really looked into the place. Hey, in the game, can you actually go inside it? I never knew if you could and I can't check for myself for a while. anyways, keep up the good work. (though, I think you went through the adventures through the Main Gate a bit to breifly, but that's just me n_n;;)
Pureauthor chapter 47 . 8/21/2004
Hm... a very good story, so far. One little gripe is that the chapters could be slightly longer, but, given your freakish pace of updating, it's a moot point.

Good job.
How Could You chapter 47 . 8/20/2004
Hey! I'm back again! I'm really impressed with all that stuff that MegaMan pulled on MegaMan Juno. I was expecting MegaMan to crack at any moment, or for him to slip or something. Anyway, I still don't think that Juno is gone for good yet...something tells me you've got another plan up your sleeve...*Narrows Eyes*

Fallen Templar chapter 46 . 8/20/2004
Hey this is a pretty good story. I can hardly wait to see the next chapter!
Anonymus Or however you spell it chapter 44 . 8/18/2004
Oh, its only a matter of time before Data and MegaMan meet up again! I'm so excited, make it soon!

Feldinaut chapter 37 . 8/14/2004
Yeah, okay, so I said I was going to review in chunks. I have startling news for you: I AM FICKLE.


So, a digging contest? That cunning Amelia! Sounds like... AN EXCITING ADVENTURE! And... Barrel needs to put some clothes on before a draft comes through and he gets charged with indecent exposure.

EEK, Gary returns! You know, the Roll vs. Tron thing is entertaining, but the fight I'M waiting to see is Glyde vs. Gary in the ultimate girly-man slap fight.

As for the Jabberjaw song... Could it be... JABBERJAW?
Feldinaut chapter 36 . 8/14/2004
Oh my gosh. You made a French/Freedom joke. Along with the Hanna Barbera comment, I have to wonder... Are you reading my mind? If so, please stop. It's scary.

Well, I took out my pocket French/English dictionary. Your spelling of "espion" is correct, and you even got the gender and grammar right too. CONGRATURATION!


Well you're much keener than I am when it comes to the police. I didn't notice that. But now that I think about it, you're absolutely right. And no, I don't think your portrayal is much of a stretch at all, considering that.

Aha! So Roll and Tron finally meet! Hooray for catfights! "It was too bad that she couldn't control her temper like Tron." BEST. LINE. EVER.

And Dantz's logic is so... Wow. He's kinda dumb.

Oh, the plots! Oh, the twists! Wherever are you going with this? As usual, I can't wait to find out!
Feldinaut chapter 34 . 8/13/2004
...Not entirely sure why this discussion about other Mega Man series is going on when it has been confirmed this fanfic doesn't even involve them... *AHEM!*

Moving on, Sir Aaron of the D, your reviews. ((I find I write them best in bulk, so I hope you don't mind not hearing from me for a while... Assuming you value them at all...hehe...*cough*))


The battle with the I.A.S. Glyde was rad, ramming, aftermath, and everything. And the explanation of the initials (which I was wondering about) was SO in character.

Wow. The scene with Roll and the break-in was quite the twist. That little hussy! I like how you handle her character. It's so different from the games and yet... It's refreshing to see this new Roll. She has a lot of personality (even if she isn't my one of my favorite characters).

Like the love, SQUARE (possibly pentagon?) you're building up. I honestly hadn't even considered what would happen when the two parties would meet, and now I'm really excited to see how it's going to work out! There are so many possibilities... And I'm sure you won't disappoint me!

So far into this story but it still feels like you're just getting going! Awesome! Can't wait to see your alternate-reality version of Legends 1!

((And I'm sorry. I have no idea where your "oysters and clams" quote comes from, but I still find it really hilarious.))
Sorry that's wrong chapter 1 . 8/13/2004
I was reading your Reviews and I saw someone make a mistake on the history of MegaMan X and MegaMan. I just couldn't help but shed the light on this very dark spot.

Dear Cybertoy00,

You are right that Dr. Light created MegaMan and MegaMan X, but he did not upgrade MegaMan into MegaMan X. That is wrong thinking. MegaMan X and MegaMan are two different people. MegaMan Trigger was found by Barrel and Roll but was not downgraded, he just lost his memory until Yuna told him everything. And how do you know that X was found and used to creat Megaman Trigger?

Well, I just had to clear that up. If you want any more info on the history of MegaMan X or MegaMan then just use the reveiw board, hehe I don't have an email addy.

Sorry I just had to clear that up, I hate it when someone is mislead about my favorite video game.

How Could You chapter 33 . 8/13/2004
Well, I'm back, and I must say except for the loss of Data and the occasional mistypes, the story is going very well. Thank you so much for bringing Data back! If you kill him off again I will have Zero hunt you down and kill you!
moonymonster chapter 29 . 8/12/2004
Heh...but it'd be Thomas X. Light, not Thomas J!


"It's head flew off in a ear-splitting crash."

"It's" should be "its", because 'its' is a possessive whereas 'it's' is a shortening for 'it is.' Therefore, your sentence translates into:

"It is head flew off in a ear-splitting crash."

noo, I don't think we like that one. Also, the 'a' needs to become an 'an'. (Hehe.) The reason the 'n' goes in is to separate the 'a' from a vowel. (I have a note on this in my profile, but I'll be nice and put an example here anyway.)

AN Oddball.

A monkey.

AN ear.

A rabid fangirl. (Beware.)

Otherwise, nice!

Dantz sure is stupid, though...

And don't worry, the explanation wasn't directed at you or anything...someone else mentioned the Three Laws, so I just HAD to justify myself. Plus I felt like it.

Moony Story-AND-Grammar Rating: 10.6.
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