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Feldinaut chapter 29 . 8/11/2004
You update SO fast that by the time I get my Author Alert, read, and review a new chapter, the previous chapter and ITS reviews still haven't shown up yet. _

You go, Dantz! You rock that place, hardcore!

Diggerlauncher... Hehe...

So, SO glad to hear about your policy on crossovers. I really hadn't seriously thought that was the way you were going, but now that I think about it... It would have made me cry to see some melodramatic reploid tale start to show up, especially this far into the story. Oh how I would have cried...
Feldinaut chapter 28 . 8/11/2004
*possible spoilers*

And the plot keeps on truckin'!

Ah ha, Glyde. What a crazy guy.

Looks like Roll's feelings are coming an interesting way. Good scene, there. Really makes me anxious about Dantz's return.
Keyblader Chad chapter 27 . 8/11/2004
man this story is excellent so far, i wish i had megaman legends , i played legends 2 but that's it, ah well. anyway excellent story
Cybertoy00 chapter 27 . 8/11/2004
Ha ha ha! Fun-ee! Ah, the workings of the authorities! And the cameo of the classic Megaman is a good welcome. I would like to give you a brief glimps of what I believe to be the Megaman family tree-

DR. Light



(Upgraded to)

Megaman X

Here's where things get intersesting. I guess during the Master's time in Elysium, Megaman X's remains were converted into a Purifier unit. MEGAMAN TRIGGER!

Megaman Trigger


Megaman Volnutt

See, it works like this. DR. Light made Megaman in the first series, then upgraded him into a Reploid called X. Much, much, much, MUCH later, X's remains were used to create a Purifier unit called Trigger. After Trigger's battle with Mother unit Sera, Trigger had to reconfigure his body into that of a human baby's, starting life anew, and storing his old memories into Data for future reference. later, Barrel Casket found Lil' Mega and Data in Nino Island's ruins, but couldn't tell anyone where he found them, so Lil' Mega had to take the surname "Volnutt". Baby Volnutt was given the name Megaman by Barrel's grandaughter, Roll, after her favorite videogame. And the rest is, well, history!
Feldinaut chapter 27 . 8/10/2004
Well, this chapter was a surprise! I hadn't expected to see those two until much later. You always leave me wondering how these things are going to work together... Bet it's gonna be great!
Feldinaut chapter 26 . 8/10/2004
*possible spoilers*

Review time again? Why yes. Yes it is. Let the snarfyness begin.

26 - Oh, I see what you're doing. That quote of Roll's about sometimes ending a show with no hints at all is what you're doing here, isn't it? Tricky!

Good chapter. I didn't think the TV show was going to play a serious part in the plot! I can't tell whether you were trying to make things like the Mega Man cartoon, since I've never seen it, but either way, you did a good job of writing a really corny-sounding cartoon. It reminds me of my youth.

One thing I'm wondering about that you might want to address sometime is why Dantz doesn't seem to mind Roll being ALL OVER HIM. Is he oblivious? Does he enjoy it? Does he think it's just a sister-like display of affection?

25 - Go Barrel! Go Roll! But REALLY go, Quackard!

Poor Dantz... The behavior of the policemen really caught me off guard, especially the part about Dantz being a prison *. It just seemed so...far removed from what you had been writing up until this point. The thing I like about your writing is that you're very true to the feel of Legends, the light-heartedness and fun of it. There's drama, it's true, but this is the most "mature" the story has gotten yet. But you know, it fits the rating, and for all I know, that could have to do with the direction in which you're taking this fic. But it would be dishonest of me not to mention that I found that particular paragraph a bit misplaced when looking at the rest.

Also, thumbs up to Quackard's gambling addiction.

((Ramble: And you're right... Glyde has no last name. I always figured "Glyde" was an assumed name anyway, that his real one must have been something horribly embarassing like Percy C. Wedgeworth. Because... "Glyde" sounds much too cool a name for a guy like him and is a little convenient considering his profession. [Not suggesting you should change your story! In fact, don't, because I'd like to use that explanation MYSELF someday.]))

24 - Overall, hilarious chapter. The Zetsabre... Hehe... Dantz's obsession with the burger is equally hilarious, if not more so.

Also 2 birdbots Dantz hamburger best chase scene ever. The arrest scene was great as well.

And sure, I'll make a note to review your other fic. I MUST OBEY!

23 - The return of Data...but more importantly QUACKARD! Wow... Quackard is actually useful for something! Right on! And...why do these town names seem so familiar? _

Now that the action's back with the Casketts, something exciting is bound to happen! Right? Right! I'm excited to see what's next!
moonymonster chapter 23 . 8/9/2004
Damn. I don't know who Quackard is.

Oh, you said '"Quieten down, children," admonished Barrel' when it should have been 'quiet down, childeren.' No biggie.

Can't think. Must sleep. Now.

AND KNOCK MEGAMAN OUT SOME MORE! WHE~! PAIN! so didn't hear me say that. I mean, you just didn't.

But hey, a little angst, a little romance...yum!
moonymonster chapter 22 . 8/9/2004
MegaMan is so cute~! The crush seemed a bit rushed to me, and there were certain phrasings that needed help (When you introduced the dad, it should've been more like Gary, Lady Alaine, and Gary's father, King Garland) and a little bit of incorrect grammar (Believe it or not, 'snuck' is slang. The proper past tense is 'sneaked.') but otherwise nice. (And don't worry about 'snuck'-it wouldn't have sounded right with 'sneaked' anyway. I'm just showing you for showing-ish purposes.)

Anyway, can't wait to get to the next chapter! And you are now under orders to email me as much information as you care to share about Legends, for I fully intend to write a Legends (Well, Dash, since I'm going to use the Japanese names) fic! (Ai, which pairing would be even cuter? Roll and Rock or Tron and Rock? Gah...decisions, decisions...)
moonymonster chapter 21 . 8/9/2004
Oh, the plot thickens! (Man, I've always wanted to say that.)

Go Trigger! Very nice how you had him slip into Purifier mode at the beginning of the battle and MegaMan as people kept calling him that. (Honestly...Tiesel and the Servbot shoulda kept their mouths shut...)

I don't understand how the Catatonic Blast didn't affect Trigger...earlier you said it affects robots unless their thinking...stuffs was high enough, but why would the Prince say Trigger wasn't human? _ Email me with's far too late in the evening for me to think...

Anyway, nice job!
Feldinaut chapter 22 . 8/8/2004
*possible spoilers, kids*

OH YEAH! *breaks through wall, feels obligated to get cool, even though there's no ice!*

A hearty "CONGRATURATION!" on your completion of Arc 3. Although... I think last time I counted I was on two? _ Think I missed something.

Alright, your reviews (or rather myself giggling as I repeat parts I found funny), in REVERSE ORDER, since that seems to be the hottest new fad. You're such a trendsetter:

22 - Way to go Garland! Although I'm curious to know how he remained so ignorant of Gary's plans up to that point. Perfect portrayal of the servbots, every time. Dang, you crack me up. And as soon as "THE MOMENT" happened, I was wondering when that wonderful teen angst was going to kick in. Right in the same chapter. Good show! Also, servbots rock tumblers!

21 - Wow! You wrote a battle scene that actually kept my attention! Loved the "duelling MegaMan" complex here.

20 - Not much to say here, except that you really fooled me with the chapter title. And... AWESOME ENDING.

19 - Teisel's so clever. Good if you didn't know.

18 - Ah, Glyde reappears. I was thinking you were going to just drop him off at character day-care or something, like most authors tend to do (in seem to have quite a few lesser developed characters covered...kudos!). Great characterization, again, and loved the reference to MoTB's "macho look." Great chapter title, by the way...although I thought you were talking about shoes.

I think that's where I left off... Anyway, I'll admit I was skeptical about the new characters, but I actually think it worked out pretty well. Just be sure to cover them as far as development (I assume they'll be coming back), since they don't have the backing of the games that the other characters do. Such are the woes of a fanfiction writer. But you'll do great! You ARE doing great!

...This is looking to be quite a whopper, isn't it? Oh well. The next chapter sounds might intriguing!

Lastly, something that might not have been addressed (or I might have been dozing off at the monitor): What's Tron going to do with the ring? ...Alright, so I guess it takes a girl to wonder about that sort of thing.
Cybertoy00 chapter 22 . 8/8/2004
I love this story so far! It's a great one, and I hope iot keeps having MM/T moments, those two belong together! I also hope Megaman and Data reunite, it would be hilarious for the Bonne Bunch to meet that little monkey. I wonder if Bola and Klaymoor from MML2 make an appearence...

(Quote from Megaman Legends 2)

Klaymoor: There he goes. Do you really think that there's a key in there? Bola? Hey! Bola, where are you?

(Bola appears out of nowhere)

Bola: Did you say something Klaymoor?

Klaymoor: "Did you say something Klaymoor?" C'mon, get serious! We might be the ones to find the Mother Load! Doesn't that mean anything to you?

Bola: Nope, not really.
Cybertoy00 chapter 20 . 8/8/2004
This is a very interesting story. Mega's joined the Bonne Bunch! And it looks like he and Tron like each other...Yay! I hope this story keeps up with its MM/T content! Keep it up! And will Data return?
Iniora Nackatori chapter 20 . 8/8/2004
Concidering the fact that the only MegaMan Legends game I ever played was Legends 2 and I never finished that (come on, it was a rentle) I'm very glad to have this story. Even though it's AU, it's still filling me in on those little tiny details I missed from not playing Legends.

Thanks alot for the great story! Till next chapter, I'm gone!
Feldinaut chapter 15 . 8/7/2004
...Last time, I swear.

THIS!: "He picked up one of Tron's patented Bottomless Bags(TM) and began stuffing it with as many Bonne Bombs as he could."

Do try not to break the fourth wall, please? I haven't complained too much up to this point, I think, but that's one thing that really drives me crazy. Take it or leave it, just had to let you know. And it's not like you haven't been doing an excellent job otherwise!
Feldinaut chapter 11 . 8/7/2004
And as I seem to have left out chapter 11 in my mass review...

QUACKARD. QUACKARD! Most hilarious character EVER! More Quackard more fun!

And the way you write Dantz, IMO, is a perfect fit.
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