Reviews for Revelation of a Nightmare
Curry chapter 7 . 3/3/2006
This story is so refreshing. Will love to see more.
Inikus chapter 7 . 3/3/2006
I've been waiting so long for this! Let's hope the next chapter will come soon...?

So many people have attempted this story, but this has got to be the best one I've ever read!
omasuoniwabanshi chapter 7 . 3/3/2006
It's amazing how well Hiei has opened up to Shiori in your story, and how he's come to accept and even appreciate her a little, despite her humanity. "She's not stupid" is about as close to a compliment as Hiei will ever come.

I like Shiori's sensitivity - the way she respects Hiei's wishes and doesn't pry, and the way she left the boys alone so they could talk.

Hiei had way too much fun dropping his bombshell about Shiori 'knowing'. What a pill he is! The funniest part was Yusuke's lame excuse for not being in school.

Good chapter!
BlueUtopiah chapter 7 . 3/3/2006
I love your characterization of Shiori, and how you have Hiei and her interact - it's refreshing and wonderful to watch. I like that she's cunning, and has a talent in botany - it makes me wonder if Kurama's Youko traits were strengthened by her genes.

The demon blood orchid was a nice touch, and Hiei's revelations about the tournament were well-done and executed beautifully.
Kuronoko Tsubame chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
That was really good. A nice change from all of the other Shiori-finds-out-that-her-son-is-a-demon fics. I'm curious as to why Hiei would compliment a human in front of Yusuke and Kuwabara though. I can't wait for the next chapter. Hopefully it will be an amusing Kurama-wakes-up-to-find-them-in-his-house-for-no-apparent-reason thing. This is definately going on my alert list, I'm looking forward to new updates. Great story, don't give up!

Pyrinsomniac chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
Aw! Love the interplay between Shiori and Hiei, Yusuke and Kuwabara, and among Hiei and the boys. That last part had me squee- ing like... *thinks* Like I did when I was little and heard the ice cream truck coming.

You should also know that I'm a lifelong ice cream addict- even now, when I barely have enough money for rent, the electric bill and groceries (in that order,) every so often I break down and get some. Just can't help it...

Aww, I want a fanart of the boys sitting at the table with tea while Shiori smiles at them.
InuKurama chapter 6 . 3/2/2006
oh my goodness! i love this!
Smexy Kitten chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
another awesome chapter! i knew that the moment yusuke and kuwabara entered the house that the tranquility was all over, lol. i really like the way u turned shiori into this smart, but at the same time, tricky mom. the chemistry (and not in that sense, lol) that she shares with hiei in this story is very good, especially the way that u write it. i am eagerly awaiting the next installment of ur story, so plz, update whenever u can.
Chibi Cheesecake chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
yay, the gang's all here! XP Can't wait to see Yusuke and Kuwabara's reactions to the conversation Hiei and Shiori have been having.

teh wheelbarrow chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
So, I checked my email and I saw that one was from And I wondered who updated and then I saw your story title and I was like, "!". I'm incredibly happy that you updated. :D I liked how Yusuke and Kuwabara entered the fic, very in-character and funny. And! I want to see their reactions, so update soon!
kahuffstix chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
evil cliffhanger. but i liked this. please add ore soon.
neko kitkat chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
YAY! St. Patricks Day present! HAHA i love hiei in this chapter, and shiori to... LOL great job! keep up the outstanding work! LOve your STORY!~ I love kurama! _
Ol' Ollie chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
Yay update! _ Glad to see, or rather, read, that Shuuichi's finally awaken. Kind of. Heh. _
missaw chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
Amazing as per usual. I'm so glad you've finally updated, this is seriously one of my favorite stories. I love it! Update as soon as you can please.
bloodredroseindarkblackflames chapter 7 . 3/2/2006
omg i just started laughing at the end of the story, it was pretty funny in my sence of humor, i wasn't expecting hiei 2 say that, anyway please update sooN!
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