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GGGGG chapter 2 . 4/24
Heres to hoping Lazlo shows up
Ser Dinadan chapter 3 . 8/16/2010
Good job with the background info on the nature of the true runes. Been a while since I played a Suikoden; forgotten about the will of the runes.
Nellio Styles chapter 1 . 6/18/2010
Alright...(First, you have to bear with me because this computer's keyboard sticks like a, eghhhh, not gonna finish that thought. All you need to know is that it is highly agravating, so that should show the love I have for this story.

(My G button is acting up really bad, I said that so I don't have to spend too much time mashin it to work. Aighttttt...)

I'm actually at chapter 8 at this point, and I'm sure this story is probably buried in the pile of really old news for you, but I'm going to review it anyway. Why? Because it was that damn good! (lol)

I loved the prologue, and for a real Suikoden fan, who has been down since the very beginning- amongst people who mentioned how much they loved RPG games but had never heard of Suik, it made it all the more sweeter. How you pieced it all together from the gate - Fan-freakin-tastic. You had me hooked from the prolouge, you actually had me hooked from the summary to tell you the truth. I did love Suik 3, and the storyline was pretty good for that one, but your version was SERIOUS!

(I prolly should use itallics, but whatever.)

I loved how you brought all those personalities together into the one room, and you tie all loose ends up. Making it so Windy is still a part of things. Gettin into the toll the runes take on you, namely, Tir.

I always felt, the first one was the best, because of the loss he suffered. Most games don't delve into the death of your surroundin cast, especially your immediate characters. In the beginning of that game, you are introduced to Cleo,Pahn,Ted,Gremio, and also his father, Teo. By the end of the game, the only one left from that circle was Cleo. Which also told me that Lady Leknatt knew this would be the case too, because she only gave her the fire rune when they went to see her that one time.

The other Suiks were good, but they never took away as much from the protaganist like they did the first, maybe people didn't like it, idk, but to me it was what made Suik special and different from the typical rpg. I said all that because I felt you nailed that. He was distant, and for good reason. And when you later touched on the way he felt for Kasumi, I was like damn, he suffered even after the war. The Soul Eater was no joke.

I liked so far -still reading it- how you've done Sierra too. Eventhough she's kind of unattached too, not to the point of Tir, she has soft patches where you showed she had a human side or better said,you showed she had feelins. You made her demonic, and defensive of Tir from the gate, and I liked that. While, Jowy and Ruio still haven't been hit with the full extent of their curses yet so are still semi-pure, Tir and Sierra have been knocked down so many times, that their weary and see things in the negative light. The group has a really nice balance. The scene when they were looking out the window was *Cheaaa*. (LMAO) I could search the dictionary for the right word to put there, but I don't think I'd find it. That's just how good it was to me.

I know I saw a few people say they didn't like Mazus, but he fit the bill perfectly. Most of the wizards in these games are full of themselves, and are conceited to a degree, Mazus was no exeption. I love the relationship you have between him and Crowley. I even love the way you make Crowley so smooth with everything he does. Mazus for someone supposedly so great, lets his emotions run him. That's why he'll never beat Crowley.(lol) The scene you painted with them in the forest of Alma Kinan was classic. (Good ish, man!)

Another thin that I liked was the way you jumped between scenes effortlessly. For a story to have so many characters, and so much goin on at one time, you nailed it. The only time I got a bit confused was with the first time you had tried that new style with the flashbacks in the midst of the stuff oing on. Once I understood how you had set it up, I thought it was really clever, and it added a nice little dimension to the reading.

There were a billion things that I loved about this story. It was like with each drop of idea you gave it, you just built the most calm, and serene ocean, man, it has been great so far.

How you ot Pasmerga on the hunt for Yuber. How you brought some of the other characters back for a second, so we could see how they were fairing, like the whole Gangetsu scene.

I liked how you maninpulated Caesar in that one scene, and how you had Apple react to hearing that Windy was involved.

I don't want to make you read on too much, because eventhough you want reviews I'm sure you don't want to be sittin at your computer all day just reading one. So I'm a start to wrap this up about here. The only maybe two things I didn't like was I felt that you made Jowy a little too nice to me. I know he was supposed to be somewhat innocent and that's why he and Ruio were still friends, I still feel like he should have more of a darker side. Likeyou said his side of the rune was the chaos side, and in their game he did some heinous stuff. Even if it was just to end the war. He killed Anabelle was it, can't remember her name right now,the head chick of Muse. He almost killed Ruio when they went to meet in the city of Muse. I just felt like he should have more of a darker side then he has been showin. I could be wron with my opinion, because after the war there's the possibilty that bein around Ruiou could have changed him. Or he should have at least had a darker outlook on things. Idk, just my thoughts on it.

But this story has been great. You are a first class writer, and I felt the need to review just to say that. I intend to review later when I get further on, and just wanted to wish you luck on al other projects your working on.

stay up bro

Ser Dinadan chapter 2 . 5/31/2010
Definitely not liking Mazus, can't recall if he was such an unlikeable person in the game though.
Ser Dinadan chapter 1 . 5/31/2010
Great opening, this looks to be a promising fic.
ambria chapter 28 . 7/28/2007
I loved it! Great story, I hope to here more on the world of Suikoden from you.
Masboy111 chapter 8 . 5/12/2007
This is REALLY good. I've only played the first three games at the moment, but at this point, I totally see where it all goes and how it works.

...This chapter completely explains Tir's sudden change of character, and even in some ways, justifies it. I cannot blame him for his losses, or what has happened in this sense now that I realize what has caused this...

Although I have to ask myself; the power of the Soul Eater increases from taking souls and bringing them to itself. As such, I have three questions to ask you.

1) That power of the rune to...communicate with the runeholders connections and the souls around them...Is Ted and Leo in there? I get the feeling that if Odessa (which I truly believe to be the first close woman, not like family, to Tir before Kasumi even came into the picture.) and who I believe to be Gremio are there, those two must be as well...

2) What about Gremio anyway? Obviously he lived after his revival of the 108 (or really, 107.) stars were united, and left for Banner with Tir. My question is; in the last legs of his natural life and not the one eaten by maggots, is he with Tir as well?

and 3) If Kasumi was taken by the Rune's power and drawn into the Soul Eater, what's to stop Tir from using the rune to talk with her as well? Surely that is possible; the souls the True Rune has taken that we know of can be communicated with in this new power you've given, so I would figure Kasumi's to be no exception.

If you are around, since I know you have finished this, could you please PM me? I know the answers may come; I just want to know your thinking on this great work.
Akiska chapter 28 . 10/10/2006
M... I really, really like this. It's easily one of my favorite stories in the suiko section. I like the different approach you've taken in regards to the story of 3 as a whole, and the involvement of characters from previous games. Your characterization is pretty good, too.

As for concrit.. It could use a little editing, grammar-wise. For example, in some places you end sentences with question marks when they read as statements, not questions. The end felt a tad rushed to me -Sasarai agreeing to go with Windy after very little convicing, for example, but that could just be a personal thing on my part. ;) It feels as though you left it open for a sequel, and if that's the case, I definitely look forward to it.
doughboy chapter 28 . 9/2/2006
wow... this is my first reveiw and i dont know what to say but you have the markings of terrfic way you present evrything is just is also the first and only fanfic to bring a tear to my eye which is a frist for me since i have never been that drawn into a any of the other fics i have read.I was starting grow werey whith the suikoden series but reading your storie made me fall in love with the sereies all over again.I really hope you do sequal to this storie it would mean alot not just to me but to the other suikoden fans who have read this then i bid you aideu
DebiruFlonne chapter 28 . 7/4/2006
Wow... this was a truly amazing experience. You have a great grasp of how to pace a story and develope characters in a realistic manner. There's nothing I can say that hasn't been said, but I thank you for the pleasure of being able to read such an entertaining and original story. I hope you someday decide to write another epic within the world of Suikoden. I know I shall surely read it if that day comes.
GioTakahashi chapter 28 . 6/13/2006
What an awesome read that was. Suikoden I just happens to be my favourite of the series...well was favourite, as I just finished playing Suikoden 5.

This story is DEFINITELY how Suikoden I should be. It makes much more sense, Not to mention that it was awesome seeing all the old favourites!

I really love how you manage to integrate the heros and characters of the past Suikoden into suikoden I. That was perfect integration. Also, I felt that it reveals a much deeper understanding into the overall Suikoden Plot. I wonder what the developers of Suikoden would say when they read this story (If they haven't yet). Haha. That would be interesting. I'll be recommending this to the Suikoden fans I know.
K'Arthur chapter 28 . 6/3/2006
A satisfying end to a well crafted epic! I think you did all the characters justice and that's quite a feat knowing how many of them there were! I look forward to reading more of your fics!
Animesage chapter 28 . 6/3/2006
*impressed whistle*

Even a list of epilogues and everything... Amazing... you are really an impressive writer in this. Really.

Well then... it would be most interesting if this actually happened in the game... but meh... you can't change the past now can you? Or Konami's minds... ehe...

Well then.. Cheers!
Macross-Green chapter 27 . 5/31/2006
Well now, this was rather well-writ. Nice to see a story that deals with the runes before the fifth game that actually does something rather grand with the older main characters. I was sorry to see that the Soul Eater had taken Kasumi, though... But it does make sense. Very well done with this!
Namonaki Pharaoh chapter 27 . 5/28/2006

This is an incredible story & I like the not quite ending. An epilogue please, please, please! What's going to happen to everyone? ?

I can't wait! XD Great job!
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