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Morgan Belle chapter 4 . 7/2/2004
Yes, I am aware that I am reviewing backwardly from the chapters written, but I was so mesmirized that I couldn't pause to review until I read the entire thing. I must say that I loved this chapter very much. The smiley faced underwear was very clever. I'm gad that Lily isn't one of those...erm...girls. Yeah. Anyways, I just want to commend you of winning the award of writing the best story I have ever read on . Honestly.

I'm not lying.


Great Job.

Take care.

Don't strain your typing fingers.

Good day.

Morgan Belle chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
Wow. This story is amazingly written. You have a knack of saying just the right things in just the right places, and you say it right too, if you know what I'm saying. *laughs histerically* I love how it's just so simple and yet so intrieging. Yes, I know that's mispelled. I'm gramatically challenged too, ya know. :) Yep, I'm terribly weird and strangly proud of it. Anyways, I'm looking forward to your next update and hoping that it will be soon!

Princess Persephone chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
An update! Joy! And I liked that chapter. Remus was great and I loved:

"It was tricky remembering all of that though, especially when you looked into a pair of big green eyes and your brain melted into a puddle of goo. Remus didn't have that problem, it seemed, and that was why James envied him.

Well, he had nice hair too.

James would have liked to have nice hair."

LOL! And James so cute! Being so nervous. I loved that bit with Sirius and Hagrid. lol! Great job!
Beethoven chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
This has to be one of the best LJ fics I've ever read. It was a pleasant surprise to stumble across it. Please keep up the great writing!
chewy1 chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
This was a VERY good chapter! Despite what you or others may think! VEry nice ending, although James is now turning out to be a bit of a but he is a teenage boy! Anyways, please update soon! And if a beta-reader is needed I would be happy to!

Thanx your giving up your sweet time and giving me something very interesting to read!

MPPMaraudergirl chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
Awesome job! Write more soon, will you? I really enjoyed this chapter. Remus sounds like a stud, the way you wrote him!
chewy1 chapter 4 . 7/2/2004
Hehehehe... again i open with a laugh. I enjoyed this chapter immensly from the umbrella duel to, yes, the duck attack provoked by firecrackers. You have a knack for writing things that amuse me to fits of giggles and I thank you for that.

"Lily stared at them.

James stared at her.

Sirius stared at a witch who ran by in a white shirt."

Possibly my favourite part in this chapter. There were others but this part I had to read over simply for the joy of Sirius and his over all maleness.

On to the next chapter!
chewy1 chapter 3 . 7/2/2004
Awe...poor James...

Again, ADORE the relationships between james' parents, James and Sirius, hilarious! Absolutely knee slapping funny! That was a good little bit with james and Lily, very interesting! I love how you leave parts of the story open for the reader's imagination! Anyways, off once again to the next chapter!
chewy1 chapter 2 . 7/2/2004
Hehehe... I love the relationship you have between James and his mother! And of course Mrs. Potter and Mr. Potter,

"I heard that."

"I love you darling."

Hilarious, anyways, off to the next chapter!
chewy1 chapter 1 . 7/2/2004
Awe... James' obsession for Lily is so sweet, **wipes tear away** Amazing chapter! Now I'm off to read the next!
gpoy chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
E! [Squeals fan girl style]

I am so happy you updated! I was having a pretty shite day, really.

Then I came online . . . and saw that your story was updated . . . and all was well in the world. [Sighs] It definitely cranked up my skanky turd of a day to quite a good day, really.

Anyhausen, this is the part where I abandon all sense of dignity and self worth and attempt to sell myself.

Can I beta for you PLEASE? PLEASE? PLEAASE?

Look at all the marvelous tricks I can do:

1) I love your story

2) I check my email daily

3) I love your story

4) I am a britpicker

Email me? or aim me 'koonellaki'.

Yes, that is all. Now I must go and watch Wimbledon.

Boy-Crazy Bookworm chapter 5 . 7/2/2004
Cool I really like this story, keep up the good work.
Captain Oblivious chapter 5 . 7/1/2004
There are grammatical errors in here? *whirls around wildly, looking about for said-errors* My dear, your work is simply so entrancing that I don't think anyone would notice if you did something wrong.

That being said, another hilarious chapter (get used to the word 'hilarious,' by the way. . . it looks as if I'll be using it a lot), and UPDATE SOON!
discom.bob.ulation chapter 4 . 7/1/2004
I LOVE THIS STORY! LOL. Oh man, this story is so refreshing, I'm really glad that I came across it. I love James's parents - especially Mrs. Potter - she's fantastic! I can't wait for more of this, it just keeps me laughing. And James's little obsession? Hilarious! I love him. You're amazing! LOL. Great job. I'm highly recommending this and it's going on my favorites!
Princess Persephone chapter 4 . 6/24/2004
Oh gosh, James's parents are hilarious! I love how you wrote them, and all that nervousness around Lily is superb, and Sirius is brilliant. I love this fic!
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