Reviews for Faceless Crowd
Broken Sexed Up Bloody Kitten chapter 4 . 4/14/2008

Heya! I totally loved it! Plz UD ASAP... Pretty Please With Sugar On Top... xD

- Angel Girl Julia -
CrescentMoon Alchemist chapter 4 . 5/14/2007
Awesomeness, this fic is so cute! I love your work!
Konoko89 chapter 4 . 9/12/2006
Like every chapter had me going aw... oh ... ah .. sniffle it was beautiful and i thought your poems were good but that could just be me ... don't think so tho *favs*
touchinghearts chapter 4 . 8/24/2006
I really love your 're great!Hope you update soon!
Kuroi In a Black Hole chapter 4 . 8/10/2006
these are so cutE i love them! I cant write fluff, it always turns out horrible, so i commend anyone who can write it well, (and you do better then well, you do awesome) witth cookies...(if i had any) LOVE IT!
Kiwee chapter 4 . 6/14/2006
Ahaha, that was really sweet! I envy you, really I do. I was this close to failing poetry! .
happychica chapter 4 . 6/7/2006
Well...honestly, I think your second was your best, but maybe you should try again, just incase...that, and I want to read another one, cuz they're not THAT bad...that sounded heartless, I STRIKE AGAIN!
happychica chapter 1 . 6/7/2006
I like the poem!
kura chan chapter 4 . 4/19/2006
ahh... well I guess that means I'm really weird cuz I think your poems are getting better and better! this one makes perfect sence to me! and these are soo cute.. but the fics are getting smaller *twiddels fingers* could you ... continue this fic? PWEASEE? with a hawt picture of sasu and naru-chan on top?
kura chan chapter 2 . 4/19/2006
so adorable! I loove it! It's soo cute! widdle sasuke and naru-chan awee... your too modest. You are a GREAT writer! fluff ish aweesome! sasuxnaru rox! FOREVER!
nurr chapter 4 . 11/27/2005
riku-chan! I never knew youe were that good in making stories... actually, i know but i just wanted to say that... well I think i still have the case of writer's block and i still can't pose any of my stories yet... and you may not yet read it anywat since your computer might still be... broken? but I never knew you can do a kiss scene that good! or I never knew you can do a kiss scene at all that looks like lemony scented... and when will you do that fic with the Ed and Roy and that slave and king thing! I am dying to know! well I'm off for now! - kiya-chan
Tragedy Links Our Hearts chapter 4 . 10/23/2005
it's romantic.i liked it.
Alana-kittychan chapter 1 . 6/13/2005
Alana: cute!

Leo: meh!
DianaLineelu2001 chapter 4 . 6/12/2005
Gawd!~ So sweet! Got thing I'm not diabetic! XD
AnimieGirl KouichiGirl chapter 1 . 4/30/2005
Oh my God!D! i love your stories! i read shonen ai/yaoi and i'm 11 too! wow! don't worry, i'm not disturbed in the least that your'e young! good luck!


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