Reviews for The Perfect Lover
Lettered chapter 1 . 5/25/2005
This is great. I always like seeing a take on the Immortal. As for making Spike and Angel wusses-YES! that epi did-but as another reviewer pointed out, they always were that way for love. What I like about this fic is that you pointed out that that (love) is their strength, not their weakness.

I very much like how in-control Buffy is of her relationship with the Immortal. They both know why she is in the relationship and she seems to know that if she plays fairly, she has the freedom to seek comfort where she pleases. But to me that means Buffy is grown up-which means she needs to come back home-hello, Angel ;o)
ozma914 chapter 1 . 3/29/2005
Yeah, Angel and Spike were starting to look kind of like wusses. (wussi?) But Buffy's new fling is a jerk. You did a good job portraying him, although Buffy struck me as being a little too harsh - maybe being around him made her that way?
white avenger chapter 1 . 6/16/2004
Yet another view of the Immortal! I think Whedon did his fans a terrible injustice (and his fan fiction writers a great boon) by tossing this character into the mix with absolutely no explanation at all. Is he good, bad, sincere, evil, the right man for Buffy, her downfall, a crossover from HIGHLANDER, my uncle Fred's barber? The possibilities are endless, as well as frusterating. I firmly believe that someday in a galaxy not too far from here, in a Whedon spinoff, all our questions about the Immortal will be finaly answered. At least, I hope so. In the meantime, nice story, even though I fully realize that NO One is right for my Slayer unless he is blond, a vampire, and speaks with a british accent.
Ashes2 chapter 1 . 5/17/2004
Yes, he is making them wusses. But you have to admit, they make really funny wusses. It does annoy me though that the entirety if Spike's personality in S5 Angel is that he’s there to piss Angel off. However, this sort of scenario has worked great in some episodes, like the one where Angel was turned in a puppet. The "I hate everything about you" chemistry worked awesome in that one.
Moluvsnumber17 chapter 1 . 5/9/2004
its not just you...i was kinda mad about the whole 'oh the immortal is so great thing'... Spike and Angel are like great to...and at least one of them deserves Buffy...Joss is gay..
Spartan chapter 1 . 5/9/2004
Funny story, very much a Buffy kind of thing. Who's the boss? Buffy, of course. And Joss and David aren't turning them into wusses, Angel and Spike have ALWAYS been wusses (cavemen) when it involved 'their' women. J&D are scrambling to wind up plot lines they would have left open if they were certain of another season. God is telling us, as well as Angel and Spike, to move on. There's not gonna be a B/A or a B/S. There's not ever gonna be a letter or a phone call saying 'I'm cookie dough, come get me' to either of them. Buffy moves on very fast, doesn't she? Of course, she always did. She wants to get on with her life and Angel and Spike are part of her old life, she doesn't need either of them anymore. She's found herself an astronaut: rich, sophisticated and, um, talented. So, with Buffy no longer between them, who will Angel and Spike move on to? Without the jealousy and the fear and the competitiveness? Each other. They can finally be friends again. And with all the M/M sexual innuendo popping up all season long, maybe more than friends. But then, I'm just a dirty old woman, what do I know!
rrv chapter 1 . 5/9/2004
* you
kimiaj3 chapter 1 . 5/8/2004
I really liked this. As always you write Buffy beautifully.
And no, its not just you about Angel and Spike looking like wusses. That whole episode played out like a parody of Angel, which wouldn't have been so bad had it happened earlier in the season, but with only 3 episodes left, I expect better.
Personally, I think the Immortal cast the same spell Jonathan did in Superstar. That is the only way I can explain the episode.
aakos chapter 1 . 5/8/2004
Sarah couldn't be on Angel because she was filming a movie in Japan and the writers didn't want her in the finale because they wanted it to be about Angel.
SEP chapter 1 . 5/8/2004
LOL! That was great! Hehehee... Wondered why the Immortal gave the head back... Go Buffy!
Happy writing,
kori hime chapter 1 . 5/8/2004
good fanfic! and to answer ur A/N, God yes! 'The Girl in Question' was making me lose faith in Joss! i think the only reason the episode came out like that is cause that b*tch Sarah Michelle Gellar wouldn't come back! *coughs* ahem, sry for the rant but that eppy ticked me off... maybe u can write a sequel cause this is good. bye-e!~
Karen chapter 1 . 5/8/2004
Cute story. You need to watch for grammer errors though, but that is all.
I agree, Joss tried for funny and came up stupid.