Reviews for Thicker Than Water (And Much Tastier)
Ganheim chapter 1 . 8/10/2009
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does anyone know why Viz translates Shampoo's speech patterns as "Cute Bimbo" instead of "Sterotypical Chinese Speaking English"?

[Viz has heinous localization, because in the Japanese dub she merely speaks ‘Japanese with a stereotypical Chinese accent’, which is nowhere nearly as bad as her English in the English dub]

And if they did understand, there'd be a lot there they wouldn't like.

[Really? She’s already living in his culture, and based on the trepidation with which the rest of the Fiancee Brigade shows her she’s adjusted relatively well, and she’s never complained about ‘horrible Japanese society’ (Ukyo’s complained more about the social constraints she’s under)]

Both of them would have to change,

[Both would end up changing, yes]

Needless, to say, this is fairly unlikely.

[Ranma dives in front of Akane’s cooking to save other people from it, and tolerating Shampoo’s history when his own has been steeped in martial arts (and more separated from Japanese than all the rest of the Japanese cast), so he would be the least disinclined to deal with her]

Looked at in another, this would seem to be more on the order of a

_challenge_ … and a challenge, of course, is what a hero is _for_

[Interesting how I’ve never seen this applied to the various members of the serious Fiancee brigade, when I’ve seen it attempted to be applied to Kodachi and Nabiki]

Thicker Than Water (And Much Tastier)

eyes of the red-haired girl

[Doesn’t Shampoo normally see to it that Ranma’s in his true form? Particularly for something like this?]

Although I’d like to say that this story is pretty well done, it looks heavily like notes and set-up for a larger story. I suppose my real issue is that things are far too underdeveloped. The segment of actually getting Ranma and Shampoo together is underdeveloped (I understand that they accidentally pissed off some Yakuza, but how’s that going to make him feel a need to follow her?), among other plot points like a more clear WHY things changed, rather than a very truncated ‘things changed’. It’s a good idea and most of the writing is good, but there’s not enough of it to make a real story. An introduction perhaps, but it doesn’t feel complete enough to stand on its own.
Cyber Hyena1 chapter 1 . 4/14/2001
I'm not usally a one for Romance, but this story is a very well writen one. I think RanmaShampoo is just as good as RanmaAkane.
Meeka-chan no da chapter 1 . 1/22/2001
Interesting...I'll have to recommend it to my Ranma/Shampoo

supportive friend SPM sometime... :)

I want to see what you do for the Ukyo/Ranma fic you have

planned. I've never been able to find one that I liked...