Reviews for Van Helsing 2: Shards of Avalon
Jo chapter 22 . 8/27/2004
Your writing-style is quite nice, fluid and interesting. It gets a bit wordy every now and then, and your grammar goes on holiday sometimes, but other than that it's fine.

Morgan le Fay was NOT the half-sister of Arthur, Morgause was (or cousin, in some versions-either way, Morgause gave birth to Mordred). Morgan le Fay was the leader of the sisters of Avalon, she was the one who healed Arthur after his final battle and took him to Avalon. She wasn't a bad guy, even in the Christian versions of the tale she still remains in the shadowlands between good and evil. Furthermore, if Morgan was to battle an enemy, it would most likely be with wits and the sword, not magical orbs and fireballs. Her magic is a tribal one, focused on weather and healing. Politically, she just wanted her land to be free and for her religion to be respected. She, like Guinevere, was from a culture where women had several lovers and fought alongside the men in battle-the new Christian politics probably didn't sit too well with her.

The pentacle was, at the time of Morgan anyway, a mainly Christian symbol (it most likely originated in ancient Egypt, though). It was used to frighten evil spirits so that they wouldn't steal away children or hurt pregnant women.
SirTiddywinkle chapter 22 . 8/26/2004

that was awsome

somehow i just knew morgan was goin 2 dissapear again. u kno u have 2 kill her somtime unless ur plannen 2 make a sequal (hint hint) nothin confusin about the battle either. oh A and dont kill carl.

u should have a big trampoline at the bottom of the abyss and when van helsing is cryin over his lost friend, who should fly up from the dark hole but carl!and then everyones happy, including morgan cuz her new trampoline invention worked out and now she can get rich off of it! then mina then spontaneosly kisses van helsing (gotta happen somtime) and they live happily ever after.

until the sequal. "attack of the vampiric trompoline soliciters"

Scholar chapter 22 . 8/23/2004
NO! Poor Carl. He's never going to leave his lab again. I rather like the vanishing act. It just keeps building to the climax. I'm not ready for the story to end yet! Keep posting! -S.
kmia chapter 22 . 8/22/2004
HEy Yah this is your #1 fan again.. I am here to tell you that your application for to study the art of literature was accepted. Also Your story on the Sex with Melanie has also been published. Also you will soon have your own late night sex show... your future is clear for you my dear. You will soon be on your path to success and many of your fantasies will come True. Yet you have an

option of course and if you choose the wrong path your future will be unclear and fuzzy. oh yah Keifer Sutherland is butt ugly and cannot act! and fyou keep saying that he is a good acter and is good looking i will take away all of the following offers. I can do that you know ... muahahahahah

Because i really the evil person behind everything bad that happens to everyone in this house because i am cursed damn it, and if I go down i am taking you with me...


love yah

ps storyy was great
ig hlsdvhjvfv chapter 1 . 8/22/2004
i am so pissed off i just wrote you a rteally long review and it deletedf ah
HyperCaz chapter 22 . 8/20/2004
GREAT CHAPPIE! Keep up the good work.

I saw Hellboy today...not v. impressed, but the one liners were funny. :) I'm thinking of an x-over with it and Van Helsing...coz of the swear I heard the professor mention the Vatican, I swear! hehehe, I was studying Mussolini recently in history and how he was rather nice to the pope. hence, the smallest country in the world was formed - Vatican City. It is the size of a football field. *shakes head with laughter*

But anyway. I'm sure if Van Helsing was real he woulda kicked Mussolini's butt.
Grissom chapter 22 . 8/19/2004
Ha! A new chapter, already! And were worried you wouldn't hear from me? Do you look forward to my reviews that much? *cries* Now I have a reason to live! *snicker* Or not! As for jumping for joy without leaving the chair, it is possible if you are tied to it! Not that I've tried it or done it to anyone...*glances around suspiciously*

A nice chapter, with a few questions answered. Such as what Morgan wanted with all of that stuff she collected. A bit LXG-ish, but nice! And poor Carl! So close, yet so far! Well...very...very far...down... Oh, and the fight between Gabriel and Morgan? Nice stuff! At least it wasn't like it was last time, where our poor Gabriel got a little beat up. Durn witches...always running away after they lose!

A nice little 'hint' of Gabriel's past with Morgan. "I've never killed an angel." Nice stuff. Odd how the only people willing to tell him about his past are enemies who he has sworn to destroy.

I love people with empty lives as well. It makes me not feel so out of place. Mulder, Grissom, Van Helsing, and some others that I can't seem to come up with at this moment...

As for the X-Files, it was the first show I ever actually watched and followed. I love it! For me, the movie was great, (Season 6 had some of the greatest episodes!) but the series went downhill near the end of Season 7. I never liked Doggett, so when he was brought on to replace Mulder, I detested him. And never forgave him. As for Reyes, I didn't really watch it much while she was on there. I couldn't stand that Chris Carter could have tried to replace both sides of our favorite duo. Bleh...

I wrote a few X-Files fics of my own. They were on a different penname, but I may pull a few of them off of that one and re-publish them under this penname. Dunno... ( I think I like that three dot thing...)

I have my younger brother who lives in the house with us, and an older brother who is three years older. He lives in Baton Rouge, not too far from us. Both are annoying and should be locked up in small rooms.

As for the beta job, I'd love it if you would do that for me! At least I know I'd be getting someone who knows the story and the characters (and who wouldn't berate me for not bringing Anna back) Locations are okay, as long as the scene doesn't seem to jump from England to the Middle East, and if I do that, I need to be popped on the head! I'll let you know whenever I have enough to send. I have 3 chapters right now, but I'm trying to get most of it done first.

I've been to New Orleans a few times. Man, Bourbon Street is kinda cool! *silly grin*

Write more soon! If you keep writing, I'll keep writing! (not that some people really care, but I'll just keep writing to spite them!)

~Gris (in and odd mood today)
Kiss My Illiterate Ass chapter 22 . 8/18/2004
hey yah it was cool being dead and all ...dude... yah but I love your work as always and I love you... BUT GUESS WHAT!



I love you and thank you so much for having me in your home...





Trinity Van Helsing chapter 22 . 8/17/2004
I totely loved this chapter and I can see you are a good author I can't wait to read more of it. I like the Idea of you making it difecult and I like the hole Van Helsing life thing.

I can understand your vews of Van Helsing as a fallen angel and I love the Idea.

DON'T KILL CARL (Draws a long bow with a silver tiped arrow) he is funny and silly.
fanfiction fanatic chapter 22 . 8/17/2004
that's good that is working again. i don't do that stuff either but i don't keep anything important on my comp anyways. Well i can't wait for the next chapter...i think i have a vague idea of how carl will live, but i am no expert so please continue so i can know for sure. Well bye and GOOD LUCK!
the white witch of ny chapter 22 . 8/17/2004
yah you updated your story is my absolute favorite

please don't hurt carl. you can't hurt him i mean he's carl.

also why did carl want mina to take off her coat?
J chapter 22 . 8/17/2004
on color, Dracula's kids were more of a very off-set white. like their mothers in bat form. and yes, the green is what worked really well. think we should send a Holy Hand-Grenade of Antioch? *grins*

for Hellsing, i actually liked it (not all that fond of FY, so none taken), short as it is. the anime version is a bit fast paced but does fairly well with the "organization that is not supposed to exist" idea, mixed in with Stoker's best work. one episode (methinks ep 5) has one of the vampires that the Hellsing Organization takes out curses QUITE a bit. even in Jpnese, there's bleeps. *shakes head*

in the manga, it's a bit more comical (as well a sh*tload of innuendoes) but we get mentionings of Nazis dabbling in the black arts during WWII as well the Millenium group ("Hellboy", anyone?). Sir Integra Windgates Hellsing is one heckuva lady to lead the Hellsing organization (dude, she's the only female Knight!). thankfully, Darkhouse is releasing the manga version and they've got up to vol 3 currently. i recommend ready that (but anime first, just to get ya started).

Carl with a flamethrower? *thinks back to a Tremors episode where Burt and his cohorts ACTUALLY assemble a flamethrower from various parts* i see him more with tricking Morgan into an iron room filled with Greek fire (or something flamable) and a bunch of wards, waving "Bai bai!", and then dropping the match (or would that be Gabriel?). Morgan le Fey, ala flambe, anyone?

interesting bit on Morgan tempting Gabriel with his past, as well the angel mentions. there's so many ways how he got kicked out (supposedly kicked out; he and Dracula were friends 400 years ago).
Grissom chapter 21 . 8/16/2004
All right! A new chapter, and I didn't have to check back more than once to find it!

A nice chapter. Carl makes more of a return and there's action and faerie bashing! All the ingredients to a good Van Helsing chapter!

The thing with the spider bite was kind of odd. Van Helsing seemed a little cold to Mina, but it was probably due to the poison in his system. It just seemed a little off to me.

Little conversation between them too...Let's face it, they both have empty lives! Mina is the undead, Van Helsing might as well be undead. His life is completely focused on the friggin' Holy Order. Poor guy... Wait... poor Carl! Still hanging from the wall and getting shot at! You'd better have a nice *snickers...yeah, 'nice'* death planned for Morgan!

Wait...what does Morgan have planned?

He he...Spontaneous human combustion. You seen that episode of "The X-Files". I assume from your other fics that you're a fan. I think it had something to do with an escaped prisoner who could walk through walls. I dunno...But you can take that as a compliment!

Oh, and I managed to get Word on my computer today. *sniff* It's so pretty! I'm so happy! Now I don't have to deal with such a crappy word processor! And don't feel bad about blaming your brother! Mine is seven years younger than me, so he gets a lot of blame, whether its justified or not!

Thanks for the (sort of) support on my Van Helsing fic! If you still want to beta ie (whenever I get to that point; it's turning out much longer than I thought) let me know! I hope it turns out okay.

*grins* You guys really do say 'eh'? That's funny! Well, I live down in Louisiana, and we really do say stuff like "ya'll" and stuff. Not as bad as some movies make it seem, but some.

Wow! I get a new chapter! This'll hold me over for...a little while. More soon?

the white witch of ny chapter 21 . 8/14/2004
this is the best fanfic i have ever read but i have a question in chapter 18 you said you were setting up for "the big kiss" are you still going to do that or will you wait untill the sequal or just not do it at all it would be pretty funny to see jinetts reaction if gabriel came back to the vatican with a vampire girlfriend.
Trinity Van Helsing chapter 21 . 8/14/2004
I am glad that we will see the Anna copy again and I didn't want to stay in the cattacombs ether. I can't wait to read more wright like the wind. :-)
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