Reviews for Linda Danvers: PVG 2 Linda's Splendid MakeUp
What is Wrong With You Sir chapter 1 . 1/4/2012
"I have received a lot of negative reactions since December 15, mostly from the victims' families and friends, Christian groups, and Republicans.

(This is what we call victim blaming. First off, Linda lumped the victims, that is the survivors of the tragedy that SHE was responsible for, in with who she considers morally wrong, the conservatives and Christian group. And negative reactions? They're mourning over their loved ones who have just been blasted by a missile. They won't have a body to bury. And you can bet some of those were children. But nooo, that was a negative reaction for poor Linda, who is getting no hits on her website.)

I wish to clear up any misunderstandings and dispel any doubts and animosity that people may have towards me.

(They have every right to hate Linda. She stood by and let their loved ones get killed. And she don't even have the gumption to say this apology to their face. It comes from the cold words of an interview.)

First, let me make something perfectly clear: I did not murder anyone.

(Technically, no. Morally, she should be feeling something. But not guilt over the fact that her websites numbers are down and nobody is buying her comic book. She should feel some bit of guilt that she wasn't fast enough. That should have been her Uncle Ben moment. But instead it's retconned out of existence, because apparently being told that (and heartlessly to boot) you the American public expect too much out of a superhero so don't blame them when your loved ones get splattered across the pavement because superheroes are too busy to help is enough for forgiveness. Man, you just out did DC on retconning.)

I have never taken a human life. Webster Swenson was the person that launched the missiles, and his corpse was retrieved later that day.

(You do realize that it's illegal to use somebody's name and likeness without their permission, yes?)

I did not kill him, but I admit to forcing him to unintentionally kill himself.

(How does one do that? Also wouldn't that make her a murderer?)

Second, I have not been charged with any crime by the Chicago Police Department.

(Kinda hard to charge somebody with a crime if they don't have a valid ID and can hightail it out of there at the speed of sound. Just saying.)

This may seem unfair to the average person, but, after being called in for questioning one week after the incident and explaining my motives in full, the consensus was that either I had not broken any laws, or, if I had, the general behavior of super-heroes has created a precedent that makes any supposed crime irrelevant.

(Oh, yes. They told gave a statement and went home. Not to mention, the first thing on Linda's mind wasn't oh no 200 people died because I wasn't fast enough that day. She joked on that day. I'm sorry, but that's the behavior of a sociopath. Not a hero.)

Third, it upsets me that so many people hate me, because they don't think through everything and take it all into consideration before forming an opinion.

(Oh they did. Linda didn't take all of their personal reasons for being pissed off at her before she shot her mouth in written form. She called them greedy, the families who have lost so much. There isn't even time for grass to grow on the grave or the pain from losing a love to fade. They'll probably need years of therapy, but apparently they're upsetting Linda for not giving her enough attention.)

I will now give you my reasons for acting as I did.

(Please do.)

First, the person that I saved was my friend.

(One person with super powers versus 200 soft skinned humans. We find out later, Lara would have survived. Not to mention, this whole not fast enough thing makes Linda seem like a gender flipped inconsistently powered version of Superman in hot pants.)

Apparently, this hasn't been good enough for a lot of people, but I want them to think about what they'd do in the same situation.

(Victim blaming much?)

Second, it is arguable that, had I not saved Lara, I would not have been able to stop both missiles from striking both buildings (whether the missiles would have been launched at all, I admit, is another matter).

(If it was Superman, he would have punched out the villain before he fired. Now Supergirl sounds whiny.)

Had I not saved Lara, people may have died.

(But some of them might have still be alive.)

We will never know. Third, Lara Love has saved 72 people since that day, and she will continue to save people.

(This is not one of those two wrongs make a right. 72 people does not bring back the pain of 200 vaporized people.)

While I admit that I did not take this into consideration at the time, I feel that it's worth taking into account that the number of lives saved as a result of my action will eventually surpass the number of lives lost as a result of my action.

(Breath man, breath. Again, it's kinda hard to see the light when you're mourning the loss of a loved one who has been vaporized as the results of the inactions of a sociopathic shitty superhero.)

Fourth, the people that have criticized me have failed to take into account the general super-hero lifestyle, which routinely involves taking time off from super-heroics to have time for one's own pleasure.

(Superhero. One word. Also, superheroes don't have vacations. It doesn't come with that luxury. Oh wait. She became a superhero so she wouldn't have to deal with the whining anymore. I forgot... your hero is a super sociopath.)

While it's true that a police officer goes off duty, there is always another one to take his or her place during that time.

(Police officers also don't have super powers.)

Super-heroes, on the other hand, are fairly unique, being able to do things that almost no one else can, and each city usually has only one - or a few at most.

(You know, half an apology is worse than no apology at all.)

Therefore, when a super-hero takes time off from patrolling to relax and have fun, he or she is neglecting the citizens of the city that he or she is supposed to protect.

(For example, Batman just don't give a damn.)

The general population has never held myself, Superman, Wonder Woman, the Green Lantern, or any other super-hero accountable for lives lost during a break, yet it feels the need to blame me for the deaths of an arguably lesser number of people, simply because I happened to be there at the time. I could have prevented those 200 peoples' deaths, but I also could have prevented ten times as many by never going to see a movie, never going to a rock concert, and never stopping for a hot dog.

(You know if Linda developed her super speed like The Flash, she could do all of that and more. But instead she whines, eats a hot dog, and hears voices she wants to shut up. Also, she's more interested about product placements.)

Am I guilty of these thousands of deaths? Judge for yourself the next time you see me at the ticket counter.

(Then don a Kryponite ring and punch Linda Danvers in the teeth. Punch her hard for trying to justify her sociopathic behavior. Because she's okay with letting a boat of people explode so she can get it on with her girlfriend. She judged you, now you judge her.)

I realize that I have brought pain to over a thousand people. There's nothing that I can say to you that will make your pain go away. I can only ask for your understanding."

(Understand nothing. Understand my middle finger.)
Alan Wilkinson chapter 1 . 5/10/2004
Needs more Paragraphs (as in several small ones, not a few big ones; it's not easy reading with everyone's dialouge squashed together)