Reviews for Community Service
QueenOfSpades137 chapter 42 . 9/19
I'm really enjoying this story so far. I practically gobbled it up in a day and now I'm hungry for more. Happy writing and stay safe wherever you may be.

From Dixie with Sweet-tea
danielemlac chapter 42 . 8/23
Você não tem ideia da minha felicidade quando vi que essa história tinha sido atualizada! Foi incrível! Tudo! A fuga de Nova Orleans, fiquei emocionada com a família de Remy! Eu simplesmente amo a interação deles. A revelação de Forge, Wolverine sendo Wolverine! Incrível! Parabéns!
ALLREMS chapter 42 . 8/22
Aargh i hate cliff hangers, im just glad your updating again. Sounds like its going to get much more interesting from here.

Please keep the updates coming. Loving this story.
ALLREMS chapter 40 . 8/22
Wow. Epic fight, great job.
ALLREMS chapter 39 . 8/22
Oh how a bad thing turns into a good thing so quickly. Shit happens for a reason, i guess.
ALLREMS chapter 38 . 8/22
And the fortune tellers predictions are coming true. One of the best chapters.
ALLREMS chapter 30 . 8/21
Ok i was wrong this is the saddest. Literally had me in tears.
ALLREMS chapter 28 . 8/21
Saddest thing ever.
ALLREMS chapter 23 . 8/20
I seriously don't remember who rogues father is. Would of been cool too have it have been logan. Still a very funny scene. Maybe there's another time he conveniently forgot, maybe that's why she has the cane?
ishandahalf chapter 42 . 8/19
and there it is! the revelation is made. i'm glad forge was able to get the whole story out. i feel bad for him, hopefully rogue will be able to understand - eventually. i feel bad for the circumstances that landed them both where they are - and they weren't completely forge's fault, and i'm hoping rogue will come to see that. i'm really interested to see how she deals with this bombshell - we only saw a bit of that this chapter, i'm guessing there will be a lot more processing to come... and i'm eager for more, as always! :)
ALLREMS chapter 13 . 8/19
Id like to see how Emil came he in the comics? Every time i read him hes such a funny guy. I really liked how you did Emil, very funny. Great chapter.
ALLREMS chapter 8 . 8/19
Awe this was nice
ALLREMS chapter 3 . 8/18
I hope I'm able to review...just wanted to say I'm very happy you are writing again. Since it has been a while im going to reread.
Paulina Ann chapter 42 . 8/17
Well let's make it 801. :) Enjoyed the chapter. I thought Forge's explanation was reasonable. Also after hearing his explanation, I think Magneto is going to want Remy as much as Rogue. He'd be a super charged walking explosive. Hoping Rogue handles all this well.
laniDG11 chapter 41 . 8/6
Too bad the knock to the head to didn't restore her vision lol
Anyway! Loved it:)
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