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Protos Heis chapter 8 . 4/8/2022
Do you really think we mind if Vegeta and Bulma are in a "lost in space" scenario? We revel in it!
Protos Heis chapter 7 . 4/8/2022
I can see Vegeta escaping through General Lee's actions.

I must be crazy for finding Vegeta's worries quite "adorable." lol
Protos Heis chapter 6 . 4/7/2022
Just wait until Chi chi finds out that Bulma ended up with Vegeta! lol

How about transporting Vegeta to Kami's place? That would work.
Protos Heis chapter 5 . 4/7/2022
Mrs. Briefs is so vulgar!
Protos Heis chapter 4 . 4/7/2022
That was completely nuts! He could've killed her so easily.

Darn...if only they were alone! I think Vegeta would kiss her!
Protos Heis chapter 3 . 4/6/2022
How the heck are they going to fall for each other? It looks difficult to think about it!

Your Dr. Briefs feels out of character btw.
Protos Heis chapter 2 . 4/6/2022
Oh my! looks like our dear Bulma is physically attracted to her prisoner. That's no good. He might use it against her.

To think Vegeta feels Bulma is worse than Frieza...I feel bad for him when he looked like in dispair.
Protos Heis chapter 1 . 4/6/2022
I sure would love to see how this develops. Certainly, Vegeta would detest Bulma for what she had done, or don't tell me he'll be having Stockholm syndrome? lol

Great start!
FatigueMakesMeTired chapter 8 . 3/7/2022
Space travel baby! Yeah!
FatigueMakesMeTired chapter 7 . 3/7/2022
Woah bro. Intense.
FatigueMakesMeTired chapter 4 . 3/7/2022
palome33 chapter 37 . 11/11/2021
I know it's been a long time since you wrote this fic but I really want to say thank you!
This is a masterpiece.
Everything is perfect for me and I feel so thanksfull to have the possibility to read it.

If anyone want the uncesored version : fanfic/view_ ?id58898&cid179930
Bambibelle84 chapter 37 . 10/15/2021
[ "I'm fine with that. I'm fine with murdering Zarbon and all those soldiers. I would do it again in a heartbeat. I would do it to save you, no matter how much it hurts you to be rescued by little, pathetic me. But I won't have you treat me like this anymore. As if I'm worthless. Like I should be punished. I'm the only one who gets to punish me, and I'm not going to do it anymore. I'm not going to punish myself, and I'm not going to allow anyone else to do it either. You are just going to have to get over it, Vegeta. All of it. Zarbon, your tail, the explosion. All of it! Do you hear me?"]


["Once again, Vegeta, you're not listening to me. I said 'if you wanted to leave me.' I don't want you to go, Vegeta. I want this," she curled her fingers in his back, scraping her nails down his spine, "whatever this is to work between us. I understand that you'll have to leave sometimes, but give me just a word, a nod, a silent vow that you'll return to me. That's all I need from you. That's all I want. You have to give something. I know it's not in your nature. I know you can't say the words. But I need this from you, Vegeta."]

Goodness yes Bulma. I loved her this chapter. You tell him.

["I love you. There it is. No holds barred. Out on the table. You can return it or not, but that's how I feel and I'm not going to tip toe around it anymore. I. Love. You."]


["I know, Vegeta. But you came back and that says everything. So I want you to know that I'm going to keep saying it, and maybe in twenty years you'll say it back to me."]

Exactly he doesn't have to say it. Action speaks louder than words.

["We agreed long ago that my life belonged to you. So take it in any form that you want. Take me dead or alive, but I am yours, Vegeta. Always."]


Thanks so much for sharing this story it was a hell of a ride to read it. It's a favorite for sure. I just love the way you wrote them.
Bambibelle84 chapter 36 . 10/15/2021
["I'm letting you live because I want you to make it clear to whoever is in charge that the Briefs family is to be left alone. No harassment, no kidnapping. They better not even have a bad fiscal year. Because if they do I will systematically slaughter every man, woman and child even remotely related to this little butt-fuck conspiracy. Do I make myself clear?"]

The Briefs Family. Aweeee Vegeta.
Bambibelle84 chapter 30 . 10/14/2021
[It made him sick. He should have been the one to protect her, to shield her. Not just from physical harm, but from the psychological whiplash of the horrors of the universe. Instead he had introduced her to the self-destructive path of murder. He had taken something perfect and pure and destroyed it, all in the name of vindictiveness.]

Vegeta is feeling some type. He's so conflicted it hurts. Poor babies.

That "Forgive Me" "Never" OUCH. That hurt.
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