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Invernam chapter 32 . 1/22
You know I feel like your characterization of Kaiba is so well thought out and so...him that it's canon in my book but this story has had me wondering since day one about the difference between the Japanese subbed and the dub in terms of characterization and plot (as well as writing in general). It's almost as though all of the characters sound more involved and more complex than in their English counterparts. It makes me want to give the subbed anime another chance bcause I grew up with the dubbed and although I've been watching subbed and raw anime for years now I couldn't watch yugioh subbed because it felt so jarring. I do know that the dub edited some things out from the original but I had no idea it went so far as to cut up characters...(especially Anzu, from what it sounds like).
101Witch101 chapter 8 . 12/2/2013
I think it's clever of Seto to pretend to bed his younger brother. That explains why Gozaburo would keep Mokuba on the grounds. I'm excited to see how his plan plays out
101Witch101 chapter 7 . 12/2/2013

The last paragraph (especially the last line) were too much!
jet911 chapter 45 . 3/16/2013
Loved it
EvilMidget6 chapter 45 . 9/10/2012
Another fantastic story...I'm going to read all the stories you have written now since I have so much enjoyed both this and 'book of the dead'. You have so much talent - thanks for sharing it! I have an account :)
Becky chapter 45 . 9/5/2012
Another fantastic story...I'm going to read all the stories you have written now since I have so much enjoyed both this and 'book of the dead'. You have so much talent - thanks for sharing it!
Bou-Minisuka-Kaiba chapter 45 . 8/21/2012
well not know where to start, you're the best writer of Yu-Gi-Oh! I read, I read several of your fics (I'm sorry I dont left comment before) I can truly say that your description of persanajes are really perfect, the most IC I've read , especially a character it so hard to handle as Kaiba Seto original of the Manga, congratulations! your fic really made me feel many things! now that I just finished him my typical existential crisis comes after reading a Very Good Fic ;A; xDD

Thank for the reading !
Serena Jones chapter 45 . 7/9/2012
I'll confess that the first chapter didn't grab me. But from my own work, I know that sometimes you need a chapter or two to set the hook. So I kept reading. And realized around chapter 20 that it was 2am and I needed to get some sleep. So it took me almost two days to read but it was a good read. Thank you. What did I like? Well I loved Seto Kaiba - all the ego, all the angst, all the ambition, squared! I liked Yugi and Yami both individually and as a pair. You made some nice parallels in the growth/changes between the Kaiba boys and the Mutou boys. I also like the end; i was satisfied, nothing felt missing or lost. Thank you for that too. The only two things i didn't like was the use of Joey (I don't think you needed him or most of the others) and the 'head hopping' POV changes (too many and too quick) but neither of these personal preferences deteacted significantly from the quality of the story. I'd heard of Nenya before and you lived up to the hype. Follow Author, Favorite Story. Deja Vu is worth reading again. SerenaJ genxorcist. Com
Bela Vosa chapter 18 . 4/15/2012
That was the most awesome, sexiest thing in the universe. It makes my chest hurt. I can't believe how amazing it was. I think it was special because you didn't describe it physically, but emotionally. Any descriptors would have just ruined the mood, so you saved them for later. or something not on purpose but still just as cool.
Clarity2199 chapter 41 . 4/4/2012
Hey...I think I noticed a problem. I'm in chapter 41 of this story. At the end of chapter 39, Mokuba was going to hack into Kaiba's computer to find out what Ishizu had to say as a warning. But that never came back up.

Did you forget to put it in, or was that mentioned just so Mokuba and Seto had something to do together? Cuz I thought you were going to bring that up to show a warning of what everyone was going to face going into this virtual world.

Clarity2199 chapter 36 . 4/3/2012
It's funny...after all this time, I never actually reviewed this chapter.

I don't want to say anything too detailed here, since in a review this is something anyone can read.

But I will say, this was done real well. You couldn't have done better than what you put into it. It was an excellent chapter. It described everything so well.

I love how Kaiba tried to reject him, then had to hold onto him so he wouldn't get lost, to keep his promise. How like a brave knight he stayed in front the whole time to take whatever punishment he was dealt, and yet wouldn't let Yami catch up to him. Did that mean he didn't want Yami to touch or contact him, was it shame that didn't want him to be approachable? That part I wasn't certain...but I liked it nonetheless. It fit, having Kaiba always keeping his distance.

girru chapter 45 . 3/29/2012
A wonderful story and I usually dislike 1st POV and especially when it's changing in the range of one chapter. Thank you for writing this and sorry I don't have anything more profound to say;

*going to check the other stories*
azndancer chapter 10 . 2/27/2012
What 7 languages does Kaiba know, anyway? Just wondering.

Great story, I'm so into it!
Qu33rzi chapter 8 . 1/29/2012
I love your chapter titles! I can't believe I only noticed it now, but they're all book titles or song titles or sayings! I love how you use them and how well they apply to your story.

ilovemanicures chapter 45 . 12/14/2011
Once again my breath is taken away by one of your beautiful stories.

Last time it was Mokuba' side of the story you opened my eyes to now it's Seto'.

I never truly understood what it must have been like to go through all of what Seto Kaiba had until I read this. I feel like you really captured his character and brought him to life.

The contrast between the two blue-eyed-boys was fantastic! You truly have a gift for characterization my dear ;D

I'm stuck for a favorite charater this time though, and you'll never guess who makes it a tie. SetoKaiba and Grandpa Motou. Yes I know that's just weird considering how kick-ass Yami was through out this, and how brave Mokuba was, let alone Yugi and his friends. I honestly believe they are the only characters in Anime history that can be both minor AND main, all at the same time.

But anyway, that old man really stole the show every morning in that kitchen. I died laughing when Yami stumbled in after his and Kaiba' romping and Grandpa was like "Now I approve" lol xD

There were many scenes that I simply adore because they were so...well simple! Like when Kaiba and Seto were fighting each other in the kitchen, or when they were all at the ball game. My favorite random moment is when Seto kissed Yami. That. Was. Hilarious. I honestly thought he would have made a snide remark about it at the end, but now I realize that in his eyes he was rejected so he wouldn't be mentioning it to ANYBODY lol

Either way, this was absolutey fantastic, and I enjoyed the hell out of each and every chapter. Thank you so much for sharing and I'm sorry I've been spamming your inbox with my reviews ;D
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