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jj chapter 45 . 9/14/2017
Damn. I'm sorry I didn't leave a review for every chapter. I loved this whole story. Every part, every POV, every character inspection. It really was amazing. I read it a few years ago, remembered now how much I enjoyed it and read it all over again!
I loved your Kaiba and Yami, and especially young Seto. I love how you described each of them so beautifully while throwing the Yugi-tachi into the mix.
Your characterization was so in depth, the story so well thought and written, I don't have enough words to praise you! Fenomenal job, I'm going straight to your profile to check out your other stories.
Thank you for this one!
Guest chapter 45 . 1/8/2017
I'm honoured to have had the opportunity to read such a story from a dedicated author.. I mean, of all the authors whose writing I've read, not one has shown they searched behind the apparent characters and managed to pull off OCC within their (the characters') mindsets!

I can proudly claim that notwithstanding my absolute aversion of shounen-ai, this story is THE best I've ever come across.. and that I'd never hesitate to read it over and again whenever the mood strikes ;)

Thanks a bunch 3
Guest chapter 7 . 1/6/2017
I'm glad that someone finally had Seto being the youngest rather than the second oldest (after Mai, you know)!
Wolf'sVine chapter 45 . 9/24/2016
This fic, actually every work of yours I've read, has moved me and made me feel excited, upset, on edge, cautious and even a bit freaked out. You have a real talent for writing and I'm just letting you know that you got me back on the Yami/Kaiba chariot/helicopter and I'm so glad for that. Thank you. Your fics really lift my spirits and make me think... does that sound a bit odd? It's true, but it might sound kinda odd. Well, anyways, it's true... and thanks to you I'm gonna be reading more of this pairing... even if from other authors. Ta!
Uhuru-chan chapter 45 . 6/19/2016
I've been re-reading my favorite fics and I hadn't left a review in any of yours. (I'm a bad reader, I'm more used to write)
I read your author note and I got inspired, because I agree with you, and you do make us feel. I wish I has the skills to write long fics like this one. It feels like every part of it was important, I swear I can not do that! I loved Kaiba being 'insecure' just because he wanted to hear Atem reasuring him that he loved him, so very tsundere! (just like in canon xD) and I loved the little Kaibas, the subtle and the big differences between their past and present selves. Also the pet names Atem gives to Kaiba sljdkdhdkd He'd totally call him Dragon irl. I'm sleepy, I should have written earlier. Thanks for the fic!
Sava-chan chapter 45 . 5/22/2016
All I can say is that this is an amazing story that I really enjoyed reading!
Thank you
enchanted nightingale chapter 45 . 5/2/2016
Loved this story!
enchanted nightingale chapter 20 . 5/2/2016
enchanted nightingale chapter 19 . 5/2/2016
Loved it!
novelreader chapter 45 . 4/27/2016
Wow did you made up the whole losing his spleen thing. Gozaboro is crazy, just really crazy. Regardless of what Seto thinks about his adoption or how it ended, KaibaCorp ending up being the salvation of the universe, who knows maybe it was his fate to gain it, I still think choosing Gozaboro or forcing him to adopt them was a terrible choice. But regardless of what you say, Gozaboro being rich probably hid his sadistic side from the public so there's no way Seto would have known, or risk his brother's welfare on a gamble like that, now would he? I always thought of it as Seto winning a bittersweet deal.

Reading the end just made me realize how much harder it must of been for Kaiba to let go of his younger self knowing what would await them when they arrived home, nevermind the future and mistakes he's going to make.

Thank you for writing this beautiful fic! I just love Seto Kaiba and while he was very Gary Stu in a way, you really went all out in exploring his character and that made the story engaging.

The whole turning the eye inwards trick was clever. If Aknadin faced that earlier before Bakura's corruption I wonder if there was a chance for him to be stronger and gain some sort of redemption as his reincarnated son did. Both created inventions that destroyed lives, Seto's more so, and also save or supported an empire and government, the difference is Seto had the decency of regretting what he did, and Aknadin didn't. Seto must get his conscience from his mother I guess, or perhaps he inherited him uncle's idealism and personal responsible approach. Atem's dad sacrificed himself to endure his own sins and not have Atem suffer for it, he also blamed himself for something his brother did because he was kind. I can't help but see some similarities to Seto and his uncle, they were both so honorable and when things went bad their thoughts always came to their 'sons' well for Seto 'younger brother turned son'. Seto really has a papa wolf in him doesn't he.
novelreader chapter 41 . 4/27/2016
You really really delved in Kaiba's character, how deep he really is. There's many things I've never realized about him or probably thought wrong? I like your interpretation better.

In the anime, he created a simulation that was used for the Military by Gozoboro right? Seto didn't want that. But him creating weapons in accident, or rather creating weapons without knowing they were going to be used, I'm going to put a blind trust in faith in you because you really seem to know Yu-Gi-Oh and Kaiba and think that this is cannon.
novelreader chapter 39 . 4/27/2016
I think the "It figures, I'm the one covered in blood... he's the one getting handed the prize" probably would be something Kaiba would say... at least in dub, he was extremely sarcastic in dub.

Okay, on a previous chapters, and this isn't a criticism just my thoughts on the matter, Kaiba's disdain for Isis because she was a crappy older sibling. Well I never thought about that, to me he seems to have disdain for everyone except for a select few, but wow you really put a whole new meaning on Isis and Kaiba's relationship, and I think Isis is enduring a lot of guilt, has endured a lot of guilt and possible self-hatred and denial before her duel with Kaiba about it not being her fault and that it was destiny until he made her realize that's where she was going about it all wrong, that you can't just accept things happening as destiny but you need to take it in your hands and mold it. It must have been inspiring for her to change her ways when it came to destiny and her brother. Anyway, Kaiba while he's right in a way, doesn't have the right to judge others for being a terrible sibling. She might have stood by and did nothing for the most part, and what could she have done fought her father and have him kill her, the guy didn't seem to care much about his kids, but then Kaiba might've not known that because he would have considered the variable, he on the other hand attempted to kill his brother on Death-T. At first I thought it was cold-hearted logic, that he was following the rules, and the one losing the game has to endure a penalty so that's why he did it, regardless of how it was his brother, but then you pointed out, and I didn't read the manga just watched the season 0 animation, that he actually did it because he thought Mokuba was working against him... anyway it's hypocritical of him to judge Isis because he almost threw to waste all of his own sacrifices if Yami wasn't there to save the boy.
novelreader chapter 22 . 4/26/2016
I think you are so right about Jonouchi and Kaiba, Jonouchi's musings about Yami and Kaiba's relationship was a favorite of mine. It seems like everything is going slow and easy right now, but it's supposed to be since it's impactful to Seto. Your writings of all the character are just on point and great!
novelreader chapter 10 . 4/25/2016
I wouldn't call Aknadin abusive until Bakura corrupted him, though I don't if abusive father applies if the son is practically a grown man, does it? Anyway, looking at his actions, I could totally believe he is Seto's biological father as it seems to parallel Seto Kaiba's in the future regarding the future, only difference is Aknadin chose his country over his son, and Kaiba in the end decided his brother was more important then his company. That's the underlining difference between the two, and despite his actions, I consider Aknadin as a tragic noble character. I wonder why most fanfictions potray him as one-dimensional bad and oh he was a terrible father. He wasn't. He put his son's safety first in Egypt's time of need and left him because he knew association with him will lead his enemies to target his family. He was willing to make the sacrifices his own brother wouldn't make, or consider. Honestly Yami's dad despite looking all noble and stuff was a disappoinment, all we knew of him was that he loved both his son and his brother and was willing to sacrifice himself for their sin for the sake of Egypt and that's great, but what was his ruling style, did he make any hard decisions. What was his plan for that invasion shown in the anime. Aknadin making that decision to soil his soul in blood for the sake of Egypt's safety and prosperity, that's overlooked to the evil being he ends up being due to the price he had to pay, and nobody really appreciates that...

At least it seems so to me. I've read a few that touches on it anyhow.
novelreader chapter 6 . 4/25/2016
Yes I think your right, Gozaboro would think learning the arts, literature, and history as something of a waste espically since they can easily be connected to history, but to me, for someone who loves Dragons as Seto does, he'd find a way.

Yu-Gi-Oh sure has a fondness for older siblings, and it seems like the reincarnated priests and priestesses that used to work for the pharoah, okay I admit I'm only thinking about Isis and Seto here, but they are both older siblings with younger siblings living in an oppressive environment having to act parent. Reading how Seto used to sneak Mokuba out for the outings reminded me of Isis sneaking Marik out. It's debatable whose situation was worse, Seto's stepfather may have been trying to turn him into a monster, but Isis' wanted to turn his children into slave, that and he focused most of his time on Marik, it must have been hard for Isis to stand by and watch her brother suffer, she must have blamed herself everyday after Marik turned dark for what happened...

Just a stray thought.. sorry this is a great story!
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