Reviews for Home to Heal
athelas63 chapter 2 . 5/15/2004
Whew- finally got through! This is very nice - I'm anxious to see what happens - this thing with Eldarion sounds serious. AND - LOVE Cirion - he is adorable and perfect - glad Faz and #2 boy have a good relationship too! (I know Faz would be extra careful of THAT!)
Carrie S chapter 2 . 5/15/2004
Yay, the new story at last! Welcome back, you two. :D
Ah, kids...Cirion's naivety and innocence brought a smile to my face.
I especially liked: "It's not fair! When Bron came there was a war going on. He got to fight. Now there's only dead bones and dust!"
Perfect. I wonder how soon his innocence about war will last? Although with his father around, in Mordor no less, I have a feeling that time frame will be very short...Faramir just attracts trouble like a magnet. :D
Excellent writing! It just gets better and better. I eagerly anticipate more-please update soon!
Carrie S
Good Queen Vold chapter 2 . 5/15/2004
Tehee! I love this! The steward's family now reminds me of that show Seventh Heaven...and Faramir is still mine.
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