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Everything-Mike-Ross chapter 8 . 7/10/2010

that was amazing

doooo update

please please please

u know i m waitin

hurry n update
Diana Z chapter 8 . 1/14/2009
Please continue your story. It's really good. I love it & I can't wait to read more about it. Especially what happens to Yamato & Sora. I hope to read the next few chapters of your story.
MeggyandHaku chapter 8 . 7/9/2007

Ravn MTM chapter 8 . 4/4/2005
I have one thing to say UPDATE!
Ravn MTM chapter 4 . 4/4/2005
sweet go yama! why are fan girls so stupid? an unsolved mistory just as why are boy such morons
Ravn MTM chapter 3 . 4/4/2005
yah you keept his attatued :)
Ravn MTM chapter 1 . 4/4/2005
cool- wait you didnt get rid of yamas ounyness did u? because if you did i'll i'll do abusolutly nothing and keep readin ( exsopecing summtin elce)
Absolute-Darkness chapter 8 . 12/3/2004
I hope she'll be okay...Update soon!
Lady of Spring Rain chapter 8 . 10/22/2004
nice keep writing
The True Punkette chapter 7 . 9/21/2004
Okay, I take back all the unnecessary mean things I said (except for the criticism). The last few chapters finally made some sense, thus, I got a better perception of how Sora became such a *eye-twitch* eh?

It's just that the first few chapters went off with a shaky start. It's pretty misleading. However, you quickly made up for it as the story progresses, which is good.

Now for the part you hate, the criticism. Ahem! You desire to be a writer, yeah? Though you have some sort of spark going, you still need more improvement. You hate hearing that, don't you?

My advice would be is to read stuff written by 'Stephen King' (Very good writer, he is), or 'Dante (I-forgot-his-name. Silly me)'. As a random sidenote, Dante is a gothic writer. I'm pretty sure his work is full of horror and gore and such. Anyway, advice. Read stuff like that, and learn from how they write. Edit your work to make sure there are no grammatical errors, okay?

Remember: writing is just like painting; an author paints his story for all to see and admire. Strive for that.

The rest, well... that is up to you. The pros: your story is attention grabbing. Good job. The cons: it's not descriptive enough. My verdict: Above average but needs improvement.

Don't feel down that you got that much from me. I criticize harshly and I criticize mercilessly. It takes loads of effort to impress me. Keep trying though. You'll get there. AND BE OPENMINDED- I so happen to like 'Yaoi' thank you very much (read your bio), and some of my male friends are gay and they happen to be the best guys I've met in my life. ;; Anyway...

Yours Truly.
The True Punkette chapter 3 . 9/20/2004
Oh boy. -_-;; You see, I may be a fan of the Sora and YAMATO couples, but please, with this story, I don't follow.

Ahem, yes, Sora has turned into a punk. Woop-da-woop. However, I think you got the perception of punks all wrong, if I'm not mistaken. However, since you're young, I'll give you a break. You see, punks aren't all pissy and ready to snap at anyone they see, like how you portrayed this 'Sora'.

You didn't give Sora an attitude. You gave her an attitude-PROBLEM. Naturally, punks are rebellious, but they aren't as *ahem* bitchy as they way you portrayed Sora. They're more laid back in their approach whilst they maintain their resistance to the conventions of society. In short, you didn't create a punk, you created an insufferable bitch. But since you're getting loads of reviews, I think I wasted my time typing this down.

In short, don't even think of creating a NATURAL, LIFE-LIKE *pause, hint* [STORY] until you get the true vibe of things. Take it as a flame, take it as hardcore criticism.

Yours truly
Esia chapter 8 . 9/17/2004
Very interesting,that was a hard choice Matt going!
hheellpp chapter 1 . 9/14/2004
ppl ppl plz, what does OOC mean?
ElliKat chapter 8 . 9/12/2004
ok den.. update soon


elli **
sorato4eva chapter 8 . 9/12/2004



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