Reviews for Hate is Only Skin Deep
DeeLov44 chapter 18 . 6/28/2017
This was a wonderful story sorry to hear you won't be finishing it really would have enjoyed an ending excellent writing
Sassybratt chapter 3 . 8/9/2015
This was much more fulfilling in the emotional aspect of Kagome's guilt. Her listless expressions and reaction to others was great. It more so portrayed the thought of the fact that her best friend was gone, dead, and would never be able to do anything again, like laugh or get married. Awesome job on that.

I'm glad you made Kaede young in this fic. Really pulls at my heartstrings to know that she lost her big sister, and Kagome was the one driving the car that killed her. My heartbreaks just thinking about the encounter the two will share.

Also, the summary for next chapter has me intrigued. What will happen when Kagome is faced with questions from the media, and how will she cope with all this? Definitely interesting indeed.
Sassybratt chapter 2 . 8/9/2015
I'm not sure about this chapter. I kind of feel a bit unsatisfied by Kagome and Inuyasha's reactions. I feel like there should have been more emotion put into their reactions. I mean, I agree that Inuyasha should be angry, as he has a right to be, and direct his anger at Kagome. And Kagome feeling guilty is spot on. I just, I don't know, I feel like there should have been tears, shock, something.

In any case, it was still a nice chapter. I enjoyed the overall flow of it, and the whole Miroku and Sango holding Inuyasha back was perfect. I'm looking forward to what else you have in store for our favorite characters and how they'll claw their way back from this darkness.
Sassybratt chapter 1 . 8/9/2015
Absolutely loved this first chapter. I liked how you spent time exploring the relationship between Kagome and Kikyo, as well as everyone else in the group. It makes me feel some way attached to them, and the loss of Kikyo will be that more crippling since we know her character. Some stories start with her already dead, or someone trying to grief after losing a loved one, but not very often are we introduced to the character beforehand. It makes the loss harder and the emotions run high.

I'm intrigued to see where this story goes. How Kagome copes with the loss of her best friend, and Inuyasha with the loss of his love. Not to mention what will happen between the two as they go through this journey, together and apart. I mean, their relationship wasn't exactly the best to begin with, so it'll be interesting to see how it will change in the coming chapters.

Looking forward to reading the next one :)
INKAGSJ chapter 1 . 7/25/2015
Please update! I've been dying to see what happens
Corrayyy chapter 18 . 7/14/2014
I absolutely love this story! From this point on I hope to be a regular reviewer and I just want to say that you are insanely amazing at writing dream sequences! That was awesome!
Wenchster chapter 18 . 7/11/2014
I am really enjoying this story. I really REALLY hope to hear more of it soon!
Guest chapter 18 . 6/25/2014
update, please.. I'm so curious 'bout the next story and of course the end of this story..
just keep updating.. :)
XxTentenxX179 chapter 18 . 5/21/2014
I was totally thinking alice n wonderland with the whole trial dream. Gahhhhh im so impatient cant wait to read more so glad shes back with inuyasha waiting for him to have the moment of realization that hes totally crazii about her hahah love it update soon plz
gateway guest chapter 7 . 4/30/2014

This story you have crafted seems to parallel canon somewhat. Unknown to her, the partial jewel on Kagome probably is from the REAL Shikon no Tama. And she and Kikyou found a way to share it. Does that mean that Naraku has Kikyou's half. So far no mention has been made about this possibility.
I am curious how this will develop. Keep it coming.

I notice that you take time to build the relationships between characters. I am also pleased that Kikyou is presented as a good person. Too many Inufic authors tend to cast her as the evil spawn of Satan.

Now I wish to address a grammatical issue I've noticed.

I find many authors here are not careful with homonyms. For example: (a)there, (b)their, and (c)they're-all three words sound alike. However, (a) points to a thing, (b) denotes possession-my, your, their, and (c) is a contraction of two words "they & are". Other examples of misused homonyms include: too, to, two; here, hear; your, you're; manor(house), manner(way of acting). I bring this to your attention simply(no pun intended) to make you aware of a tendency in this particular story and to ask if someone proofs(or beta-reads) for you. As this is quite prevalent across the site, it does not affect my enjoyment of your story. In fact, when I reach to the end of the most recent chapter of this work I intend to peruse other tales you have penned. I expect to continue to be impressed.

Finally, I wish to commend your ability to create a coherent plot-with dialogue that is void of f-bombs, suggestive situations, or downright pornography. I have given up on reading certain authors on this site due to just such immature tendencies. I better enjoy works suitable for General Audiences.

Thanks again.

P.s. Since I only visit, and am not a member here, if you wish to respond, see below.

senora dot Lopez yahoo dot com.
Kara chapter 16 . 3/25/2014
Don't ever think I think your writings are bad! Anyone who thinks so are major fucking ass holes. Believe me. You rock!
Glon Morski chapter 17 . 3/25/2014
OK, so you just updated mere minutes after I was done with my last review. Is that convenient or what? :)

Anyway, even though I doubt you've seen my review yet, I'm happy to see some of the 'depth' I've been talking about. Now we know more about Terry (not to mention the 'depth' I feel in this chapter bu that has somehow been lackinh in the previous one... weird...) and I have to say, NOW you have me a bit curious about her past - those friends she lost and who seemed to accuse her of being killed, that one person who cared for her but is now dead... I wonder who they are and how it happened. And if it's relevant.

Still, there's little more I can add, sadly, and not because nothing happened. *sigh* What else to comennt on... come on... think... there must be something...

Oh yeah, I remembered something I should have mentionned in the previous review: Inuyasha's an idiot. If you hear silence and 'an occasional chripping of a bird', that does NOT mean the person you're calling if out of reach - then, yoi'd be redirected to voice mail. Same in case she simply didn't answer her phone. So, going by the fact there was no signal and you were certain she actually picked up, why not think about the simple fact that SOMETHING might have happened and she can't answer, Inuyasha? Come on, even thinking she fell asleep on you would have been better - although then again, you knew Kagome was on her way to the hospital because of Faith's mishap, so why not realize something was off? Dummy.

And back to this chapter, Kikyo is acting off, too. So, she wants Kagome dead, probably because she blames her for her own death (yay -_-' What did Urasue do to her soul? The Kikyo of this fic wouldn't have thought that, would she?), that much is obvious. She can also behave kind of like a little kid in a way, if the way she 'played' with Urasue's blood and all is anything to go by - I mean, such behavior can either be like that of a mad serial murder or a child (just as mad as the muderer, mind you). I wonder which it is... Can't tell since I didn't actually see her do it, but I'm leaning more towards the 'sadistic little girl'. And yet later, she acts much more refined and as she did while alive. Is this part of that 'being a new born but quickly catching up' like it was with walking? I wonder...

Was there more? Hmmm... Nope, can't think of anything. Sorry. But I enjoyed the chapter and I look forward to more - especially chapters like this one where that certain something I called 'depth' until now (not sure if that's the problem anymore, honestly...) doesn't disappear on me ;)


Glon Morski
Glon Morski chapter 16 . 3/25/2014
I kinda know how you feel. Though I don't really have the 'number of reviews' problem, most of them ARE rather short and repetitive. People who write reviews that actually cause my fingers to itch and my brain to go into overdrive are quite rare. But there are some here and there.

Now, I know what you're gonna say, since I know how you feel, how come I can't give you what I know you want at least once? Well, the problem is... How to put it... Well, your story has a plot, obviously, and things happen from chapter to chapter, obviously. However, besides listing what I saw happening in the chapter, I see little I could comment about. My thoughts don't wander and I don't wonder what might happen next as if there was no foreshadowing whatsoever. None of the things that happen make me think 'hmmm, I wonder why this happened this way and not another way. could it ne that...?', there are no small details to notice and see 'hey, since this character acts that way, couldn't it mean...?'

Of course, I don't want you to think your writing is utterly horrible or something. It isn't. If I thought that way, I wouldn't be reading your story, as I'm sure you know without me having to say it. But while the way your write in and off itself and the way the words flow as you read them is great, it feels like the story lacks.. depth, I guess. Take Terry for example. If memory serves, this is the first chapter in which she has ever appeared. That being said, what do we know about her? Her past? Next to nothing, just that she was once human but no longer is and that she was passed 'from master to master'. Who is she? No clue, just some cat demon who served Urasue but now, somehow, for some reason was gifted by Naraku to a resurrected Kikyo (at least I'm pretty certain it's Kikyo) as if she was his position to begin with. What does she look like? Uuuuhhh... you never told us, did you.

Now, considering all the unknowns of Terry's past and charatcer, one would thin I'd be intrigued. But... I'm not. All I can think about is 'where the heck did she come from and what the heck for?' :/ And even then, that thought is accompanied not by curiosity, but by confusion and mild annoyance.


I got it! I think the biggest problem I'm encountering here is indeed a lack of depth - character depth. OCs are good and all, but unless they are only appearing for one chapter or less and then disappear never to be seen again, they need to have some depth to them. If a reader knows a bit more of their past, it's easier to see those characters as a person and not just a name on paper. And it's not only for the character's past (especially since you can't always say everything about that off the bat), but also for their thoughts and feelings. While I understand that this story is in Kagome's POV, which is obvious by the way we hear her thoughts and know what she's feeling all the time, other characters need that depth, too. If you don't want to go into their heads, at least try to let us know how other characters perceived something they said or an expression their made. You'll be amazed how much such little details can shift the experience of reading a story from 'reading simple words and sentences' to 'seeing what's happening with one's mind's eye' - and it's that second way of making your readers read that you should aim for. If the characters are more than just names on screen and the readers know more about them, they can relate to them easier and even kind of put themselves into the characters shoes. That, in turn, makes them think and ponder various things and spikes their curiosity. And eventually, these thoughts get so loud they can't stop but write a review to let them out to someone - namely you. I'd know, that how I feel every time I read one of my favorite fics ;)

Well, hope that helps. I'll be waiting for the next chapter then. And I'lltry to review regularily from now on, too.


Glon Morski
PiratePrincessRin chapter 16 . 3/24/2014
I really enjoyed this fanfic and hope you will continue with your work. You have a great talent in writing.
AstreaLunari chapter 16 . 3/23/2014
I have been trying to update for almost a year. But the F.F app wouldn't do it till now. You are an amazing writer and I really hope you finish these before you retire. Thank you for everything. I have favored and followed this story since just about day one.
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