Reviews for Supercop
StrawberryDuckFeathers chapter 1 . 10/14/2013
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I liked the 'succumbed to impulse' part of the intro since it kicks the story into action. I like how he seems to have that worker's desire of some quiet and relaxation time as well. Very relatable for those with jobs, I imagine. I'm wondering if the thunder rumbles in the beginning are a symbol of danger that's to come. Oh, so it's actually Superman flying out. That's cool. That was a shock for me considering my fandom-blindness. :P I also like that you've described how the public feel about Superman as well, and I like how you've described how he's made a difference in the townspeople as well, like the story with the police officer. I think that you do well to make the defendant look horrid, the way that you show the horrible things he's caused and how he doesn't seem at all sympathetic about any of the victims. I really liked the part where Lois got shot, and that last line before the horizontral break really struck me- it's brimming with action. :D

I think Lois seems an interesting character; so far, she seems like the type who doesn't let people push her around. She's quite assertive and she isn't submissive around the guys either, which is cool. :D I like that Hernderson's replies to the questions get dry- that bit suits the situation so much. (The sudden loud crackle of static from a police radio made him wince and cover his ears.) I really like these sudden 'hits' in your sentences; they're a great boost of action and I think they're very well placed as well. I love how Henderson is so shocked that he actually rips the arm of his chair off! (He'd always wondered about those cases, believing that there was more to them than met the eye. Well, now it had happened to him.) I like the ideas in this line, that he's never really thought of thinking about anything supernatural for his cases. I also love the twist of it being his own metal hand; I was not expecting it at all! :O I also wasn't expecting Lois' arm to heal like that, either. Now I'm intrigued to find out who shot her, though... :O It's awesome that she's going to become Ultra Woman, at least by what I can tell by now. Damn fandom-blindness. :P

I like the way you describe Henderson as a 'weapon', giving him an incredibly dangerous edge- as if he might kill anyone who goes near him accidentally. I like the tension it adds to the story. I really like how you gradually increase the tension throughout the story, especially when Henderson calls up Clark. The light sprinkle of rain seems to me like a symbol of beginning danger, I think. The way that Henderson's newfound powers are comin to him gradually, not all in one go, I think is something very good. I think that his realisation that Superman might be Ultra Woman's husband is a cool part here as well, quite a twist for me since I know hardly anything of the fandom. I also like the idea of Henderson's wife (I'm guessing it's his wife) being pregnant, since I now have this feeling that if anything bad happens to Henderson, it would really badly affect his family. :( I found it funny that his wife made him use his powers to rearrange the room. XD I also think it's cool that Henderson's gonna put his power to good use as well. Maybe the town might see him as the new Superman or something. :D Henson's character development is a nice touch, when he becomes really confident to save people from the fire even after they said there's volatile chemicals aside. Right now it seems positive for Henderson but I bet he'll do something terrible with his powers later... Haha, Sue's way of letting Henderson keep his bear was funny. 'Just say I wanted it, yeah?' XD
I think that it was a sweet part, the character development when he goes to see the old lady Mrs. Broadbent. I really like how Henderson is glad that he can use these powers for good, and that he joined the police force to help people, and now he can do his job even better. I also like that he really enjoys saving lives and making people happy by the looks of things. :) Also I see there's a lot of mentioning of time throughout the story which makes it seem a lot more chaotic. I think the ending was a good choice- It's kind of like it ends at the start of something new, and I think that's a great way to end it. :) I'm afraid my fandomblindness limited my understanding greatly, but still was a good piece. :)
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Here's my critique/suggestions for you. :)

. This would have been a lot,lot more manageable broken down into separate chapters. :)
. (The Precinct looked like its usual self when he walked in the door) This would make more sense as:
[ The Precinct looked like its usual self when he walked in through the door ]
. To make dialogue flow better, it may help to cut out some of the 'said's and just end the dialogue with nothing on it, to make some parts flow quicker. :)
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Keep up the good work! :)
Heather Snow chapter 1 . 10/18/2011
I've read this story probably half a dozen times over the years at a different website. I decided to see if it was here and was happy to find it.

I love the focus on Bill Henderson. I enjoy stories that focus on secondary characters while still keeping Lois and Clark in the picture. The characterization is outstanding, and the story highly enjoyable.

This is one of my favorite Lois and Clark stories. I enjoy the sequel as well and would love to see more stories as follow-up. I'd also enjoy some Bill Henderson stories that focus on friendship and partnership with Lois and Clark, in which he doesn't gain the powers,
Mouserocks-nerd chapter 1 . 3/5/2011
omg! i totally loved this story! i love the fact that you brought back ultra woman, and that you threw Henderson into the mix- he's the perfect pick for a new superhero in the LnC universe! Good writing, too.
ArellaoftheLuvara chapter 1 . 9/12/2007
I've read a lot of your stories, but I'm afraid this's the first one I'm reviewing. Also the first I read... I remember it was a while ago, and really late– uh, early in the morning– so I decided I could go to bed and start this in the morning. Big mistake...once I'd started, I couldn't stop! . My dad kept throwing me off the computer and I kept coming back... I think I spent the entire day sneaking on until I'd read it all. Excellent story! I love the idea of Lois having superpowers– and a cop having them too. :P

I recently reread this, and it was fun picking up on all the Lois and Clark references I'd missed before because I hadn't started reading transcripts or watching the series.

Love your stories, I hope you keep writing, and you'll definitely be hearing from me again! (I've transferred a lot of these, mostly Home and the Dagger series, to my basement computer so it doesn't look like I'm online all day. Otherwise I would've started reviewing a lot earlier.)
Tribun chapter 1 . 9/5/2004
I hope, you write a sequel for this one!
KTfanfic chapter 1 . 8/11/2004
Great story! It is very well written!
Kate chapter 1 . 6/18/2004
As always, wonderfully written, with a good plot, and humorous.
Teri chapter 1 . 6/1/2004
I always enjoy your stories, but this has to be one of your best. Wonderful portrayal of Henderson. Nice work!
fly chapter 1 . 5/21/2004
great one of the best.