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DeRainyDae chapter 16 . 1/17/2011
WHAAAATTTTTTTT ILL KILL MITCH ILL KILL THAT SON OF A BI*** THAT MOTHER FN JAC**** IS GONNA DIE IN FRKIN HELL (Glares Darkly) (Eyes Widen) Oopsie """ I sometimes get carried away...ehehe Can't wait for the next chapter :D
evanescence chica chapter 16 . 7/14/2008
oh god man poor bubbles and poor brick mitch and the little brat are traitors and man i hate that trash hole citiesville they're so mean to the girls and what over a stupid bridge gr
SithKnight-Galen chapter 13 . 3/30/2007
Wow, so much came out in such a short period of time, but instead of resolving anything, it only made matters that much...worse, or did it. There is still the matter of Blossom's daughters...Titch...seeing what is going on with Bommer and his brood (as you stated we will ger to see again next chapter),n Ace's wandering ways and what Buttercup WILL really do to him when she does find out. Well, I am still hokked to see more.
SithKnight-Galen chapter 11 . 2/6/2007
Gotta say I still love the story, but I do say that I am watching the drama that is beginning to play out with Blossom and her brood a bit more closely. I do have to wonder how Butch is going to react when he finds out about Blossom sleeping and actually having HIM's kids. Better yet, how will Boomer react...and on that same note, what exactly is up with Boomer's sudden psychotic Crimson Rage episodes?
SithKnight-Galen chapter 12 . 2/6/2007
Well, first and foremost, I definitely think that this chapter is really living up to the story's title, that is for sure, as strands of the web become un-wound even as others are beginning to constrict around our cast of characters. I can understand Bubbles reaction for not wanting to go with Buttercup to see Blossom and Butch, especially considering the rocky road that her and Brick are on at the moment. I have to wonder just how much longer those two can dance around the Titch situation before someone spills the beans on that one.

As for buttercup and Ace, this is just showing that even when you think life is going perfect, there is always a dirty layer underneath, although it seems a bit ominous about Ace's comments to Buttercup right before she flew off into a rage. As for Buttercup, well she has always been a little fireball and had let her emotions get the best of her, but in this situation it is justifiable. now, to see how this is going to turn out.

As for Lois and Xandra, I am goign to wait on that one, and see just how that is going to pan out.

It is good to see you writing once more and cannot wait to see more of your work, especially here.
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 11 . 6/27/2005
You got banned for adding poetry in your fics? Other people have used poems and not been banned from FFNet...odd; seems like a very hit-and-miss attitude to use, simply banning anyone and everyone who is reported, whether or not they actually did anything wrong.

Well, another brilliant chapter, Reggaeshiko-tama. I've come to the conclusion that the questions you ask about your chapters fall into two categories; ones that have obvious answers (such as that it definitely wasn't wise for Mitch to break his restraining order, Bubbles could easily have him nicked for doing that), and ones that are asking things about your writing style.

The first type of question doesn't really require an answer as it's usually fairly obvious, and the second type is the sort of thing you should be asking your beta-reader, not the reviewers. Sorry, but I intentionally didn't do A-Level English to avoid doing any more long essays. :)

Mitch is right though - what happened should be (and have been) between him and Bubbles; he never endangered Titch, who he loves very much, so it's wrong that Bubbles should so completely cut him out of Titch's life (supervised visits might be a good idea).

That Mrs. Rema Trick (is that meant to be a play on words?) is a right piece of work. Hopefully, she'll get hers soon enough when the interview happens. : See ya next chapter! :D
Account-Is-No-Longer-Active chapter 11 . 6/24/2005
Yes, I noticed "The Darkness" got removed and I was wondering what the deal was, glad you have everything fixed now. I did enjoy this chapter and I was a little surprised by Blossom's reaction but this truely show that Blossom has changed for the better. I think if was a good decision but I think Blossom should see her kids more. I think Susan is trying her best but she has her flaws just like any parent. I think Xandra was probably a little freaked out by what happened but nothing too bad. I think that Mitch showing up like that was a little stupid because he has now lost the element of surprise (Also I noticed a typo, and I'm usually not one to care but this is a BIG typo, you typed "I'm giving you custody of Titch" instead of "I'm NOT giving you custody of Titch" bit confusing I must say. Also I like how you ask questions instead of leaving it up to us to know what to type and I'm glad you respond directly to your reviewers reviews, not enough authors do that.) I think Mitch deserves a second chance, even though he abused Bubbles he deserves to see his son, just with like supervised visits or something. And I think Bubbles is overprotectve, she's afraid of either Mitch hurting Titch or him making Titch turn against her. And I think it's perfectly understandable for Titch to want to see his father. And, yes I do think Bubbles has made a mistake and will regret not taking Mitch's offer (the worst thing is that she wasn't the least bit open to the idea, so that leaves Mitch feeling he has no choice.) Was the guard throwing a little much? for B.C.? Nah...I think she's always going to be like that. I think it shows she's still not afraid to fight for what she wants. Yes, I find it ironic because him and B.C. agree on just about everything else. But hopefully B.C. will "see the light" and realize that Blossom truely has changed for the better. I'm glad Bubbles and B.C. have reunited but I hope them banding together doesn't lead to a bad confrontaion with Blossom where they don't allow Blossom to get a word in. I think the entire conversation between B.C., Titch and Bubbles was a good way for everyone to get their true feelings out in the open. I wasn't surprised by Bubbles saying that she loved Brick, it's kind of a given in my opinion (heh, that rhymed) other wise she wouldn't still be with Brick. I think Titch will now try to be nicer to Brick knowing how his mother feels. I think she'll try to be more understanding now that she knows Bubbles true feelings.

Also I would like to see more of the children's POV and more of the guy's (Brick, Butch, Mitch and Boomer) POV as well. Keep up the great work man this story is good.

SV 12: Butch, because I actually like him, and Rema because I need to see what she has cooking

SV 13: Lois, because I want to know more about her.

and there are the votes...
Account-Is-No-Longer-Active chapter 10 . 6/24/2005
I think Blossom and Boomer's relationship is coming along very nicely. But Rema's made a few ripples. I personally think Rema's a bitch, not that it's not part of the job description of being a reporter, but still. And I think Butch is trying his best to mend the situation but getting Rema involved could have been one of his worst decisions so far. I think that Susan has a good reason for hating Him (by the way, I see what your doing with Him, you're using demon hatred as a metaphor for racism. But you have to keep in mind DEMONS ARE EVIL ENCARNATE, hello? Hell Evil, demons live in Hell so therefore they tend to be EVIL, although I can see you countering with a "if the demon decides to live a good life then he's no longer evil". And yes I can understand that but still Him's not just any demon, especially considering what his past actions have been.) Despite what I just said I think Him is angry for both not knowing and because he cares. And concidering the earlier conversations I DEFINATELY think fern will be negatively effected by this. I think Xandra has an understandable hatred but if she knew the whole truth then maybe she'd understand. (also I think Susan's negative reinforcement of certain ideas may have a bad effect on both her kids in the long run) I think their "sickness" is a VERY intersting side effect of them being half PPG and half Demon. I think it's good that Blossom and Xandra got to meet without Xandra knowing the truth because now she can form an opinion of her real mother without hating her first. Susan and Blossom are different in many ways, Susan hates demons and science and Blossom doesn't. I think the twins' life would be VERY different if they were raised by Blossom (although I'm not sure if it be a better kind of different.) I think Susan's doing the best she can at being a mother, though she may have some opinions and preforms some actions that cause a negative impact on her children. I think Rema's good at her job and a bitch. I pity B.C. a bit but on the other hand she caused some of this herself. I feel like in the near future all hell is going to break loose and one of two things can happen, either A) some things come to a much needed resolution or B) things get worse. I think Boomer has his own problems that have been cause by his mother marrying Him, and he marrying Robyn. I think he needs to get that anger thing checked out and I like Miss Norris because she's telling it like it is and truely trying to help. I think that because this marrage was a bad decision that should have never happened to start with this is one of those situations where a divorce is truely needed, although the custody battle will cause ALOT of problems. I think the things Miss Norris said about Robyn are true. I think the kids are affected in a very negative way by her actions. I think SEPERATLEY Bomer and Robyn are will make good parents but together, no-way-in-Hell. I think that Boomer is making a mistake by having favorites, I think all of the kids could be equally great if they were removed from their current environment and given a better atmosphere. And I love this chapter.

P.S. Sorry about losing the vote H.G.

SV 12: Butch, because I actually like him, and Rema because I need to see what she has cooking

SV 13: Lois, because I want to know more about her.
SithKnight-Galen chapter 8 . 6/12/2005
hey there...just making sure you knew who that lengthy...somewhat anonymous review was from...I thought I had signed it...
Guest chapter 9 . 6/10/2005
Hey there. Sorry for the lack of reviews on my part lately. Lost the internet for a bit, got swamped at work, and then caught the flu really bad.

well, here's my votes:

blossom...and boomer/Xandra.

I must admit that I do like where the story is going, but I must say,just where are things going that has quite a bit of timefocused upon minor characters and villians? Also, I think Ican guess who the twins' mother is, but the father does have me stumped. Do the girls know who their mother is, and does this womaan even want them?
Yet-One-More-Idiot chapter 9 . 6/9/2005
Francis had already paid Mojo so that he was $30 in credit, and yet Mojo pretty much forced him to pay the full amount again - Mojo Jojo has done a lot of things over the years, but I would never have imagined that he would stoop to extorting money out of fellow...shady characters. Though at the same time, it seems clear from the following piece of conversation that he is worried about Francis' physical state.

The medicine is worth it - otherwise he would become a paste monster again and the PPG (or at least Blossom and/or Bubbles) would most likely fight him to the death - saves a lot of hassle, even if it IS expensive.

Susan's adopted daughters sound loving and caring towards her, even if they're occasionally a bit sharp-tongued; again, all families argue from time to time. Red hair and black hair, I'd guess the birth mother is either Blossom or Buttercup - I'll go for Buttercup, as she has essentially been missing for quite a while.

I'm not sure if just heading to the club without giving warning was a good thing for Butch; he's doing it for the best of intentions - he's trying to help sort things out between Bloss and BC as he really likes Bloss, but he could've possibly avoided the aggro of getting tossed about like that if he'd let Buttercup know in advance he was coming. Then again, maybe not, plus he'd've lost the element of surprise of turning up on her turf unannounced. Butch meeting Ace symbolising something - like what? All I got from that was that Ace seemed rather protective, maybe even angry/scared that Butch might try to steal Buttercup away from him. Buttercup's entrance was nicely timed - in a film, it would've had some big dramatic incidental music playing over it. :D And no, after all the emnity between Buttercup and the others (except Bubbles, I think), I wasn't the least surprised by her reaction; I thought she might've hurt him a bit moer actually.

Maybe it was a bit naive, but the line between hopefulness and naivety is a fine one. Time tends to heal wounds, and that was what he was hoping for here. Obviously not enough time for Buttercup yet, though.

Alrighty, now to the votes. :)

Surprise Vote 10: Lois, because she's new to the story. No other particular reason why. :)

Surprise Vote 11: Sedusa, and Fern.

And now I'll go put some ice on my wrist. Too much typing... ;) LOL.
Account-Is-No-Longer-Active chapter 9 . 6/7/2005
Well, that was good.

lets see, I think the conversation between Mojo and Francis was interesting and I guess whether or not the medication is worth it depends on each perons opinion, I'm not sure if I'd take it or not. I think the mother is either Buttercup or Blossom (Cause of the Red and Black hair). I think Butch made a good decision and I like how he's trying to mend the holes in the sisters relationship the same way Blossom has tried to become a better person. I just hope it works out. I think Butch meeting Ace symbolized the confrontation of Buttercups old life and New life colliding as it seems that's what's going to end up happening. I was a little surprised by the whole "getting thrown out on his face thing" I expected it to go a little bit better. And Butch thinking B.C. would be happy wasn't Naive as muchas it was probably wishful/hopeful thinking.

I liked the whole story and hope you update very soon. the voting...

S.V 10 Blossom, because I want to know how her attempts at becoming a better perosn are coming along first hand.

S.V. 11 Xandra, because I need to see what kind of powers she has, I'm sure she has to be a daughter or either a RRB or a PPG, and Bommer, because we haven't heard from him in a while and I'm wondering what's up.

Well there you go, man my reviews are getting pretty long.

Hope you Update soon!
Mauser chapter 8 . 6/1/2005
I didn't get to say this last time but I think you're being a little touch on Brick sure he's being a dick at the moment, but hey he might come around, after all he's not that bad of a guy and he truly love bubbles.
Account-Is-No-Longer-Active chapter 8 . 6/1/2005
well for starters I think i would like to see some of these stories from some of the guys points of veiw, be it brick, butch, boomer, Him or even Professor Utonium.

i also think that twitch has more powers that we think, from the part of the story we got to see from his point of view it seems like he has more sense than a normal child his age.

also the problem with telepathics (mind readers) is they tend to pick up on other peoples feeling and it fuels their own personality like an advance form of apathy, maybe thats why blossom became an ass, and I'm glad to see her trying to shape up

I have also noticed that the human/superhero children (the ones that have half and half) seem to have powers more or less on the mental side, Rayne can tell lies, Henry has Post-Cognition, Titch might have something, and Brenda is a Sadist and/or a Masochist.

Now about what you asked me, I like your article on Bubbles it was very tabloid like,

i like how the prof. was the one who was reading it and i feel sorry for him and for him having a part in all of that shit thats going on, seems like everyone is having a bad time, no one is completely happy.

i like the description of the pic

I like the professor, he's just trying to be a dad, although his favoritism fucked everything up,and yes i read repercussions and it seems like he has seen the error of his ways, even blossom is sorry about that fight from the way she taked to mrs. bellum.

I actually think that Him has appeared to turn out to not be that bad of a guy, he had a moment of weakness with blossom, and for all we know it could have been the same for blossom. either that or she ment to for some reason...we'll find out sooner or later

i dont really have an opinion on Fern, it does seem like she's lightened up a bit

I think Miss Angle is trying to have an simi honest living

and I really like the whol chapter, now to the voting

Vote 8:Butch

Vote 9:Miss Bellum, i wanna see whats going on with her.


damn that was a mouth-ful.
Account-Is-No-Longer-Active chapter 7 . 6/1/2005
wow, this is getting good, I like hte confrontation and how things are appear to start to work out.
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